Kaew Lom Phet
Also known as: 
แก้วล้อมเพชร/Glass Encircles Diamond

Duration: 24 Episodes
Genre: Drama/Romance
Broadcast network: Channel 5

Pikul (Kwang Kamonchanok), sells candy for a living, and is 9 months pregnant with her first child. She is married to Det (Dilok Thong), a man with a severe gambling addiction.

One day, Det loses all his money from gambling and tries to coerce Pikul for more but she refuses. They get into a violent argument and Det falls down the stairs hitting his head on the floor. Scared and believing that Det is dead, Pikul decides to run away to Bangkok.

That same night, Karoon Kitjakorn (Satawat Dulyavichit), a rich businessman is driving home to Bangkok with his very pregnant wife, Lada (Uthumphon Silapan). Along the way, Karoon gets into an accident with the bus that Pikul was riding on.

The accident caused both Lada and Pikul to go under labor. The ladies give birth to daughters that very night.

Later on, at the hospital, Pikul overhears people talking that the police are coming to the hospital to arrest a fugitive. Pikul, mistakenly thought they were coming for her for the murder of Det, decided to make a run for it. Pikul rushes to the nursery to get her daughter and accidentally knocks out the name label for a child named Lonsalap. In her rush, she picks up the wrong baby. She takes Lada’s daughter instead of her own.

At the hospital Lada becomes smitten with Nuan Noi, a nurse, that she persuades Nuan NOi to come back with her to Bangkok as her nanny. Lada returns home to Bangkok, unknowingly with Pikul’s daughter, and Nuan Noi as her new nanny.

Eighteen years pass and Pikul comes to Bangkok to run a candy shop or candy stall with her daughter, Namphet (Wiew Wonarot), who is actually Lada’s birth daughter. Namphet is an obedient and respectable young woman who holds high regards for her mother unlike Gaew Gao (Erin Siripan), Pikul’s birth daughter. Gaew Gao grows up to be a spoiled little brat and her paternal grandmother Yai Sasee (Chomchai Chatrawilai)’s favorite grandchild. Yai Sasee, Karoon’s mother, give Gaew Gao whatever she wanted.

After Karoon passes away, his eldest son Kan (Ton Chayathorn) and his wife Lada inherit and take over his hotel business with the help of Chewin (Yuk “Son” Songpaisan), the son of Khun Ying Chanika( Tom Nahatai) and Kan’s best friend. He works as a business consultant for the hotel and everyone hopes that he will be Gaew Dao’s future husband.

One fine day, Pikul and Namphet are out selling candy near a construction site. As for Lada and Kan, they came out to inspect the structure of the building being construction. Abruptly, a robber jumps out with a knife in front of Lada and threatened to harm her, if she doesn’t give him her valuables. Namphet sees what was happening and tries to intervene. She gets stabbed. Pikul rushes to Namphet side to help her.

The robber backs off in shock when he see Pikul because the robber is Det, Pikul’s ex-husband. He is in shock because he believes he has just stabbed his own daughter.

Namphet is rushed to the hospital with Kan and Pikul by her side. She loses a lot of blood and Pikul volunteers to donate her blood to save Namphet. After a blood test proves that they do not have the same blood type, Pikul realizes that she took the wrong baby.

To thank Namphet for her heroic and kindness, Lada takes Pikul and Namphet in as her servants.

When Chewin sees Namphet for the first time at the house, he instantly falls for her but when he discovers that Kan likes her too, he backs off and suppresses his feelings for her.

Gaew Gao notices that Chewin secretly likes Namphet and becomes extremely jealous of Namphet, she does everything in her power to cause trouble for Namphet on a daily basis. Whatever problems that arises between Namphet and Gaew Gao, Pikul always sympathized with Gaew Gao, which hurted Namphet very much.


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  3. I love this lakorn. And I still hate Pikoon, the mother. Although she raise Namphet, she has no choice. If she only want to save her daughter, she should bring Namphet back to her parents after 5 or 6 years (says that she has blood test and Namphet isn't her daghter). The truth is she wants her daughter to replace Namphet's place and lives in wealth. Moreover, she should feel guilty over Namphet and never hit her every time her Keawkao picks a quarrel with Namphet

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