Title: Suparb Buruth Satan
Also known as: Devil's Gentleman
Duration: 14 Episodes
Genre: Drama/Comedy/Romantic/Action
Broadcast network: Channel 7

Lilly is a hi-so girl who came back from America. She went to study there because her new stepmom (San's mother), didn't want her in Thailand. When she came back, her father got her a bodyguard (San). Aof thought that Lilly is the daughter of his mother and Lilly's father, so he hated that she was replacing his little sister (Som), and that Som had nothing compared to Lilly. He wanted revenge. One day, he finally realizes that Lilly is not his mother's daughter, and that Lilly and his mother are not happy together.

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Subtitles: English HardSub
File Size: 200 – 300Mb
File Type: Avi
Password: (copy& paste)
Joiner, Encoder, Uploader: DevilNSN, Mariana
Credits: Thanks to Stars Subbing Team  for her hard work

For split files, you will need HJSplit or FFSJ to join the files with numbered extensions. Download all the files for each episode before joining
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    Just wanted to let you know that there is a problem with files from ep 4 : one is called Suparb Buruth Satan Ep.04.avi.001 and the other is Suparb Buruth Satan Ep.4.avi.002. Before using hjsplit, I renamed one of them to fit the other's name. However, after joining them together, VLC keeps informing me that the whole file is broken. It is actually 50 mb shorter than the other episodes. I tried to download them again, but the problem remains. Could you please help me? Thanks in advance.

    Also thank you very very much for your wonderful work, it is greatly appreciated!!!

  4. @Noni I will reupload again this week

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    1. Seems to be working fine for me. Try going to the site at a different time.

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