Episode 2 is where the question what came first, the chicken or the egg, really comes into play. You can also download this lakorn here, Streaming here.

Lan gets a call from good ol' Mom cautioning her about her husband and to pay attention to him, cuz other woman will if she doesn't.
Lan's in bed, pretends to be asleep. Toon comes and approaches her amorously, but Lan's not having it and he leaves her be. Then she's like what the ??? Both are disappointed. Lan thinks back to what the fortuneteller said (that she could see the future with the book). Puts book under pillow, sleeps and when she wakes up . . .
. . . it's a year later. She's at her Mom's house, with short hair and there's a dog that her Mom tells her is hers. Her Mom also tells her she and her hubby are splits-ville, meaning they're getting ready to divorce.

Lan doesn't want to believe her mom, but she hurries to their old house anyway. The house's a mess, with papers and pictures thrown about. Lan goes to find Toon. She asks him what happened and he can't believe she's there. He tells her they argued again, she hit him, asked for a divorce and now she's the one in disbelief. 

Lan pleads with Toon to tell her what happened and he tells her it's all her fault, she asked for the divorce and he's giving it to her. He talks about her lack of trust in him, and how she brought Racha into their relationship. She cries and cries and pleas with him, but he coldly tells her he needs to go to work. And then he sits and cries too inside his car before driving off.

Let me take a moment here to gather myself. . . . Ah, I love their angsty scenes together.
Lan then gets a package from Racha, saying it'll prove she was Toon's first love. At this point, I'm like, who cares if she was his first love? But Lan cares. She opens it, it's a diary, exchanged between Racha and Toon, and mentions Toon's sister, Ting. TING!!! 

Lan goes to see Ting and get the truth out of her, but slips and ends up back . . .

in the present, having fallen out of bed. She runs to find her husband, and smothers him with kisses, while Toon's just glad she's not being mad, fussy, or picky anymore. He might as well say he's glad she's not a woman. Lan sees him off to work and goes talk to her friend. Toon goes to see his sister Ting, and tells her not to talk about Racha, including the diary, which Ting wrote his part of, since he never read it or answered it, being too busy with SCHOOLWORK to answer. Toon is happy Lan's not mad anymore, and goes off to buy not one, not two or three, but four things of oysters. Whew! 

Mom and Thy, Lan's friend
Back to Lan's mom and Lan telling her about her dream. Mom's like, big deal, you're divorced in a year, so what? It will happen anyway, no, make that seven months instead of a year. She goes on to prat about all men being evil and so on. Lan's mom goes home to confront her other daughter Da about Da's cheating husband, asking about the bra strap found in the car, but Da says her husband told her it was a colleague who dropped it. Yeah, right says Mom. 
Lan then goes to see Toon's sister, Ting, who denies knowing Racha at all, so Lan goes home, thinking maybe it really was just a dream. Hubby is there with a surprise, oysters, which they take turns feeding each other.

Serious talk time. Lan asks him a what if. (Never ask what ifs, it can only end in tears.) What if someone said that a year from now they'll split, does Toon believe that can happen? She's hurt when Toon doesn't come back with a firm no, but instead answers honestly that it could happen, especially if she changes, becomes picky, unreasonable, argumentative so it's unhappy at home. She cries and asks him to tell her if she becomes like that. He doesn't understand why she's so upset, and calms her down with kisses, which leads to bedtime.
The next morning, Lan wakes up to find a dog that Toon bought as a wedding present. She freaks out, of course, because the dog is exactly like the one she had in the dream the night before. Toon doesn't understand it, he thought she wanted a dog because yesterday she wanted to know if the surprise was a dog. The dog is exactly like the one from her dream, but later on, her friend Thy reminds her that lots of things in the dream aren't true, like Ting doesn't know Racha and there's no diary. Still, Lan can't help but wonder . . .

Meanwhile, Toon wants to keep the dog, and Lan says okay, if he'll answer a question, did he ever keep a diary? He says what man does, but she persists, until finally he asks her where the idea came from. She says she got the idea from a movie and there's a flashback of Racha and Ting watching a movie about a diary and talking about it. Ting and Racha decide Racha and Toon should keep a diary while Toon shows a complete lack of interest in the proceedings, concentrating on HOMEWORK instead (shown above). Haha, was Racha really Toon's first love? Maybe in Racha's mind.
Racha has been trying to see Toon on several occasions and finally succeeds. Toon suggests Racha get a divorce lawyer and Racha tells him she only trusts him, but he still refuses. She mentions the name of her hubby, and Toon's like shocked, like THE Poompadim or whatnot, and she's like yeah, you afraid, that's why you won't take the case, (apparently her hubby has wealth and influence), but Toon just looks disturbed.                                                      
~End of episode 2~

Other storylines, characters:
There is the introduction of another woman Nid (see pic above), in this episode, who comes to work at the law firm and is dazzled by Toon the moment she sees him. She's the unimportant second lead type, who'll probably be a match with Toon's coworker Nawat (2nd pic) later on since the two are always fighting. I'm totally uninterested in her.
Also, more cheatin' husbands drama going on. Racha has some photos of herself battered and beaten up and tells her husband Poompadin she's taking him to the cleaners with their divorce to make up for the seven years of hard marriage she went through. In particular, she wants a hotel among other things. So the husband starts scheming and starts handing out free hotel vouchers to anyone he can, including Da's husband, whom he knows.



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