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Wong Wien Hua Jai  , วงเวียนหัวใจ
Also known as:Rotation of the Heart
Duration: 16 Episodes
Genre: Drama/Romance
Broadcast network: Thai Ch7

Weir, in this lakorn, is a grape plantation owner, he has a younger sister played by Tarn Kanya,
who falls for Pinky’s boyfriend Pulpat Attapanyapol (Chalee from “Silamanee”). Pulpat impregnates her. Not wanting Pinky to ruin his sister happiness with Pulpat,Weir makes her his wife.He does this using deception. When they first met, Pinky is very drunk and is drugged by a guy to a hotel to be raped. 

Weir sees what was happening and saves her. He takes her to his hotel. When she wakes up, she thinks Weir had raped her.Since then, she hates him. Later on, he uses this incident to his advantage and forced her to a force marriage. In their relationship,
Weir secretly loves Pinky and teases her as a husband to a wife. Eventually, Pinky learns to forget Pulpat and fall for Weir

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Joiner,Encoder, Uploader: Marianne

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  1. i just finished this drama the other day and wow i really like it.. the last couple episodes wasn't exciting tho ... but thats just me ^^. I love the main girl's character she's tough and strong and she tries not to back down no matter what hardship she faces. She doesn't dare go against her parents wishes either no matter how much she hates their choice. and shes not one to keep falling back to old flames.

    the guy i think he's sooo cute and his character was really adorable until he gets realllly mean =[ but he plays his character well.

    overall this drama is really good to watch if you like a kind of tug of war movies.
    but sooo many misunderstandings.

    at first i didn't think i'd like it but i'm glad i watched it =]

  2. thank you, love this series.

  3. This lakorn is great, must see.
    I've watched it and really like it a lot. Weir & Pinky were very cute couple - hope to see more of their lakorn.

  4. I've watched this lakorn. I love Pinky's character here. she's strong. I hate the bad female (Baithong) very much. make me wanna kill her. hehe... I don't like Weir when he started misunderstanding Pinky and I think he's so stupid enough to believe Baithong.

  5. I have seen once in vo and unfortunately I was not understood without subtitles. I'll finally see him with pleasure and understanding because the images do not tell:)

  6. i haven't watch this drama yet but i can tell how great this drama by reading the synopis..i love the story so much..thanks so much for jasmin & crew members..

  7. actually, this is the first ever lakorn that i watched. and i loved it! weir and pinky were so cute in this one! whenever weir hugged pinky, i'd scream in joy! ahahaha! the people in my house thought i was going insane XD

    thank you very much for subbing and uploading! ^^ more power to your team!

  8. i was really hope that i can be top comments so that i can download this drama..btw thanks to jasmin..

  9. My favourite thai lakorn!!! :D I am so glad you's have uploaded this :D I just hope one day I will be able to have acess to download :DD

  10. i have watched some part of this lakorn & it was interesting even i don't understand what they were talking about..i can give 3 stars for this lakorn..hehe..

  11. It's a really funny and romantic lakorn. The leads look really good together and the plot is very nice too. Thanks for uploading it XD

  12. OMG! thank you so much for the download!
    i have been looking everyone for this drama since youtube was missing part 4 from episode 9..
    you saved my life..
    thank you thank you thank you!

  13. hello.. I love watching this lakorn but I cant seem to download it in here..

  14. thank you,thank you thank very much

  15. I´ve seen this one,and is highly recomended!!

    This couple has so much chimistry together,they are fantastic!!



  16. Sorry, it seems like the password for episode 12 is wrong.. I can't download it... can I have the password for it pls? thanx

  17. I actually dont like Pinky but I thought she was good here. Her and Weir made a really good couple. I don't know about everyone else but I think Weir is a pretty good actor, not the best but he out shines a lot of actors nowadays

  18. how to download this lakorn...i cannot find download files...please help me...

  19. how to download the files?????? It's not working or am i too
    stupid :( please help !!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for your work.

  20. can you upload it in youtube..seems like my downloading apps is lagg..please...

  21. How do i download them please really wanna watch!!

  22. I've tried downloading some episodes but cannot seem to get through since some of the links are deleted or cannot be found when pressed on. Please re-upload or upload again on Youtube. Thanks

  23. why the videos cannnot be played.
    i only can watch ep 1 and 2..
    ahhh im stress right now.can anyone help with
    is the link broken?or is just me..

  24. how do you download this i am going crazy i tried n downloaded every software but could not download this lakorn need help a.s.a.p really want to watch this pls help or hope you could upload this on youtube

  25. This is Channel 7 video, so youtube would delete it. Links should work, for uptobox try using Google Chrome browser it works best with that.

    See faq for more details on how to download.

  26. tengs for your quick reply!
    really helps me!!! ^^

  27.'s me again!
    haha,i watched until episode 4
    unfortunately,episode 5 & 6 is not about the lakorn!
    it's different lakorn.
    i also checked,and found that episode7 is okay.
    it is an honour,if someone can fix it!
    i'm not dare to skip the episodesss.i wanna watch all!! ^^
    pleaseeeeee ^^

  28. can some one reupload this drama pls

  29. i agree, can someone please upload the drama again, thankyou so much in advance

    1. The links seem to work fine. Not sure what the problem is.

  30. just a heads up in case you guys didnt know ep 14 at 30 mins cuts out 10 mins of the show (I found it on youtube but not eng sub) so this video actually plays the same 10 min scene 2 times in a row.