Hello everyone! Recently there's been a lack of updates to the blog, but we do have several things in the works. Please look forward to it!

POLLS - There are going to be several polls coming out. The polls will be on what lakorns you would like to see subbed (again we are NOT subbers, but we do have contacts with some of them and will forward your ideas) and what lakorns you would like to see in better quality videos.

'HOW TO DOWNLOAD' PAGE - We will be making a 'how to download' post for those who have problems downloading. Expect to see this soon. OR NOT THAT SOON.

NEW FILESHARERS - We will also be trying a few new filesharers, so look out for that. We need to replace hotfile links and probably will replace all hipfile links as well, as several people have been having problems with it.

NEW 'UPCOMING LAKORNS' PAGE/POST - There will be a page/post on upcoming lakorns that viewers can look forward to watching in 2014.

LAKORNS TO ADD TO BLOG - Reun Sawn Ruk... we have other lakorns we wish to add to the blog, we do need the subbers' permission before doing so though.

HELP NEEDED for NEW PROJECT - We'll be starting a new project, and we'll need your help. Please make sure to read 'Transcribe Project' details below.

Transcribe Project

- As you probably know already, there are a number of lakorns on this blog that are really low quality, A large number of wishboniko's lakorns are low quality, such as Phoo Yai Lee Gab Nang Ma, Mae Ka Khanom Wan and so on.

- We want to make better quality videos of some of wishboniko and others' lakorns, but unfortunately, we don't have any softsubs. Softsubs are srt or ass files that can be used with raw (unsubbed) videos to make hardsubbed videos like the ones you download on this site.

We need your help! - We will be releasing a number of polls to help determine which lakorns we should work on first. But we need your help to do the following:

1. Watch a video (we'll tell you what lakorn).
2. Write down the subs as they come up on Notepad.
3. Send the notepad file to us. We'll take it and work on timing, etc to make it a softsub we can use.

Obviously, the more help we can get, the faster we can work. If you would like to help, please send an email to jasminelakorns@gmail.com

Update -
1st poll results - Which lakorn would you like to see in higher quality?

1. Jai Rao 48% wins and is already in progress.
2. Namtai Mai 16%
3. Mae Ka Khanom Wan 14%
4. Seu Rak Chak Yai 13%
5. Phoo Yai Lee Gab Nang Ma 7%

Process to hardsubs - Transcribing, Rough Timing, Fine tuning of timing, editing, proofreading, hardsub

3/06 - Jai Rao - most transcribing is finished. Working on timing now.
3/13 - Timing for first 2 episodes completed
4/06- Timing for episodes 1-2, 4, 10-15 finished. Working on episodes 3, 5-9 Transcription finished, thank you transcribers!!!
4/25 4 episodes left to time. Two episodes being edited already.
5/07 Timing finished. Editing, proofreading in progress.
6/18 Editing of 3 episodes completed. Need to speed up.
7/04 - 5 episodes completed
7/08 - 7 eps done
7/17 8 eps done
8/03 - 10 episodes done. 
12/10/2014 JR finished! This took a long time, but as it was the 1st project, that is understandable.

After timing is finished, proofreading and editing is next, then encoding subs to videos. 

2nd poll results:

Which would you like to see completely subbed?

1. Wanalee 46% - 203 votes (winner) (completed in July)
2. Nang Fah Gub Mafia 36% - 162 votes (2nd)
3. Peak Marn 27% - 123 votes (completed)
4. Anko Kon Ruk Strawberry - 16% - 74 votes
5. Khun Seuk - 10% - 47 votes

3rd poll results - Which 2011 lakorn would you like to see in higher quality?

Ka Khong Khon 46% - 208 votes
Game Rai Game Rak 42% - 191 votes
Mia Taeng 5% - 26 votes
Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tay 3% - 15 votes
Kehas See Dang - 2% - 10 votes

Ka Khong Khon is the winner, closely followed by Game Rai Game Ruk. This lakorn will be started
after Jai Rao is finished.

4th poll results - Which lakorn would you like to see in higher quality?
Borisud Bumbut Kaen - 60% - 136 votes
Sapai Glai Peun Tiang - 25% - 58 votes
Nampueng Khom - 7% - 16 votes
Mongkut Saeng Jun - 6%- 15 votes

Borisud Bumbut Kaen won by an overwhelming amount! We're looking for people to help transcribe this!

Transcription in progress on BBK- 4 episodes finished already

5th July poll results - What lakorn would you like to see finished subbing the most? 162 votes, allowed multiple votes

Ban Sai Thong ~ The Golden Sand Mansion
  52 (32%)

Chuen Cheewa Navy
  36 (22%)

Koom Nang Kruan ~ Nang Kruan Village
  41 (25%)

Samee Tee Tra
  61 (37%)         (winner)

Samee Tee Tra wins, followed closely by Ban Sai Thong and Koom Nang Kruan  

12/05/2014 updated



  1. Can you please reupload " Jai Rao" with better quality ;_;

  2. l dont know e. very well but iam big big fan with u blog
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Hi. Long time no see. I would like to help a bit with transcribe of Borisud Bumbut Kaen but I cannot commit to time limit as I really busy with my oncall in hospital. I will do as much as I could to help you.

    1. Hi innesfree, thanks for your interest. Please send an email to jasminelakorns@gmail.com so I can email you details.

      The time limit for BBK will probably be around 3 months from now, in July. If you think that's ok, let me know.

    2. Hi, Jasmine. I had sent to you BBK transcripts episode 1 to your email. Please give your feedback regarding my works so that I can improve my works quality for further episode.