Hello everyone! We here at Jasmin's Lakorns have a number of things in the works and would like your feedback. This post was actually supposed to come out sooner, but was delayed by various events. Updated December 2015.

Subscribe -  In the menu on top of the home page, you should see 'Feeds' on your right hand side. There you can subscribe to our facebook and/or twitter pages. We urge you to do so if you want to keep track of this site. We rarely post anything, so you don't have to worry about spam, but if something should happen to this site, then we would probably post there. 

Monetize the site - As you should know, we make no money from this site, but we may need to do so in the future.

We do use as many free sites as we can to upload videos. The problem with most free sites however, is that they delete files if they're not downloaded from within 60-90 days, which is okay for popular lakorns, but lesser known ones have to be constantly uploaded again. To supplement this, we do use paid sites as well, ones we pay for.

Now, the lakorns on this site equal probably around ~1TB plus, we try to provide two links, so it's really  2TB. And this will continue to grow as we add more lakorns to the site.

We hope to earn money from this site to make it self supporting, and to allow it to continue to grow. It's something we're reluctant to do, but otherwise this site won't be able to grow. We're still considering the best way to do this, perhaps with ads, or a donate button. Let us know what you think!

December 2015 update - we've actually have some sort of ad program on the site now, (I don't know much about it as another team member put it on). It doesn't generate a lot of money from what I understand, but it seems non intrusive, which is great. The money from this should go to JL Subbing Group. I'll have to ask more about it.

What I did was to sign up to get a fee from filefactory videos downloads. Once you get to $100, you can redeem that to buy filefactory premium membership. Yeah!!!!

I started in June 2015 and now have $13.00. Hmm. Well, in maybe 3 years I'll earn a free membership?  Oh well.  

R.E.S. Campaign (Request English Subtitles Campaign) - If you haven't already checked out this site, please do so. it's our chance to have a group of subbers dedicated to subbing lakorns. Apparently the campaign ends in April.


And again, please note, Jasmin's Lakorns isn't making money off the site, nor is it ours. We just think it could be a great idea ^-^.

December 2015 update: This month, Keyhui opened, a site you can watch subbed lakorns for a small fee each month.

Transcribe Project - Last year, we started a project to take older lakorns with poor video quality and upgrade them to videos with better picture quality. But with the recent loss of videos from Viki, we want to focus more on helping sub lakorns, not transcribing old ones. The transcribe project is on the backburner for now, but we still hope to have Ka Kaung Kon and Borisud Bumbut Kaen out this year. 

Instead of working on the Transcribe project, we started JL Subbing Group because of viki's clampdown on lakorns, subbing slowed dramatically on viki.

More content - Reviews? Recaps? Actor/actress spotlight? Would you like to see them on this site? We have a number of new things we're considering working on this year, and we'll probably put up some new polls about this. 

Poll - What would you like to see the most on this site? 53% said all of these,  11% said recommendations and 9% said lakorn reviews

December 2015 update: Well, we did have a review and recommendation thread, but not much else. 

And of course, more uploads - naturally, we'll continue to upload more newly subbed lakorns and such. 

Let's all have a great new year!

Jasmin's Lakorns



  1. Thank you for dedicating your time to share these lakorns with us for free... I think It is time for us (the one who just watch) to make an effort and keep this kind of work and blogs by putting in some money. We have enjoyed the work of you for free for a long time and thanks to that we have had great moments realxing, laughing and forgetting about our problems. I will be glad to contribute... just don make it too expensive ;P lol!!

  2. Thank you for your effort in helping us to get lakorn everywhere in this world. I agreed if you use ads as source to support this site. (p/s: do you still need for transcribe of BBK?) I want to help. Email me which episode still need for transcribe.
    Thank you in advance for future lakorn and effort,

  3. Thank you for everything! ♥

    This is only my opinion but, maybe you can use both options. With ads, those who can't afford to donate can contribute something to the site, and those who have a dollar or two to spare can still donate.

  4. Hello! More power to your site! But I just would like to ask if you would ever consider p2p or torrents for Lakorns? thank you!

    1. That is a good idea, but no one here is very well versed on those things..

  5. Thank you for the update on the lakorns.
    I was saddened by the withdrawal of lakorns in viki, and I hope to continue with our beloved lakorns.

  6. I would love to donate or pay monthy. always want something like drama fever for lakorns.
    If you can have recent and old and lakorns stopped in progress of been subbed On your site count me in.

  7. I would not mind paying monthly or yearly. I too would love to have a site like dramafever for lakorns. Please keep up all the great progress

  8. Thank you for your works and for the R.E.S Campaign

  9. Hi guys! Just wanted to say Thank You for all you do. I've been enjoying lakorns for awhile now and try to make sure I voice my gratefulness, however, I know I don't leave messages as often as I watch.
    I would also like to be a help in whatever way I can to keep and grow lovers of the genre. And I am a viewer that would be willing to pay sites loke Viki if they supplied subtitled content on their apps for all material I view.
    Please continue to keep us posted on solutions and progress. I for one am willing to help and spread the word!