So what's in store for lakorns in 2016? Well, here's a look at some of the big name trends and lakorns you can look forwards to in 2016.

What lakorns are you hoping to see in 2016? Ngao Asoke 2016 is the big remake I want to watch. NOW! Remakes, series (ooh, Fire series), all on the rise in lakornland. Let's have a great year!

The Fire Series 
You can see part 1 of the end of the year post here showing recommendations and lakorns subbed in 2015 and part 2 with lakorn news and trends here. Part 3, polls.

Note: The lakorns in this post may or may not come out in 2016, if ever. There's not usually a set date until a month or less before premiere and as these lakorns are mostly preproduced, sometimes they are left unaired for months or even years, like Pidsawat. And sometimes preproduced lakorns lose out air dates to lakorns that are just filming now, usually to capture the audience of a rising star or couple.

2016 Lakorns - Excited, Meh, Potential, Blergh! - This is just my opinion, no one else's.

  • Buang Athithan - Mark Prin, Patricia Tanchanok past present lives. Oh boy, Mark's hair?! Blergh!
  • Buang Nareumit - Matt Peranee,  Rome Patchata horror  Potential
  • Dung Phrom LikitBomb Thanin, Ice Ameena period Meh for Bomb's acting
  • Gum Lai Mat - Jui Warrataya, Janie Tienposuwan airing Jan 26 Teaser horror Meh
  • Jao Ban Jao Ruen - Tik Jesadaporn, Sirita Jensen past/present ghost story  Meh
  • Ka Ma Khon Dieow - New Wongsakorn, Thisa Varitthisa action, cop in disguise
  • Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai - Mick Tongraya, Pimmy Pimprapa Teaser action Meh
  • Khun Chai Kai Tong - Porshe Sarun, Bow Maylada comedy Teaser Meh
  • Koo Wun Lun Pan Ruk - Win Tawin, Kwan Usamanee  they're back! Teaser Potential
  • Lah Dup Tawan - Film Rattapoom, Kan KanKantathavorn action Meh
  • Likhit Rissaya - Es Kantapong, Grace Kanklao multiple generations Blergh!
  • Nai Leh Saneha - Tui Theerapat, Vill Wannarot soul switching? Hmm. Potential
  • Nang Yeow Ratikarn - Jakkajan Akkhamsiri, Win Thawin action Meh
  • Narkee - Taew Nattaporn, Ken Phupoom supernatural Potential prettiness
  • Rak Plik Lok - Puen Khanin, Aom Sushar Pra'ek's daughter plays cupid.  Excited
  • Tarn Chai Kamalor - Por Thidsadee, Prim Prima - Por's lastest lakorn. Potential
  • Sanya Kaen Saen RukNike Nitdon, Vill Wannarot rom com pretending to be someone els.e Potential
2016 Lakorn Trends- what to expect in 2016. YES, NO, MAYBE?

Koo-jin couples - Popular lakorn couples
  • Sean and Esther won people's hearts in Leh Ratree. They worked again in the Ugly Duckling series, and will return again as a couple in Ngao Asoke 2016. 
  • Koo Za Rod Zab marks the 3rd pairing of Weir and Min who showed great chemistry (and kisses) in Pin Anong.  
  • And what about forever Koo-jin couple Nadech and Yaya? They have another lakorn that's still filming, Leh Lub Salub Rarng, so let's hope we see it in 2016.
  • Who will be the latest koo-jin couple in 2016?

More Remakes - Of course, that's a duh! statement. Lakornland is always rampant with remakes, whether you think that's good or bad. Usually it's at least ten years between versions, more or less. (Waiting for the new Sawan Biang! That'll be a doozy, but that's a 2008 lakorn, so we may not see it for a few years.)

Here's a few (sic) lakorns that are in early stages now so may or may not see 2016 airdate.
Bpa Gaa Rung See Dum, Buang Banjathorn, Buang Hong,
Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur, Dang Duang Hareuthai,  E'Pring Khon Rerng Muang
Kon La Kaub Fa, La Ong Dao, Meuan Khon La Faak Fah, Mia Luang, Nai Hoi Tamin, Rahut Rissaya, Rom Chat, Ruk Diew Khong Janjira, Sai Tarn Hua Jai, Yai Sanaeha

But anyway, here's a listing of just some of the upcoming remake lakorns you can expect.

