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Title: Pathapee Leh Ruk
Also known as: ปฐพีเล่ห์รัก
Duration: 7 Episodes
Genre: Romance/Drama
Broadcast network: Channel 3

Pathapee, the owner of Thararin Resort has to confront with the trouble maker, Cha-em, a cunning girl who plans to make trouble in his resort with some reason.

He is happy to keep an eye on this girl and see how she will trouble his resort. She has the mission to achieve her plan though he always can catch up with her tricks.

He keep finding fault with her until he gets used to it and it has been develop to be love.

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Subtitles: English HardSub
File Size: 600-900 MB
File Type: avi
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Credits: Thanks to Wishboniko for her hard work subbing this lakorn
Joiner,Encoder, Uploader: Mary

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this drama is fully uploaded



  1. Many thanks for uploading the 3rd story of 4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao.

  2. I love this Lakorn so much, Mark is so cute and hot, Mint and Mark really match each other..
    I just want to thank wish for uploading and subbbing this awesome Lakorn!
    Thanks Wish!!

  3. I am French and I love the Lakorn. I just found your site and I am in angels.
    I just finished the series 4 Huaiji Kao Koon Story I loved it.
    Especially Patahpee Leh Ruk.
    I love Mark Print Suparat.
    Thank you.

  4. it was really 7 eps?? wow!! i was really looking forward for this drama..thanks jasmin & other team members..

  5. even if this is my least favorite out of the 4 stories, i still loved it. mark was super handsome in this one! thank you very much for subbing and uploading! ^^

  6. seems like i know this hero, did he act in Freshy High School? haha..maybe i was wrong..

  7. wow, such an interesting lakorn... and i love this couple. thank you so much for sharing, subbing & uploading!!

  8. thank you so much for subbing it~~!! i love all the story of the quadruplets..^^

  9. Thanks for uploading. There is a problem with dl ep 1 part 7. The link repeats itself without forwarding to allow the download of the file. Please check. Thanks.

  10. Sorry to trouble you. I'm grateful and appreciate your time and effort in making all these Thai dramas possible to non-Thai like myself. Apart from Ep1 part 7. I now discover ep 2 part 3 has the same problem. Thanks again for sharing these uploads.

  11. Thank you for making these lakorns possible with subs. I would never have been able to understand otherwise. I did not like story as much as the first two but Din's allergies were hilarious.

  12. Oh I so love Eng subbed Thai Lakorns. I wish I could help. But I dont understand Thai. Thanks for letting us watch.

  13. thanks a bunch for uploading story 3..
    totally the best

  14. thanks for ur hard work ......i really love prin suparat n mint , they are soo cute .....

  15. Thank you very much :D

  16. Thanks a lot for everyones hard work!
    There seem to be some episodes missing though, parts of episodes 3 and 5 and episode 4 completely. Just letting you know.

  17. Yes, thank you very much for your hard work!! We appreciate it a lot, but there seems to be some missing parts, including all of episode 4, part 4 and part 5 of episode 3, and part 3 of episode 5. If you can reupload those, it would be greatly appreciated!!!

    And again, good work!!


    1. Reup in progress. Please be patient.

  18. thank you so much for the work.

  19. I couldnot download it...when i click on the download link said that the file not found or has been deleted..:(