Title: Buang Ruk Gamathep

Also known as: The Magic of Cupid
Duration:28 Episodes
Genre: Drama Romance Comedy  

Broadcast network: Channel 5


Pong’s character is Phubodee, a man summoned back to Thailand from America by his very concerned mother Sumon (Duangta Tungkamanee). They have a family crisis, his younger brother Pawat (Ton Chayathorn) has fallen in love with a woman from the wrong side of the tracks. The woman is Oranee (Noon Boonyasak), she is 5 years older than Pawat, a divorcee, and works as a seamstress. She has one abrasive younger sister, Ornicha (Bee Namthip) who works as a nurse. 

Phubodee tries to separate Pawat and Oranee with money. It backfires on him because Ornicha felt insulted and violently turned down the offer. Oranee informs Pawat about the money offer and in turn Pawat becomes more estrange from his brother Phubodee and mother Sumon. 

Since buying them off didn’t work, it’s on to plan B. Phubodee lies to Pawat that Oranee is not the problem as to why they disapprove, it’s really about Prawat and his lack of life experiences. Phubodee wants Pawat to move to America for 1 year, manage their growing company, and if he does a good job, within that one year, Pawat is allow to come back and marry Oranee without any objections from the family. Oranee doesn’t buy it and wants Prawat to stay in Thailand. To assure Oranee that he is not abandoning her, they secretly wed and Pawat’s friend Tawee (Tui Pakorn) acted as their witness. 

While Pawat is away in America, Phubodee works with Nina (May Pitchanart Sakakorn), the daughter of Sumon’s best friend, to make it seem like Nina and Pawat are dating. The news of Nina and Pawat dating makes Oranee feel a little anxious; however, she could not dwell on it for too long because her father Uthai (Santisuk Promsiri) suffered a stroke and they did not have money to pay for his hospital bills. Phubodee heard about this and took the opportunity to give Oranee some money with a price. To receive the money, she must break up with Pawat. With no other choices, Oranee takes the money to pay for her father’s hospital bill and surgery. 

Gleefully, Phubodee lies to his younger brother that Oranee has agreed to his money offer and Oranee is just another woman concern only with money. Pawat doesn’t believe him and quickly takes the next flight back to Thailand to confront Oranee. Sadly, Pawat dies in a car accident, his car flipped over. 

After learning of her husband’s death, Oranee becomes deeply depressed and tries to commit suicide, but fails. She is discovered by her sister Ornicha and is rushed to the hospital where she learns she is 2 months pregnant with Pawat’s child. 

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