I definitely want to have do more reviews and/or recaps on this site. Right now, I'm trying to figure out what I want to review/recap next because I'm not watching anything. Any suggestions?

For now, I thought I'd post these old recaps I did here. 365 Days of Love, 365 Wun Haeng Rak (365 WHR for short) is a 2010 lakorn starring the awesome couple of Ken Theeradeth and Ann Thongprasom in a lakorn about a married couple and time travel? This is a wonderful lakorn with great performances from Ken and Ann and the kisses, the hugs, sweet, yet at the same time the drama dealt with real issues and problems.

For my review of another Ann lakorn, Manee Yard Fah, check here. You can also download this lakorn here, Streaming here.

What came first? The chicken or the egg? I've always been annoyed by that debate. Because as far as I can see, who cares what came first? Or how about this one.  If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Again, what do I care? They raise important philosophical questions about cause and effect and reality, but again I've never really wanted to talk about them . . . until now.

The lakorn starts out on the steps of a courthouse, where a woman, Lanaree, is fighting with someone she claims is responsible for her family going bankrupt. First, she fights with words, then fists start flying, with the guy trying to protect himself from her blows. She is only stopped when a lawyer grabs her from behind and other guy scurries away. Lan turns around angrily, but words die and a screen comes up with the words “the beginning of love” on it. The lawyer, Toon, gives her good advice, his business card, and a suit jacket to cover herself with.
Next we have a countdown of days, starting from their first meeting: on day 3, she returns his jacket, asks for his advice on the problem she has with the guy and he tells her he'll help her with any problem she has. Any. So, leaving himself so open like this, on day 10, he gets a call asking his advice on highlights in her hair, booking a seat, buying stuff and so on.
Finally, a break in their relationship, if you can call it that, occurs when she brings coffee on the 90th day to help celebrate his winning a case. She sees him holding another woman's hand, gets mad, dumps the coffee out and leaves, realizing as she does that she doesn't even have a reason to be upset. After all, its not like they're . . . dating or anything. Toon follows and she tells him of his confusion, adding, that usually she would call him for advice about this if he weren't already here. Toon tells her his advice is to ask her to be his girlfriend. And so they begin dating, lots of dating scenes, her giving him gifts, etc.
Anyway, he, I mean Lan works up her nerve to propose on the 365th day and Toon accepts. And it's WEDDING DAY. Lan and her friends are gossiping, is she really his first girlfriend and gets to open his package first? Er, by that, I guess they think he's a virgin? His sister Ting warns Toon to think twice about the wedding and Lan's mother, drinking by herself, can only see unending doom in the coming nuptials.
But at least one person is ecstatically happy about the wedding, Lan herself, whose wedding speech is all about being Toon's first love and pink elephants and things. Toon talks about if marriage is a jail, freedom isn't so important to him anymore. And there's a woman in red there, who doesn't look too happy, but Toon says he doesn't know her. Afterwards, they receive blessings and then its wedding night, where Lan asks him never to lie to her. She tells him she doesn't want to end up like her mom, (apparently Dad's got another woman) and then . . . falls asleep.

The next day, the usual supposedly good natured ribbing about newlyweds and their first night greets both Lan and Toon from their coworkers. Lan's determined not to waste another night, so she brings him a special lunch, OYSTERS! Toon has just had a lunch meeting with Racha, his old flame, who apparently wants him . . . to handle her divorce.

On Lan's way out after giving her hubby his lunch, Racha's, Toon's ex, is lying in wait in the elevator after having finished her eavesdropping for the day. She tells Lan lots of coy comments about seeing Toon on a personal matter and finally tells Lan she's Toon's first love as she steps off the elevator. Lan realizes she's the woman in red at her wedding whom Toon claimed not to know, so Lan isn't having that and hurries after her. After learning from Racha that she wants Toon back, Lan proceeds to beat the crap out of her.
Of course, this draws attention from all, and soon Toon is there to pull her off and take her outside. She asks him about Racha, is she really his first love, and so on. Toon isn't up for it right now, and tells her go home, we'll talk later. Ugh! Men! Oh, but as Toon's fan, he has a point. This isn't really the time and place for this conversation after all.

He turns to go back in and she grabs his arm, but he just looks at her and she lets go, wondering how did I get to be the one in the wrong?

It's at this point, thanks I'm sure to the wonderful acting by Ann and Ken, that I'm emotionally caught by this drama. You can see were this is heading now and Lan's need, her want is there for all to see. Toon goes in, and Racha of course tries to put it like it was Lan who started it and she didn't mean for it to happen, but Toon's abrupt with her, saying he loves Lan for how she forgives and forgets and her hotheadness.

Lan goes and sees her friend Thy, telling her all of what happened. She accuses Toon of lying and wants to hire detectives to see if he's still seeing this girlfriend of his, but her friend has a better idea.

A fortuneteller.

Lan objects, but they still go to find this fortuneteller woman, who's all mysterious and seems to know a lot. She tells Lan to cool her fire as it will burn her eventually and that in a year, she'll be divorced. Lan doesn't, won't believe it, but the woman gives her a book and tells her she can use it to see into the future. The temptation of it!
Toon is busy calling around to find out where Lan is. Afterwards, when Lan and Thy go to eat and talk, Toon calls. Lan is dismissive with him, disappointed that all he's talking about is whether she ate or not. Her friend tries to talk sense into her, but Lan is stubborn, saying why didn't he call her if he's worried about her? Ugh! Women! Men say it with actions, not words so much. She checks and sees her's battery dead and he had called her and her friend lots of time and rushes off happy.
Lan's sister Da, her mom, and Da's little girl
Meanwhile, Lan's mom and sister Da wonder what's up with Da's hubby, it's the mom mostly who seems to suspect all men, all the time, twenty-four seven. Da's hubby comes home and he's been having fun as he cleans himself up in his car. He tells mom and his wife, Da that he was at a funeral, but Mom's not having any. She tells her daughter to stop being stupid, but Da just cries. Lan decides to keep sulking at home, she doesn't feel Toon's been punished enough, but her hubby doesn't seem to notice, concentrating on his work and leaving Lan frustrated.

~End of Episode 1~

So far, a pretty good start. The time traveling concept has been done before in a number of dramas, but I think it still can pack a punch if it's done right. And I already want to see how it's used here. Ken and Ann, awesome of course. Ann's character Lan seems strong, feisty in some ways and yet profoundly insecure in other ways.

What else? Oh, yeah. Cheating hubbies abound in this drama. No wonder Lan's paranoid. Apparently Lan and Da's mom had a cheating hubby, and Lan's sister finds another woman's belonging in the car her husband used to drive. Even evil ex Racha comes home to find her hubby hooking up with a few babes and tells them to get out. Her hubby slaps her, and she storms off. And now Lan thinks her husband lied about Racha.

Will her own fears and insecurities cause the very thing she's trying to avoid, namely the end of her marriage? What came first, the chicken or the egg?



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