Title: Liem Petch Karat
Also known as: เหลี่ยมเพชรกะรัต/Edge of Diamond's Karat 
Duration: 16 Episodes 
Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy
Broadcast network: Channel 7

From memory, Karat (Pancake) loses all her fortune when her father dies. She goes to live with her best friend and is now working in Chai (Win)’s company. Chai is the owner of the company, but he works undercover as the messenger.

He secretly helps Karat in finding out who swindled her father, in the process, they also prevent Chai’s mother from being swindled. 

Download Links:
Subtitles: English HardSub
File Size: 400-500MB
File Type: Avi
Joiner,Encoder, Uploader: YeuCandy, Mariana, Callie
Credits: Thanks to  polkadotsubbers for their hard work!



  1. Yeucandy, pls upload this to other than mega. appreciate it. thx so much

  2. Sorry I can't right now. My 4share free account is full and mirrorupload doesn't work.

  3. Dear Yeu, with Mega...the download always stuck at 50% or 60%, I try to login but it's still the same. Is there any other way to download from Mega than just click download or login? thank u

  4. Are you using google chrome to download these files at mega? If you aren't you should. Google chrome is the most compatible with mega. Don't use internet explorer. I tried download it with google chrome and I always get 100%DONE.

  5. Dear Yeu...Thank u for the advice, it's works! \^^/
    Yesterday I used Mozilla, that's always stuck at 50 or 60% ...when I change to Google Chrome it's works!! Thank u so much Yeu

  6. I am having problem with mirrorupload so I don't think I can reupload ep.07-16 with mirrorupload. Sorry.

  7. Dear Yeu, thank you for adding links other than mega, really appreciate it now i can watch it, i hope other could be uploaded to in different links. thank you, sorry to bother you with my request because i can't use google chrome with my mac 0s 10.4. thx again so much

  8. Can someone who has managed to download from episode 7 onwards to upload them to another host, I have used all the browsers and in everyone the episodes stall and stop downloading.

    thx in advance

  9. I was able to download everything w/no problem (w/Chrome) except ep 7. Had a hard time downloading it and when I finally did, it only plays the first 2m 44s and then stops.

  10. how do i start download