Episode: 10
Channel: Ch3
Country: Thailand
year: 2015
Slot: Monday and Tuesday
Credits for Fan-Art: iamzoof


A man's knee is worth just like gold. If he dies, he must die with dignity

Songgrod (Tik) is the heir of Lion Gang. He gets kidnapped along with Jirusaya (Mew). The bad guys say they took orders from the leader of Turtle Gang. Both gangs do not want war, so they agree to work together to find out who the real bad guy is. As part of the plan, Songgrod and Jirusaya are put into an arranged marriage. Lion falls in love at first sight. Thinking that this little turtle will be his dinner, he's very happy. However the turtle won't let him swallow her easily, so she comes up with tricks to get away every day. The true bad guy reveals himself. Lion and turtle need to work together. As they are about to complete their mission, lion's heart gets stolen from him, and he will do anything to get her back.


Tik Jesadaporn Pholdee as Songgrod

Mew Nittha Jirayungyurn as Jirusaya
A Passin Reungwoot as Mong
Au Tanakorn Posayanon as Aun
Pimpan Chalaikupp as Mayli
Veerawan Phongam (Ying) as Yokmanee
Oh Anuchit Sapunpohng as Itt
Tanongsak Suphakan as Tong
Pawena Charefsakul as Nech
Tassawan Seneewongse Na Ayutthaya as Siew Eng
Wisarn Cheutrangsikoon as Poh
Santi Santirikoon as Kieng
Sumed Ongan as Lieng
Yongsin Wongpanitnong as Wei
Pimpan Buranaphin as Muy
Off Pongpat Wachirabunjong as Singsangwuang
Noppol Komarachun as Song
Chai Chatayodom Hiranyatithi as Leng
Yanee Tramoth asTek
Suthep Prayoonpitak as Chi
and many more...


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Credits for part 2 of mafia series 

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Proofreaders/Editing: Tika Tok

A Big Thank you for the Team!!



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    1. ep 1 - 4 you have to download at youtube. Using the link below the solfsub

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