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Likit Kammathep
Also known as:  (ลิขิตกามเทพ) or The Fate Cupid
Duration: 12 Episodes
Genre: Romance/Drama/Slap n 'Kiss
Broadcast network: Channel 3 

Karnploo's (Anne) aunt gives her to Nit's (Mart) dad, for she is greedy for his money. Karnploo didn't know this and she followed her aunt to Nit's dad's house. Nit thinks that Karnploo is a woman that just sells herself to men, so he rapes her that night. He also believes that Karnploo is his soon-to-be wife. He later realizes that she is there to marry his dad not him. 
Karnploo decides to marry the dad to take revenge on Nit. After the wedding, Nit's dad dies from a heart attack. Karnploo also realizes that she is pregnant with Nit although she tells everyone including Nit that she's pregnant with the father. She continues taking revenge on Nit and Prada, her ex-boyfriend that cheated on her.
Watch to see if in the end, Karnploo will give in to Nit and see if love will blossom between them. (Source:
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Subtitles: English HardSub
File Size: 600-900 MB
File Type: avi
Credits: Thanks to swtannenatnalika1 for their subscript and thanks to KissKeepInTouch for her HQ videos
Joiner, Encoder, Uploader: Jasmin, Mariana

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  1. Hi, Ep 2 part 3 link is not working - would it be possible to re-upload it? Thanks a lot/

  2. why do some episodes have double numbers? ie. episode 1 .05 and 1.05?

  3. Finally the HQ of this lovely Thai Drama
    thank you sooo much Jasmin, Mariana you did a great job ^_^

  4. por favor español palabras thai drama nada

  5. upload in mega plz

  6. thanks so much for a good quality for this show! I just finished it and it ties with sawan biang with being my favorite lakorn, it was just amazing. great plot, great chemistry, great acting.

  7. what happened to the mega files? have they been deleted