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Qi Pao
Also known as: 
Duration: 13 Episodes
Genre: Drama/Horror/Romance
Broadcast network: Channel 3 


“The traces of love and the power of revenge are buried in the beautiful Qi Pao. No matter how much time has passed, the thin petal botan flower (orchid cactus) is still waiting to return...”

Paeka or Pink is a Thai curator who works at the Asian Institute of Textile & Apparel in Thailand. She is a tall, hard working Thai woman and greatly adored by Harold, the managing director of the institution.

One day, Paeka met with a tall handsome man with eyes like those of a Chinese person. That person is Jao Ming Tian or Daniel, he is the son of Jao Wern Yeuy, the owner of the 30 Qi pao dresses that was presented for the exhibition. Jao Ming Tian came to supervise those Qi Pao for his father who owned one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Hong Kong called “Jao Jern Wern.”

Jao Wern Yeuy and his wife, Wang Lee Ping, who is also a pharmacist, started out with a small drug store until they expanded it into a large business. His family is now a wealthy family with a mansion in Hong Kong. Jao Wern Yeuy’s hobby is collecting vintage clothing and Harold knew that he has many valuable Qi Pao in his collection so he persistently asked for them to be shown at the exhibition until Jao Wern Yeuy agreed.

Paeka admires the handsomeness, the charming, and the clever intellectual abilities of Jao Ming Tian but she feels that he is troubling on the inside. He kept to himself so often that he became a cold person, he has often looked at her in a displeasing manner and sometimes, he has even gotten irritated with her.

Paeka and her assistant, Daisy, worked together excitedly as they manage the Qi Pao dresses because every individual Qi Pao that was sent over by Jao Wern Yeuy was more than a hundred years old and they were all in excellent condition. When they came upon the last box of Qi Pao, box number 30th, while Paeka was taking out the Qi Pao, a bag of velvet cloth came out of that box too. When Paeka slowly unveiled the bag, she was surprised to see a well knitted Qi Pao. It was a new red Qi Pao with a pink botan flower (orchid cactus) patterns but what was strange was that the chest area was ruined by a piercing and stabbing marks.
Harold decided to have Paeka use this special Qi Pao as their main attraction. Paeka started to feel captivated by that Qi Pao so she secretly tried on the Qi Pao number 31. She had a strange feeling that the Qi Pao she was wearing really belonged to her but before she realized it, she started to feel light headed. In the mist of the dizziness, she heard the sound of people arguing. Then she saw a hand holding a sharp knife stabbing violently at her chest until she begin to feel even more light headed until she fainted. Paeka didn’t know who the person stabbing her was but the only thing that she remembered was that she tried to fight back and the hand was wearing a jade bracelet with a dragon on it. The struggle caused the bracelet to break into two pieces and Paeka fainted after that.

The day of the Qi Pao exhibition finally arrived, Jao Ming Tian came to the event with Jao Lin Peuy, the youngest daughter of the “Jao” (royal) family. Harold told Paeka that Jao Lin Peuy isn’t Jao Wern Yeuy’s real daughter but she is his step daughter with his second wife, Lin Meuy Ing. Jao Lin Peuy doesn’t like Paeka the moment she saw Paeka.

Jao Ming Tian and his family was furious when they saw the red Qi Pao with the botan patterns, they didn’t know how this Qi Pao got here. Jao Wern Yeuy slapped Jao Ming Tian across the face because he thought that Jao Ming Tian brought the Qi Pao here. Jao Wern Yeuy was angry and ordered them to close down the exhibition even though it was the opening day.
Harold was in trouble so he asked Paeka to convince Jao Ming Tian to continue the exhibition. Jao Ming Tian had to stay in Thailand to do business for another three weeks but when Paeka wouldn’t stop nagging him about the exhibition even though he told her to go away, he decided to hire her as his personal secretary. He took her up north and down south looking for Thai herbs for his business. During their time together, he was always angry with her, Paeka misunderstood and thought that he wanted the Thai herbs all to himself. The two of them argued constantly during their chaotic trip and they would tell one another to go their own separate ways. On their trip, they also had a driver and Jao Ming Tian’s right hand man name ‘Ar Thung.’
Paeka doesn’t know the reason of Jao Ming Tian’s anger was that he once was in love with a woman who unexpectedly passed away. This made him full of sorrow and Paeka coincidentally had many similar traits as his old lover. Paeka is a straight forward woman, loves to do the right thing, she’s nosy, she’s clumsy, and loves to cause trouble for him. This irritates Jao Ming Tian and he doesn’t like to be near her, but at the same time, he couldn’t help getting involved because he’s worried about her.

In the middle of the rough environment, Paeka was getting closer to Jao Ming Tian and she found out that, that Qi Pao belonged to May Lee or Sukonta, Jao Ming Tian’s old lover. Jao Ming Tian asked Paeka to fix the Qi Pao for him and he will talk to Jao Wern Yeuy about re-opening the exhibition. Later one night, the weather was very cold and Paeka was wearing a thin shirt because she didn’t bring any sweaters so Jao Ming Tian took off his shirt and put it on her. At that moment, Jao Ming Tian’s wrist was visible for Paeka to see the jade bracelet, the same kind of bracelet that she has seen during her light headedness. His bracelet was broken in the middle but the two broken pieces were molded together by a gold wire. Jao Ming Tian explained that it was normal for many Chinese men to wear a jade bracelet because a jade can help a man be more powerful. As for the bracelet that he’s wearing, Jao Wern Yeuy had obtained a large piece of jade ten years ago so he made one bracelet for every member of the family to remind them that their bracelets all came from the same piece of jade. It was also to show that they are from the same family with the same bloodline so they all should love one another.
Paeka was more worried than ever because this means that the murderer was someone in the family. Paeka returned home with a curious feeling, she didn’t want to believe that a man with a gentle and charming smile could be a cold hearted killer…

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