If you need a recommendation or have one, please join in~!

One of the things people on the site wanted to see more of was recommendations, so I made this post, but remember if you want recommendations, you can also look at the completed lakorn list for lakorns that have a green star by them and we also list them here and here.

I just read about the new Roy Leh Sanae Rai coming out on June 3rd (here's the teaser) and it made me think of the old 2002 version starring Tik and Aom

Roy Leh Sanae Rai
Genre - Trope - Slap n Kiss - marriage of convenience, 
Actors - Tik Jesadaporn, Aom Phiyada
What's it about? Tik basically schemes to get Aom to marry him so he can get back the money his dad gave her. Of course, in the process he falls for her sweetness and sincerity. 
Where to watch? Here and youtube

Why should you watch it? 


More Tik
Tik, Tik, Tik. 

Aom is great as well, she's feisty and doesn't make it easy for him, but Tik is soo charming as playboy Kongpop, it's no wonder she can't help falling for him. Tik is awesome in this, so good at being bad. And I love how this lakorn pokes fun at common romantic scenes like standing in the rain because of Kongpop being manipulative. Great couple!

Watch out for - Rape, lots of snarky other women.

One of the things people on the site wanted to see more of was recommendations, so I made this post, but remember if you want recommendations, you can also look at the completed lakorn list for lakorns that have a green star by them and we also list them here and here.

My first recommendation - Rahut Rissaya
This is an open thread, so I encourage everyone to join in! And it doesn't have to be just lakorns, feel free to recommend other dramas, movies you've watched. Looking for a particular genre or theme? Ask about it here! Although we do have genre/trope lists here and here.

Here's the format I'm using for my recommendation. You can use it or not, we just hope to see more then "Watch this show because it's really good" type of comment.

Genre - Trope 
Actors? (if a big selling point is the actors, you might want to mention them)
What's it about?
Where to watch?
Why should you watch it?
Watch out for (list things people don't like such as rape, lots of violence, noble idiocy, etc.)

Rahut Rissaya
Genre - Trope Slap n Kiss - marriage of convenience, revenge
What's it about? Palai blackmails Siva into marrying her for revenge.
Where to watch? You can download it here or watch on viki (bad quality picture)

Why should you watch it? 

Meet Palai, smart, cool. Definitely not a doormat.
Siva, a pra-ek who's more nice then mean, and funny.
So, their wedding. And a sneak peak at their married life...


Lots of angst here, but it also has real laugh out loud moments. The directing is great, the acting likewise (mostly) and the writing is pretty solid as well. Just a great lakorn all in all!

Watch out for - rape, annoying OM, violence, understandable noble idiocy.



  1. YouTube Stream w/ sub & better quality: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj6L6uGm2YQttwjKqCl2Ak35yxrQok_2m

    1. Hi I've just clicked your link and it says private playlist T_T

  2. My raccomandation

    Slap Kiss Lakorn

    Sawan Biang
    Jam Leuy Ruk
    Khing Kor Rah Kha Kor Raeng
    Likit Kammathep
    Leh Ratree 2009

    Lakorn Funny, light, enjoyable

    Oum Ruk
    Sood Sanae Ha
    Taddao Bussaya
    Mae Ma Khanom Wan
    Hua Jai Reua Puang
    Fun Fueng
    Leh Nangfa
    Ngao Asoke
    Chaloey Sak
    Kaew Tah Pee
    Leh Ratree 2015

    1. I forgot to write:
      Pin Anong, I adore Weir and Min in here.
      La Ruk Sut Kop Fah, another Weir Min Lakorn.
      Sanaeha Sunya Kaen, Dome Pakorn Lum and Janie...
      I know they not are all but till now...

    2. Thank you fujia69. I liked a lot of the ones you mentioned like Sawan Biang
      Jam Leuy Ruk, Khing Kor Rah Kha Kor Raeng. Just to remind readers slap n kiss usually contains rape and all of those mentioned above do.

      Of the romantic comedies, Oum Ruk, Sood Sanae Ha are solid.

  3. @fujia - we have similar taste ive seen all of those besides hua jai reua puang =)

    ok now my recs (these are just recent shows ive watched and liked) ....

    rec 1 -
    Name - like love (short Chinese drama)
    Genre - Trope - boys love, school
    Actors? - ...
    What's it about? - basically mai ding's roommate has him ask an zi yan if he likes boys or girls, when an zi yan answers he likes both mai ding does everything he can to befriend him.
    Where to watch? - http://www.dailymotion.com/likeloveintlfc
    or (graphic sex scenes 18+ ) http://www.dailymotion.com/yamitsu_suju
    Why should you watch it? first - its only about 3 1/2 hrs so it can be watched in an afternoon. second - mai ding is this geeky boy who talks too much but has an adorable personality and an zi yan is the most popular boy in school who is cold hearted, rich and beautiful. whats not to love =) (also a 2nd and 3rd are coming out in sept 15 and 16)
    Watch out for - the uncut version has long graphic sex scenes

    rec 2 -
    Name - love sick
    Genre - Trope - boys love, high school life/romance
    Actors? - ....
    What's it about? there are multiple stories going on since its a school life drama but the main one is about phun and noh. phun asked noh to pretend to be his boyfriend but they end up falling in love
    Where to watch? - http://www.kudalakorn.com/
    Why should you watch it? - if you like school dramas, boys love or cuteness overload this is a great show plus its only 40 mins per eps not the normal 2 hrs
    Watch out for - lots of characters introduced right away so it takes a few eps to really enjoy and remember everyone. plus somewhat cheating, phun has a girlfriend but ends up falling in love with noh, so technically he is cheating some might not like that.

    rec 3 -
    Name - kha khong khon
    Genre - Trope - contract marriage, rich man poor woman
    Actors? - pong
    What's it about? - luk's brother is in love with kluay but his mom doesn't think she is good enough so she has luk try to get rid of her. luk pays her to marry him to keep his brother away.
    Where to watch? download on this site
    Why should you watch it? - it might sound like a typical plot but the story is actually really good with great acting (pong is great at jealousy and playing a man in love), and there is lots of character development/growth
    Watch out for - annoying evil 2nd female lead and it could have been a few eps shorter

    1. Thanks for your recommendations, I liked Ka Khong Khon too, although there were a few things that bugged me. The N'ek could have been stronger and I didn't like the little girl being sick. But good chemistry with the leads.

  4. Thank you for sharing with us Jasmine! I am definitely going to add this to the list of dramas to translate. I remember watching the old version ( Tik and Aom) with my mom and she is crazy. lol she kept yelling at the tv screen whenever p ek would flirt with n ek. lol memories.

  5. Thanks everyone for the recommendations! Love Sawan, Biang, Sood Sanahae, Oum Rak, Jom Loey Rak, Anong Ping, HJRP, Raeng Pratana and Kuan Kammathep.

  6. I,ve only seen few people not like slap kiss lakorns mostly i see love them being a south asian who does,nt understand thai get to watch subbed ones i read so many urdu novels similar to these drama,s and thats what has attracted me to watch thai drama,s yet we pakistani,s make wonderful drama,s too but we rarely have slap and kiss scenes. hope to enjoy more such dramas.

    1. I've watched some Pakistani dramas and enjoyed them too. If you want more slap n kiss, well here are a list of them. http://lakornsworld2.blogspot.com/2013/08/genretrope-lakorn-page.html