hi all
I notes that a lot of helpers DISAPPEARED after they got the access to HQ lakorns

there is only few persons left (I THANK THEM VERY MUCH), I don't ask for planty of time, just a little will be fine 
and when I email them they said

  "sorry I don't have time, I'll be back again when I have time"

that makes me really really DISAPPOINTED in you guys, so I decided to put new rules for HQ Lakorns Downloaders

I used to give helpers the HQ password when they start their work with us
but not anymore here is new rules

Joiners and encoders
you have to Join and upload full drama to have the right to access HQ area-
you have to Join @ least 2 ep. a week-
pick only one project at a time-
don't work on another person project-

English Subs Rippers
you have to rip at least 5 ep, to have the right to access HQ area-
pick one project at a time-

finally don't say that you wanted to help if you don't have time, and I won't allow offending comments, NOT IN MY BLOG, I was thinks to make my blog private, please please don't force me to do that

thanks everyone




  1. Hi Jasmin

    I know how you feel .. but plz don't make your blog private .. we who love lakorn drama your site is one of the most visited website we visit daily..

    We will help you as much as we can.. helper who can't help they have to mention this 2 you and not take advantage ..

    Good Luck Jasmin

  2. please don't make this blog as private jasmin..i like your blog so much..

  3. I understand how you feel. It's understandable if you make it private, but PLEASE don't make it private. ^_^ your blog is awesome. I like your quality better than any website that I download from. Hopefully, you won't make your blog private.

  4. I want to help
    i have lakorn drama but i dnt knew how to upload in the blog
    so if u want me o upload tell me how

  5. @ DevilNSN: It's great to hear that you are willing to help! Did you already check out Jasmin's wonderful tutorial in the "How to help"-section (http://lakornsworld2.blogspot.com/p/how-to-help.html)? Take a look at it and then contact Jasmin under her Gmail-address. :-)
    All the best!

  6. do I have just to give Jasmin's the MU link right

  7. @DevilNSN: You're welcome. :-)
    I suggest that you tell Jasmin about the lakorns that you have before you upload the stuff because I guess sometimes the status-list of the projects that we are working on isn't up-to-date and somebody might already be working on it. It's better to be sure beforehand if the lakorn isn't yet uploaded. But it's awesome that you want to share your stuff! Thanks a lot! :D

  8. @lena I did send him what the name of lakorns that I have and she dnt send any email to me

  9. @DevilNSN: Hi again! Usually Jasmin replies quickly to incoming mails. I'll contact her as well and tell her about your proposal. Please be patient because I am sure that she does as much as she can for us fellow lakorn-fans. You made me curious as well. If you like you can send me the info of your lakorns as well. :D

  10. @lena ok give me ur e-mail or try to tell Jasmin so that I upload the lakorn in MU and send link

  11. She dnt replied to my mails
    I have this lakorn in my laptop
    Melodyminnie's Playlist
    - Roy Adit Haeng Rak
    - Ubut Rak Kham Kob Fah 1
    - Ubut Rak Kham Kob Fah 2

    from Future list
    so if she want them just tell cause I did download lakorn from Jasmin blog and now I have to help :)