Title: 365 Wun Haeng Rak
Also known as: 365 Days of Love, 365วันแห่งรัก
Duration: 14 Episodes
Genre: Drama, Romance
Broadcast network: Channel 3

Ken is Tula, he is married to Lanaree (Anne). Tula is a man who is confident in love, as for Lanaree, not so much. Lanaree is described as boisterous, self-centered, kinda like Alin from “Soot Sanaeha (A recipe for love)”. 

One day, Lanaree had her fortune read by a roadside psychic. The psychic tells her that she and Tula will break up. She doesn’t believe the psychic, so the psychic gives her an old notebook and instructs her to put it under her pillow when she sleeps. When she wakes, she will find out if the prediction that her marriage will end in divorce is true. 

For several days, Lanaree is very stressed out by the psychic’s prediction and she doesn’t want to believe it and rationalized that the psychic is old and is probably mentally distorted. Nonetheless, she decides to do what the psychic instructed and place the notebook under her pillow before she went to bed. 

The next day, she wakes up to find herself not at her house with Tula but at her mother’s house. She checks the calender, it’s the correct month and day. But wait, it’s a year ahead. Eventually, Lanaree learns that a year ago, Tula and herself fought severely about something to the point where she packed up her stuff and she moved back in with her mother.
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Credits: Thanks to ladyEdnaMode for her hard work subbing this lakorn

Joiner, Encoder, Uploader: Lena

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  1. I would love to get this one, but sadly i'm not a helper or a top comment. i started watching it on youtube. the storyline is kind of different from the usual Thai Lakorn so I was excited for it. Love Ken and Anne together.

  2. I agree...since i watch this lakorn couple a few times..this is another great stories of ken and anne... LOVE ^^

  3. Thanks for your hard work I have been looking every where for this drama.

  4. Thanks for your hard work AND FOR THE DRAMA

  5. oh.i jus found out bout dis blog..rili wanna watch dis lakorn...til wen will it open for everyone? :(

  6. waa.....hw on earth am i goin to be top commentor?waaa~~

  7. I just saw pieces of this on youtube and I am in love with this pairing and show. They act so well together. I can't wait till I can see the HQ version

  8. Can someone please tell me where to find the english subtitled episodes of this drama???????? YOUTUBE removed them recently [just the ones with english] Possibly the uploaders can repost on another website? your help is appreciated.

  9. Is being a helper the only way to get the download links?

  10. please what is the password?
    i can not download!

  11. the rapidgator works, but you need to pay to download files more then 500mb, the slingfiles have been deleted

  12. It's the same with slingfiles, you need to pay to download files more than 401mb :( ... by the way, thank you so much for all the work that you've done

  13. Thanks for letting us know. May have to break up files then as these are rather large files. Have reuploaded with another server. Hopefully it will work.

  14. you can download the file one at a time using the link! ;)

  15. is it as good as sawan biang and oum ruk?

    1. Rather different from both. Pretty angsty like SB, but more realistic, no rape. And doesn't have as much comedy as in Oum Ruk.

      365 does have the Ken and Ann couple as great as ever, and same director of both, this is a more serious look at life after marriage, its ups and downs.

      One of my favorites, but you have to like Ann's character in this as she's very needy in this (father left family and mom always saying you can't trust any man), so Ann becomes very jealous in this. But lots of lovey dovey scenes here, including bath scene, hehe.

  16. thanks jasmine..i have downloaded a few eps and i think it's quite funny haha..i love ann and yeah she's a little bit annoying but thats fine with me :P

  17. Can Lakorn on reupload, the link has been broken. I'd love to watch this Lakorn please
    i love this couple ken and ann
    thank you

  18. please upload another link server...i cannot download this drama from this server

  19. can you tell me the name of the song that is always played as background music for a weet in this drama. in episode 5, the song is sung by weet in the club. I tried to find the name of this song but could not.