This episode is all about Toon. Toon's experiencing what Lan has since the lakorn's beginning: jealousy. And we really get see how he can be both honorable, and also, so clueless. So please forgive the Toon-centricness of the pics today. Plus, I love taking pics of him, he's sooo handsome!

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Lan doesn't want Toon to know she's been fighting again, and getting involved in her sister's business (Toon had told her before to stay out of it), so when they arrive at her workplace to find Toon there, she makes excuses about why she's wearing Weet's slippers. Like, her heel broke, and her car broke down. Toon sees Lan standing close to Weet and jealousy roars its ugly head. He gets his own shoes out of his car for Lan to wear. Swoon. ^-^
Now at home, Toon has some questions for Lan about her relationship with Weet. She asks if he's jealous, but he says no (liar!), adding that if her car breaks down again or anything happens, to call him first. Toon reminds her of what she said to him and tells her it works both ways, for them to tell each other of even small matters. She ponders this, but the honeymoon isn't over yet and she keeps silent... 
Lan confronts her sister Da about her husband, (whom she had a fight with in the previous ep. after she saw him and another woman at the hotel), but her sister says she trusts her husband, who told her his secretary and he were just making a reservation at the hotel for a client. Lan and Mom can't believe Da believes that, but Da's just trying to hold on to her faith, though her tears suggest she knows her marriage's over.
Jul talking to Nid
At Asia Legal, Racha phones Toon about a bodyguard who may have info about her husband's illegal activities, but he's out of town. Toon leaves for a trip to find him, while Nid tells Jul (the secretary) they should do something about Racha going after Toon. Jul says no, no, but then rethinks it, and finally calls and meets Lan, telling her Racha is Toon's client. She promises to keep Lan informed about what's happening, since it's clear Racha's after Toon and back at the office, tells Nid of her conversation with Lan. 
Toon's sister welcomes back her and Toon's father and they invite Lan and Toon over for dinner. Toon's sister is convinced Toon is starving and malnourished from all the ready made meals Lan's been feeding him, and Toon's father even adds his two cents, saying when their mom was alive, he never had to go out to eat and her food was restaurant quality. Lan's upset at this implied criticism of herself, and walks off without eating, leaving Toon and them to arrange to cook extra food so they can eat together daily. And I'm like, oh brother, Lan's not going to like this.
Lan's pissed Toon didn't come after her, but when Toon comes in, she's cold even though he tries to ask her nicely what's wrong. Nothing, she tells him. Tell the man. He won't know otherwise. But apparently Lan doesn't really know men well, for she keeps sulking and gets angrier when he tells her not to make a big problem from a small one.

Nawat tells Toon it's unlikely the bodyguard is where Racha said he was, based on info they have, but Toon tells him it's worth going if it can help the case against Racha's husband. He knows Racha's after him, but is confident in his control. Nawat agrees, but says, that woman's not normal. How true. Haha.
At work, Lan's mind is elsewhere. Nid sends her a text saying Toon went off with Racha (she tried to get the secretary to send it, but Jul wanted to wait and make sure something was really going on) and Lan tries to leave to find Toon immediately, but is stopped by Thy and Weet, who's brought lunch. Weet tells her to call instead and be nice about it, not letting on she knows.
She calls Toon and immediately goes into interrogation mode. Where is he and with whom? He tells her he's working, but Lan plows on, repeating her questions. Again Toon doesn't say, just that he's with a client and has to go. Lan lets him go. She wants to call back and leave work, but Weet talks sense into her, telling her to wait until Toon calls back and act nice. Toon will probably tell her himself. Lan can't understand why Toon can't tell her these things, but she takes Weet's advice for once.
Meanwhile, Racha is leading Toon on a merry goose chase, telling him its here, no here and so on. Racha finally comes down with a stomach ache and Toon takes her to the hospital, where she tells the doctor she needs to stay overnight. Lan's been trying to get hold of Toon repeatedly, having lost her mind, but his phone's off thanks to Racha. Toon tells Racha he's leaving, if she can't drive tomorrow, he'll send someone to fetch her and cool as a cucumber he goes off. Racha's beside herself with fury as her stupid plans have failed again.
After the ride home, where Toon has repeatedly been calling Lan, but she refuses to pick up, Toon arrives home to find his wife still gone, and that he has an unwelcome visitor, Win (Da's hubby). Win's brought Lan's car key and shoe back and tells Toon to teach his wife to stay out of his business.
Lan comes home shortly afterwards, eager to confront Toon about his “lies,” but Toon's angry by now and asks her what about her lies, what about her promise to tell him about all matters. She's like, "what did I do," and "I don't lie" and so on, but the evidence of the shoe and car key make her stop. Both go to bed angry at the other, with Lan silently beseeching him to make up with her, apologize to her and hug her.
It's not until the next day, when her friend Thy tells her that it looks like the fortuneteller's prediction is coming true, that Lan's able to see she should apologize. She goes to Toon's office with broiled eel with rice which he doesn't like, and they both apologize and make up, much to the chagrin of Nid, who'd brought a meal for Toon herself. 

~End episode 4~
Other storylines, characters:

Racha has a throw down with her hubby in this episode, who's after her to get a divorce, threatening her. She grabs a knife to fend him off, taping the conversation on her cell phone.

Also, Lan and Thy get a call, they've got the hotel job. Lan finds it strange, for several reasons, but her friend convinces her, enticed by the dollar signs.



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