The Mafia series is winding down, only Hong (Swan) is left after Raed airs. Raed stars Andrew Gregson, and Taew Nataporn. I don't know much about Taew, but Andrew is one of those natural actors who is equally good at drama and comedy. I expect this part to be the funniest with Andrew as a playboy who has an arranged marriage to Taew. 

I don't really like the outfits/Taew's hairstyle, but the story sounds good.

Raed ~ Mafia Dragon Blood 4 ~ Rhino - Download here 

Ken Theeradeth and Cherry Khemapsorn  Of all the couples in the Mafia series, the main couple in Krating are the most evenly matched in terms of acting experience and they've already acted together before a number of times.

Krating is said to be the most romantic and complex story in the series with hidden identities and a love triangle since Cherry already has a lover. 

Krating ~ Mafia Dragon Blood 3 ~ Bull - Download here 

Singh, part 2 of the Mafia Luerd Mongkom Series is airing now! Singh stars Tik Jesadaporn and Mew Nittha and features one of my favorite tropes, an arranged/fake marriage. They look good together as you can see from the pics below. Let's hope they have some chemistry and there's a good story as well.. 


Singh - Mafia Dragon Blood 2 ~ Lion - Download here 


Suer - Mafia Dragon Blood I ~ Tiger - Download hereStreaming links down  

Here's the trailer of Suer (Tiger), the first part of the Mafia Luerd Mungkom series. Suer is a Romeo and Juliet type romance starring Ananda Everingham, Kimberly Voltemas. 


Suer mv by framedolphin24

Check here for more info about the series (spoilers ahead!) or at asianfuse forum
or just read on. Thanks to KimmyStationWorld for subbing trailer.
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If you don't know anything about this series, it's a series about the mafia focusing on five individuals in five different dramas: Tiger (Suer), Lion (Singha), Bull (Krating), Rhino (Raed) and Swan (Hong). There's a different main couple and story in each part of the series.

The cast is the most incredible thing about the series, with well known and respected actors and actresses such as Ananda Everingham, Ken Theeradeth, Andrew Gregson, Taew Nataporn, Cherry Khemapsorn, Kimberly Voltemas, Janie Tienphosuwan, Boy Pakorn, Tik Jesadaporn, and Mew Nittha. AWESOME!

Mafia Luerd Mungkorn Series/มาเฟียเลือดมังกร

English TitleMafia Dragon Blood

Synopsis: Five lakorns based on a series of novels of the same name, chronicling the lives of five individuals in the mafia world: Tiger (Suer), Lion (Singha), Bull (Krating), Rhino (Raed) and Swan (Hong). (see below for more info on each lakorn). (Source: asianfuse wiki

Watch with subsviki

Suer/เสือ     (Part One of Mafia Luerd Mungkorn series)
English title: Tiger          (Part One of Mafia Dragon Blood series)
Starring: Ananda Everingham, Kimberly Voltemas 
Airing DateUpcoming March 10?
GenreRomance, Period, Drama, Action, Comedy
Watch with subs: Viki

Wanvisa (Kim) pisses off a young mafia (Ananda), so he tries to get back at her. However, Wanvisa won't take the bullying. She gets back at him by putting him in embarrassing situations. They start exchanging blows, teasing and pranking each other. While they continue bickering, she saves his life many times coincidentally. 

Later she finds out that he is Parop, the heir of a rich household. He has been having bad luck and has had many life threatening accidents. A fortune teller tells his parent that he is in extreme bad luck; it may cost his life. The only way out is to find a girl who was born on a full moon Monday. This girl will be his lucky charm and will save his life. Upon finding out that Wanvisa was born on a full moon Monday, his parents try to wed them. However, the young tiger is too heavy-lipped to accept his feelings for her. As cupid works its way, Wanvisa starts to notice that things didn't happen accidentally, and the person behind the assassination attempts is somebody close to them. (Source: asianfuse wiki

Singh/สิงโต         (Part Two of Mafia Luerd Mungkorn series)
English title: Lion            (Part Two of Mafia Dragon Blood series)
Starring: Tik Jesadaporn, Mew Nittha
Airing DateUpcoming April?
GenreRomance, Period, Drama, Action
Watch with subs: Viki

Synopsis: Songgrod (Tik) is the heir of Lion Gang. He gets kidnapped along with Jirusya (Mew). The bad guys say they took orders from the leader of Turtle Gang. Both gangs do not want war, so they agree to work together to find out who the real bad guy is. As part of the plan, Songgrod and Jirusya are put into an arranged marriage. 

Lion falls in love at first sight. Thinking that this little turtle will be his dinner, he's very happy. However the turtle won't let him swallow her easily, so she comes up with tricks to get away every day. The true bad guy reveals himself. Lion and turtle needs to work together. As they are about to complete their mission, lion's heart gets stolen from him, and will do anything to her back.(Source: asianfuse wiki

Krating/กระทิง      (Part Three of Mafia Luerd Mungkorn series)
English title: Bull Part 3 of Mafia Dragon Blood
Starring: Ken Theeradeth, Cherry Khemapsorn 
Airing DateUpcoming - 
GenreRomance, Period, Drama, Action
Watch with subs: Here

 There is a mass assassination at Black Dragon Mansion. The entire family gets killed, and Chonlathee (Ken) is the only person who escapes death. The burn on his face causes him to get face surgery and a change of name to Tham. 

Seven years later with a new name and new look, Tham is known as the Mad Bull, mafia leader of Chinatown. He meets Yayah (Cherry), a waitress, at a Chinese restaurant. Is it by chance or by faith that they met three times? He notices that she is too skillful to be a normal waitress. He suspects that she may be a spy, sent by the enemy. He brings himself closer to investigate her. 

As they get closer, they fall in love. Later when his past is revealed, Yayah is shocked to know who he really is. How can she tell him that she was the person that saved him seven years ago and she was the one that brought him tragedy? As the gang war begins, so does their love, hate and revenge relationship. Now, she is forced to make a decision, to love or not to love. (Source: asianfuse wiki

Raed/แรด          (Part Four of Mafia Luerd Mungkorn series)
English title: Rhino  (Part Four of the Mafia Dragon Blood series) 
Starring: Andrew Gregson, Taew Nataporn
Airing DateUpcoming 
GenreRomance, Period, Drama, Action, Comedy
Watch with subs: Viki

Kanin (Andrew), a young playboy, is the only son of Red Eagle Gang. After his father gets into an accident, he has to come home from overseas. In order to take the leadership of the gang, he has to get married. He gets into an arranged marriage with the wild horse, Pantheera (Taew), and he has to tame his wild horse. 

At the same time, he has to fight against the opposing gang. After falling in love and understanding each other, Kanin finds out that his father 's accident was in fact an assassination, and the mastermind behind it may be his wife's family. (Source: asianfuse wiki

Hong/หงส์           (Part Five of Mafia Luerd Mungkorn series)
English title: Swan   (Part Five of the Mafia Dragon Blood series) 
Starring: Janie Tienphosuwan, Boy Pakorn
Airing DateUpcoming -
GenreRomance, Period, Action, Comedy 
Watch with subs: Viki

Hong (Janie) is the only daughter of Swan Gang. In addition to her beauty, she is also smart and can kick-butt. However, because she is a girl, some members won't accept her as their new leader. She is working her way to prove her worthiness. 

Her beauty and decisive nature catches the eyes of William (Boy), the leader of Dragon Gang, the international gang with power in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Thailand. For William, he has found the most suitable person to be the lady of his gang. (Source: asianfuse wiki

(Sources: pics from



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