Title: Phoo Yai Lee Gab Nang Ma

Also known as: Headman Lee and Miss Ma
Duration: 14 Episodes
Genre: Drama/Comedy/Romantic

Broadcast network: Channel 3


Malinee, the famous model living in Bangkok got the letter from Phoo Yai Leenawat, the headman of the Howling Dog Creek village. The letter told her that Madam Wan, her grandmother was dead and she left her the inheritance as the house and many acres of the land in the Howling Dog Creek village. Her grandmother wanted her to do farming instead of her. Malinee didn't want to do farming because it was not the job for her, but her grandmother didn't allow her to sell the land to anyone, but Phoo Yai Lee. So, Malinee wonder who Phoo Yai Lee is. 
One day, Malinee could catch up that her boyfriend, Pradit cheated on her, so she to decided go to stay at the Howling Dog Creek village. There, she met a country guy and she didn't know that he was Phoo Yai Lee that grandmother talked about. Though Phoo Yai Lee fall in love with Malinee, he was annoyed that she behaved herself as the a city girl, so he kept teasing her. A city girl like Malinee had to adjust herself to stay in the countryside.
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