Update on Kiss Me, the new Thai version of Itazura no Kiss (It Started With a Kiss) featuring a blond haired Mike Pirat and Aom Sucharat. Mike and Aom have already showcased their great chemistry in Full House, so I can't wait to see all the skinship. More details on the drama and its origins behind the cut.

The airing date is October 4.

From what I've heard this will hit the main highlights of the original story, but also add its own unique flavor. According to this site, it should be 20 episodes and there's already talk of Kiss Me 2? If the ratings are good, it makes sense as both the Japanese and Taiwanese dramas had sequels which showcased the main couple's married life. You can watch it here.

Official Trailer

Part of the ost is already out here and here. Hmmm, not really liking the songs. I hope Mike and Aom both sing on the soundtrack like they did in Full House. Here are some cute couple pictures that I found.

(From old post) So we've already talked about various dramas that are being turned into lakorns here, and this is an update on the one I'm most looking forward to.

For those who don't know, this is based on a Japanese manga called Itazura no Kiss (It Started With a Kiss) about a optimistic (and not too smart) girl Kotoko who falls for a very intelligent handsome guy Naoki and confesses to him, only to be soundly rejected.

Original Japanese manga
That might very will be the end of the story, except that a freak accident causes Kotoko and her dad to lose their home and they move in with her dad's friend, whose oldest son is (can you guess?) .............. Naoki.

Anime, Japanese drama, Taiwanese drama, 2nd row: Korean drama, Japanese drama, Thai version 
The manga ran for almost 10 years from 1990-1999 and  has 23 volumes, but was left uncompleted at the author Kaoru Tada's death. It's been turned into an anime series, Japanese dramas, a Korean drama called Playful Kiss and Taiwanese dramas.

I've watched some of them, my favorite ones are They Kiss Again, a sequel to the Taiwanese version and the recent Japanese version Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo.

Sources: wikipedia, asian fuse forum, facebook, teaser video courtesy of AomSusharOfficialFC



  1. when it will be available....?

  2. I love this drama, I can't wait to see Thailand's spin on it. With both Mike Pirat and Aom Sucharat it is going to be a hit.

  3. I am really curious about this version and how the characters will be portrayed...most of all it is going to be interesting whether there will be any kisses, because the couple in the TW version kissed a lot and there were some in the Japanese and Korean version and there have been only a few good kisses in the lakorns that I have watched.

  4. U know when will be its for watching? kkk

  5. I want the English subtitles for the drama Lom Sorn Ruk(Winds of Hidden Love).