Subbing Progress for Mafia series (bold is where we're at now)

Suer      - Finished
Singha  - Finished
Krating - Finished          9/2015 Thank you Sherri!

Raed  -  Released

Hong (Episode 1-8) - Editing, Release  
          (Episode 9-10 - TimingSubbing, Editing, Release

Other non-Mafia Subbing Projects
Lorn Sorn Ruk already completed.

Tawan Tud Burapareleased Oct 3, 

New projectsSong Hua Jai Nee Tee Puer Jaopayu, Dung Sawan Sarb, Wan Nee Tee Ror Khoi  

Madame Dun  - Finished
RLSR - Finished

The last poll for a while.

Which on air/recent lakorn would you like to see subbed?

1. Dung Sawan Sarb, a dramatic lakorn with Poo marrying Aom (Om) Trailer here
2. Nang Rai Tee Ruk - Actress Kim gets Boy as her bodyguard. Trailer here. already being subbed
3. Kol Kimono (12 eps) - Araya ChompooKen Phupoom fantasy lakorn. Trailer here
4. Marn Kammathep (17 eps) - Pong, Mo  revenge drama. Trailer here.
5. Nai Roy Ruk (18 eps) -  Pong and Aum revenge drama, Trailer here.

Which lakorn(s) would you like to see completely subbed? Please choose up to 3.

  Polling Results 6/17/2015
1. 50% (248 votes) Wan Nee Tee Ror Khoi   10/19 subbed
2. 40% (199 votes) Nang Fah Gub Mafia 6/20
3. 26% (128 votes)Theppabut Maya Thepthida Jumlang 6/17 subbed
4. 25% (122 votes) Spinsters vs. Casanovas  7/14 
5. 18% Ban Sai Thong   6. 16% Khun Seuk   7. 11%Paap Ataan 

Which drama would you like to see subbed the most? Please choose 3! (I included several dramas that already had subbing started, but only had one episode or less completed).


  Polling Results 6/17/2015
1. Maya Rasamee - 59% (197 votes), 21 episodes
2. Sapai Look Tung - 50% (169 votes), 15 episodes
3. Tard Ruk Torranong - 43% (146 votes),  19? episodes
4. Tueng Rai Kor Ruk - 29% (98), 12 episodes
5. Rai Rak Payak Fung Fu - 23%, 15 episodes 
6. Peuan Paeng - 20%,15 episodes 7. E-Sa - 9%, 38 episodes

We can't guarantee to sub whatever lakorns win the polls (since someone else might sub it or videos are hard to get, and so on), but they will go to the top of our list. If someone else starts subbing the lakorn, we'll just go on to the next one that's not being subbed. 

Updated October 4, 2015



  1. Nang Fah Gub Mafia <3

    thanks for your work

  2. Nang Fah Gub Mafia is my first choice

    if you have time then Sapai Look Tung and Maya Rasamee look interesting.

    thank you for your hard work

  3. Sapai Look Tung is my first choice but I see that it's in third place in the polls. Would love to see this lakorn as I have searched for it with english subs in vain. Another lakorn I would love to see completed is Hua Jai Ruk Karm Pope. Have wanted to see that one for years!

  4. I wish you would consider adding:
    Nuer Mek 1 (5/15 subbed) and
    Jamleuy Kammathep (3.4 of 14 subbed) ep 3 subbed on YT by MayaFantasy

  5. For me Nang Fah Gub Mafia and Sapai Look Tung.
    Jasmin and all the girl that make us every day happy, thank yuo very much for your hard work.

  6. I would choose Wan Nee Tee Ror Khoi first, Theppabut Maya Thepthida Jumlang second, and Nang Fah Gub Mafia third. Lots of great dramas on the list, so hard to choose. Thanks in advance to those who are subbing.

  7. Kor Pen Jaosao Suk Krung Hai Cheun Jai is airing Friday, August 28th.

  8. Dung Sawan Sarb is my first choice! Then its Marn Kammathep and Nai Roy Ruk.

  9. please continue subbing for wan nee tee ror khoi

  10. I will wait for Dung Sawan Sarb yeeyyyy :) x-)

  11. Would it be possible to sub the old lakorns once in awhile? Like the really old ones- Kluen Cheewit (with Johnny and Jariya) and maybe even JLR (the one with Ning) and some of kob suvanan'ts old ones (DSS and SB)? Just one of these would be great.