  • Barp Ruk Talay Fun - Mew Laknara, Dream Natanop weak cast NO
  • Duang Jai Pisut - Son Yuke Yam Matira Pra'ek's a teacher, bullied kid  YES
  • Khun Krathing - Cee Siwat, Toon Pimpawee action NO
  • Leh Lub Salub Rarng - Nadech Kugimiya, Yaya Urassaya  body switch lakorn. MAYBE?
  • Look Mai Klai Ton - Om Akapan, Min Pechaya Teaser MAYBE?
  • Nang Barp - May Warattaya, Sean Jindachote evening lakorn airs in January NOMAYBE?
  • Nang Tard - Poh Nattawut, Yam Matira historical MAYBE?
  • Ngao Asoke 2016 - Sean Jindachot Esther Supreelela Yes! YES
  • Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised w/ Kim and James (remake of Samee Ngern Phom 2001) - hated weak pra'ek in old version, but maybe they'll change it? Please? MAYBE?
  • Pidsawat - Noon Woranuch Pong Nawat historical MAYBE?
  • Petch Tud Petch (CH7) - action lakorn with Weir Sukullawat, Kwan Usamanee MAYBE?
  • Rak Nakara - Taew Nataporn, Mew Nittha historical NO
  • SalukjitNoom Sorrarm,  Panpan Temfah period Teaser  NO
  • Sanya Kaen Saen RukVill Wannarot, Nike Nitidon revenge lakorn  YES
  • Tae Pang KornSon Yuke, Vill Wannarot past life YES
More Kdrama Remakes - Last year, we had Kiss Me, Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty remakes. This year, I'm expecting even more! I talked about it in more detail in this post, but in brief:
  • Princess Hours (Goong) - Tao Sattaphong, Pattie Ungsumalynn 
  • A Love to Kill - Vill Wannarot, New Chaiyapol, 
  • Sorry I Love You - Punch Worakarn, Nike Nitidon 
  • City of Light: The O.C. Thailand
Of course, there are others, which are in early stages like Boys Over Flowers.

Series - In 2016, there will be The Cupids series, the Fire series and probably more. There's been series before, but not so many at the same time.

The Cupids Series - Eight lakorns based on a series of books about love (see here for more info on each lakorn).

Duang Jai Tewa Prom Series - kids from Suparburoot Jutathep series have their own romance. Mostly newbie actors/actresses.
Duang Jai Tewa Prom: Lor Jun, Kwanruthai, Jai Pisut, Duj Apsorn, Pon Cheewan

Fai Ruk Game Rohn
The Fire Series - revenge/slap n'kiss lakorns about two sisters. Hmmm. Good looking couples.
Fire Series 1: Fai Ruk Game Rohn - Thanwa Suriyajak, Sammy Cowell 
Fire Series 2: Talay Fai - Mik Thongraya, Stephany Auernig 

Jao Wayha Series seems to be about three guys in the military I guess? Probably action, romance series with some big names, Aum, Andrew, Tik.
  • Jao Wayha Series 1: Fang Nam Jarod Fah - Aum Atichart, Noon Woranuch Teaser 
  • Jao Wayha Series 2: Pichit Daen Jai - Andrew Gregson Pancake Khemanit 
  • Jao Wayha Series 3: Poo Krong Fah -  Tik Jessadaporn, Mai Davika 
Kiss series - Started January 10. Lots of newbies, Mook Worranit, Tao Sattaphong, Mek Jirakit, Mild Wiraporn. Teaser here and here.

Mae Khong Paendin series - another romance centered series, not a teen drama though. Three parts : Sang Tian, Prateep Ruk Haeng Huajai, and Roy Pah Wai Duay Ruk 

Sai Lub Jub Abb series. In this series, it has three stories: Luang (Tub) Taew Taek, Rueng (Lub) Kai Rahut Jai, and Jub Huajai Khun Chai (Toh...Toh)
From romance novels, you can read more about synopsis here.

Secret Love Series - Puppy Honey, Bake Me Love, My Lil Boy      More here.
Airing February 7, this looks like another teen love series like Ugly Duckling series.

Others: Lah Fah Airline Series, Plerng Kritsana The Series: Lai Hong (A Trait of Swan), Peek Thong (A Golden Wings) and Pah Kammathep (Cupid Jungle)

Season Two - This is pretty new in lakornland, having multiple seasons of the same drama. Yes, there have been a few, The Sixth Sense, Dao Kaew Duen, but not many. And seems like that trend will continue in 2016 with these lakorns.

Raeng Ngao 2
Songkram Nang Ngarm Season 2

Trendy people -

Push Puttichai, the hot trend male pra-ek of 2015 has two dramas, Puer Tur w/Esther which already started airing in January and Game Maya with Jui, which is still filming so who knows if it'll make a 2016 appearance.

Vill Wannarot - She has multiple lakorns coming up, Nai Leh Saneha,  Sanya Kaen Saen Ruk , Tae Pang Korn, A Love to Kill. Probably won't see all of them this year, but still it might be a big year for her.

Nike Nitidon - another actor with lakorns coming up, Sorry I Love You, Sanya Kaen Saen Ruk. Will be interesting to see if he can gain in popularity from them.

And who will be the trend makers of 2016? We shall see.

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