Once upon a time, there was a princess of a faraway country. 
She was brought up to put her duty to her country before love as the future leader of the small kingdom of Burah Manee Fah.
But one day the princess was kidnapped, and managing to escape her captors, made her way to a small island where she met a solider who helped her escape the bad guys.
The princess and the solider fought with each other daily, and he laughed at her when she said she was a princess. But still, somehow, some way, each night, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

Manee Yard Fah is one of the most romantic lakorns, no, dramas I have ever watched. 

From the lushly romantic opening song, (sounds familiar? Celine Dion released “Falling Into You”) to the many kisses, hugs between the couple, this lakorn really has it all. Add to it the acting talent of Ann Thongprasom as Princess Areeya and Willy McIntosh as the solider Charnchon, and you can see why this lakorn is so great. 

The main story is of Charnchon protecting the princess and the threats to Burah Manee Fah itself. The main conflict of the story lies in Princess Areeya being a member of royalty while Charnchon is just a regular solider and commoner. Love vs Duty. This is where this lakorn really shines, in showing the depth of the love between the two and the angst that love creates.
In one scene, Charnchon and Areeya start talking about love, with Areeya saying duty is more important then love. So he asks her, if you were in love, could you really be so heartless? And the way she looks at him as if declaring her love, steals my breath away.

The acting by Ann in particular is splendid here (Willy wasn't bad either, hehe). And real kisses rule for a reason, people. 

And yes, this review is quickly turning into a picspam post. 
This isn't a perfect lakorn. I preferred the drama over the brief bits of comedy, and the middle section of the lakorn was slow to me. There is a very quick appearance by an OW (other woman), and longer one by an inept, unbelievable OM (other man) in the middle part, which seemed unnecessary and only there to fill in time.
A quintessential romance. To me, the best love stories have elements such as a main couple with great chemistry, a song or music you can associate with the pair, a common mythology (the crane princess story here) and of course, couple moments and passionate kisses don't hurt either.

Once, there was a princess who fell in love with a solider...



  1. thanks so much for the review I had this on my plan to watch list but now im planning on starting it now instead of later =))