Title: Ngao Rak Luang Jai
Also known as: Love In Shadow, เงารักลวงใจ
Duration: 13 Episodes
Genre: Drama, Romance
Broadcast network: Channel 3

Ranya was the heiress of Asawatanon family. She had the affair with Mongkol, the driver in her house. Her father was very angry and beat her up and planned to kill Mongkol. However, Mongkol was not dead but became leg disabled. He met Bua and she encouraged him and invited him to stay at Ban Tor Fah, her orphanage. Ranya misunderstood that Mongkol was dead and she just realized that she was pregnant with Mongkol, so she lied to her father that she would go abroad to continue to study.

After she gave birth to a daughter, she went back to Thailand. She was not sure if her father could accept her daughter or not, so she took her baby to leave at the nursery for a while with the necklace that has her and Mongkol's names on it before she went to tell the truth to her father. But her father was very angry at her. Ranya was very sorry and hopeless, so she went back to the nursery to pick up her baby, but she found that the nursery was burnt down and she thought that her baby was dead in the fire. After her father's death, Ranya just realized that her baby was not dead in the fire, so she tried to look for her baby.

18 years later, KhaoHom and Ratee were raise up in Ban Tor Fah together. KhaoHom was a generous and sweet girl, but Ratee was different from KhaoHom in everything and she always was jealous of KhaoHom.
~Credit to Wishboniko~
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