Title: Sarp Phusa

Also known as:
Cursed Fabric, Sarp poo Sah, Sarb poosah,สาปภูษา
Duration:15 Episodes
Genre: Drama, Romance, Horror

Broadcast network: Channel 3


In the past, Princess Seeked, the princess from the vassal state, is skillful in weaving the golden brocade in the royal palace. She meets Prince Tad. They fall in love with each other and Princess Seeked gets pregnant later. However, Prince Tad has to get married with Princess Chai. With her vengefulness, Princess Seeked weaves a golden brocade with her curse in every thread before she kills herself while pregnancy.

In the modern day, Maipim, a girl who loves the ancient fabric gets a job to take care of the brocade shop that Preechaya is the owner. One day, a mysterious man breaks into the shop and leave the beautiful ancient brocade there. After that, The spirit of Princess Seekad appears and waits to revenge with the people who have ever hurt her in the past. (Source: Wishboniko)

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Joiner, Encoder, Uploader: callie
Credits: Thanks to wishboniko's for her hard work

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  1. Wow! This lakorn is great. I couldn't stop watching since the first chapter. Thanks for your hard work.

  2. Twisted but good - Thanks!

  3. The main guy kind of looks like a chinese actor, cute though. Thanks

  4. Hi, I would really appreciate it if someone could kindly reupload this drama as the megaupload links no longer work?

  5. if eny one have this lakorn plz post it out on youtube or on this wed her is he name of that lakorn liem petch karat eng sub

  6. Ep 13 link does not work anymore. Is there any way to reupload?

  7. thanks for uploading this!! so sad.
    ummm.....i was wondering can you look at episode 12??
    cuz while you are watching it, the video just goes all black and you cant see anything but you can heard the audio. after awhile you see the picture again, it been doing that a couple of times already in the same video.
    hope you can check it. thank you!! XD

  8. Thank you for an awesome Lakorn. Could someone kindly reupload the replacement link for ep 12 please?

  9. Hi, I try to download this lakorn, but all the links 1fichier don't work, and when I try with FileSwap, the download stop in the middle. Could someone kindly reupload the links please ? Thanks for everything.