3/12/2013 Updated FAQ with more lakorns that need reuploading!

Hello everyone, can I point everyone to our new FAQ (frequently asked questions) section at the top of the page?

There you should find questions and answers to most of the questions we receive on this site. If you're having problems downloading something, please check there first.

Also, we've reuploaded Namtan Mai and other HQ lakorns such as 365 Days of Love, Sood Sanae Ha and Wimarn Sai.

HQ lakorns require a password. How can you get that password? Simple. You have to upload at least one lakorn. All the details are on the FAQ, so please go and read it!

We have lots of lakorns we're in the process of working on, but we do need your help. Read on for more info.

What we're working on

We make no money whatsoever from this site. None. Zip. Thus, we depend mainly on free fileserving options and the hard drives of our computers to store lakorns, but obviously, sometimes those filesharing links go down, so we have to reupload files we may not have on our hard drives, because we deleted it to make room for new projects.

It's an imperfect system, but this is where we hope our blog's readers can come in.

We have a lot of lakorns we'll like to upload, including but not limited to Kuan Kamathep, Ruk Nai Marn Mek, Reun Sawn Ruk, Kaew Lom Phet, Jan Euy Jan Jao, Artit Ching Duang, Buang Banjathorn, and Oum Ruk.

At the same time, we also have to work on reuploading links, or horrors of horrors, redoing lakorns (downloading them from youtube and joining links) all over again. However, some of you, our blog's readers, might have those lakorns on your computer, so what if you helped us by reuploading them? This means we could spend more time on getting those new lakorns out rather then reuploading them.

In other blog news, we've taken down the Requests page. Very few people seemed to read it and most requested subbing. WE CAN'T SUB!!! Our team members are from different countries and know different languages, but not THAI, unfortunately.

Ultimately, we hope to have as many subbed lakorns available on this site that we can, so there's really no need to have a requests page. Stay tuned for more blog improvements!

From Jasmin's Lakorns Team



  1. I have some of your lakorns and I would like to help but I don't know how and where to upload them

    1. mariana123, can you look at the faq (it has a list of lakorns) and email jasminelakorns@gmail.com? Thanks.