Title: Roy Leh Sanae Rai
Also known as:
100 Trickery's Dangerous Passion
16 Episodes
Broadcast network:
Channel 5

Tik's dad and aom's dad used to be a good friend. They even invested their own money in the pub business together...(pub or bar in the thai style where u can find the beautiful singer who sing for u..etc

This business went too well and tik's dad even betrayed his own friend and get the whole business for himself and fired aom's dad as the partnerships...20 years past by...or may be more i am not sure...  Tik's dad knew that he would die soon and he felt sorry for what he did to aom's dad and her familly so he wrote the will to give like 500 million baht to aom....(actually he got much more than that he has the real estate, the pub business etc...but he gave like 500 million baht..not all of his heritage...) 

When his dad died, tik came back from the US to get to the funeral and found out about the will of his dad.... Therefore, he got really mad..and wonder why his dad gave away like 500 million to someone he did not even know...(he was so greedy even though he got all the rest which worth much more than 500 millions...) He wanted to get back at her. (Well, he did not know the real reason why his dad gave away 500 million baht to aom...) He got the excellent idea from his best friend who was also his personal lawyer. To make aom love him and get married with him and finally agree to sign the paper to give up her right on her own property and money by not telling her the truth about the will stuff.

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Alina, Callie
Thanks to Anothaidara for her hard work subbing this

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  1. I´ve seen this one, and it´s very recomandable,he is so mean , hahahah,but so handsome!!

    Who would not fall in love with him??



  2. this sounds interesting. this might be on my watch next list. love tik and aom together.

  3. Agree pangthao... the story sounds interesting, gotta give it a try later. Thanks Jamine for sharing!

  4. What is the password?
    They say I can't download if I don't have a password

  5. @Ntsa Iab, dear I write the password in Download links information^^

  6. i can't believe i finished watching this lakorn. now it's one of my favorite. thank you jasmin for sharing and anothaidara for subbing.

  7. i have watched this drama but in LQ ver.
    now i can watch this in a better quality & thanks so much..

  8. the quality quite good compared to what i've downloaded before..

  9. I decided to watch this lakorn because of Tik, he is so handsome! haha. It's not my favorite Tik lakorn, but it's still watchable. I just got tired of the girls at Harem yelling/fighting all the time. Other than that, scenes between Aom and Tik are very cute. Appreciate all the work you guys are doing for us thai lakorn fans!

  10. I've seen several lakorns with Tik as the main lead and this lakorn is the best perfomance from him. His chemistry with Aom was so powerful and I bet he's smitten by her after seeing their bts. He' so cocky, manipulative and has strong personality as the rich heir and he successfully nailed these characters through his face expression and body gesture.

  11. Hi, where is located the "Download links information" section ? sorry, my question is probabably silly but i cannot find it:-)many thanks. Maeva.

  12. @Anonymous:
    Dear Maeva,
    no question is silly. :D I guess you mean where you find the password for this lakorn? It's above the MU-links under "Download Links" (written in red). You find it under "Password". I hope that this helps you.
    Have fun!

  13. Can anyone help me, I cannot download the TV drama Roy leh Sanae Rai. Thks

  14. the first lakorn that i watch and i fall in love with thai lakorn.then i know anothaidara,wishboniko,chobling blog.the great thai subs.and now ur blog..i had tried to sub before and know how difficult it is..u guy really2 did a good job.keep it up!!!

  15. Having trouble with ep8 part 3 and ep9 part 7. Thanks.

  16. I'm so happy to have found this site! thanks so much for uploading!

  17. mm..i cannot even open the help..coz i really wanted 2 watch this lakorn...hee..

  18. megaupload doesn't work no more.

  19. It's looks interesting so i'm goinig to watch this lakorn. Thank You for sharing :)

  20. Thank you very much! Ur awesome^^

  21. Anyway He is my type man

  22. omggggg thank you so muchhhhhh lakornsworld, i really do appreciate all your hardworks.. anyway, could you please download luerd kattiya? been wanting for a long time to watch that drama ^^

    1. Luerd Kattiya isn't completely subbed, so we don't put it on the blog, but you can find it at viki and elsewhere at bakachan.

  23. mam ,link for ep 2 not working... thanks

  24. Thank u so much for this....

  25. Thank you so much!

  26. hello there! Thank you so much for uploading the files.. though I was wondering if it could be re-uploaded to another host because I can't seem to download it from the second option :s Thanks again!