365 Days of Love Episode 5 recap

I seriously fought with myself as I wanted to put  more pics of Ken (Toon) in shower at the top of this post. But fortunately, logic held sway and I present to you the many different expressions of Ann, playing Lai in this lakorn. And really, it's not all about Ken and his good looks. The lakorn is really about Lai and the wonderful combo team of Ken and Ann. (Besides, I can put those pictures at the end of this post.)

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." -Sir Walter Scott

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Lan's still caught up about her sister's cheating hubby. She goes to see Mom, who suggests they look through the trash, which Lan does, and she finds a brochure there on a massage parlor (wink, wink) called the Blue Lagoon with a Thursday discount offer. She and Mom convince Da to go there to catch her cheating hubby.

Meanwhile, Toon is still working on the Poompadin case. There's a witness that can help and he tells Nawat that they'll go together to see the witness. They find out tonight's the night to go to the Blue Lagoon, where the witness works, since Poompadin won't be there tonight. Thus, they agree to go tonight, and while Toon brushes off the idea of Lan having a problem with it to Nawat, at home, he waits nervously. But she has a surprise for him. She tells him she's spending the night at her friend Thy's, girl problems, you know and he accepts gratefully, telling her he's off to bed soon.

Lan hightails it to Thy's, where they try on dresses and makeup. Apparently, you have to look like a slut for this place. Actually, that does make sense, since the massage parlor is just a front for prostitution. Her friend wants to know what she told Toon, but Lan says she doesn't want to tell him anything, since she knows he'll scold her for being involved in Da's affairs. Again. Anyway, Toon's going to bed and won't know a thing. . . Yeah sure.

So the three of them, Lan, Thy and Da along with Weet go to the Blue Lagoon. Apparently, there's some sort of selection process of the masseurs or whores, and the girls sit behind a glass with a number and go to the man who picks them. Toon and Wat also make their way inside. 

Lan's grand scheme of Weet picking the three of them falls apart when someone picks Da before Weet, who's waiting in the car, gets there. Lan and Thy are picked by Weet and they go look for Da.

Da spots her husband with a girl and follows him to a room to have it out. Cue yelling at each other. As Da leaves, both Lan and Toon see her leave and then see each other. Lan's torn between having it out with him or following her sister, but Thy and Weet drag her after her sister, whom they think have just got into a taxi that's just left.

Toon follows them and Lan asks him why he's here. He says he's here for work and you? Lan tells him she's here for Da and asked him why he lied. He says he didn't lie, which technically speaking, he didn't. It's just the lie of omission. Lan's like, it's always this way and she's had enough, but Toon just tells her, enough, enough. He tells her he's going home with Nawat and she can go with whom she came with (here he shoots a meaningful glance at Weet). They go home in separate cars, with Nawat urging Toon to be calm and Thy trying to get Lan to understand she's at fault too.

Lan stalks Toon and starts in as soon as he's out of the car, asking why he lied. He tells her he didn't, it's just work, but why not tell me, she asks? Would you let me go if I did? Toon asks. She says no and he says that's why I didn't tell you. Toon is striding towards the house, with Lan on his heels after him. He asks her why she was there and she tells him. He's mad as they pause outside their front door, and says why is she getting involved like that. He asked her not to, but Lan says she can't stay out of her family's affairs. Toon tells her he will leave it alone, she can do what she likes about her family and she can leave his job alone as well. Then he leaves. We spoke and we understand each other, Toon says. Discussion over.

Meanwhile, inside, Lan wants to continue talking about it, telling him she's giving him a chance to clear this up. But Toon doesn't want to talk, probably foreseeing more arguing. They go to bed angry and upset, and wake up so.

Toon is met by father on his way to work, (Toon's father and sister live next door and heard the fight last night). He tells Toon he was in the wrong for not confiding in his wife and he's destroying her faith in him. Toon goes back in and leaves a note and porridge for Lan.
Lan is disappointed at reading the note, which simply asks her to eat before going out and grumbles, is this his way of making up? Lan goes reluctantly to work and talks to Weet and Thy.

Lan asks Weet, her resident consultant on all affairs relating to men, about the “silent type” which her husband is part of. His explanation helps her understand that her husband was trying to make up to her and Lan happily gets to work.

Racha comes to Toon's office with pictures of her being beaten up and some audio in which her husband threatens her. Nid sends a message to Lan, telling her Racha came to the office. Lan immediately makes a beehive out of there, only stopped by Thy tackling her to the floor. Lan tells her Racha's disrespecting her and she won't be the second woman in Toon's life (or the first for that matter, with the way she's behaving), but Weet stops her with a few well chosen words. He tells her the first mistake she made was a lesson, but the 2nd (and 3rd and 4th) mistake is stupidity. Does she really think barging in there upset is going to change matters? Lan realizes the truth of it and subsides.

Racha leaves, but listens in as Toon and Wat discuss whether they should work with her. Toon agrees, but says to keep it a secret (oh boy, these people don't learn) and he thinks someone's leaking info because Lan knew about Racha before. Nawat thinks he has an idea who. Racha thinks she does as well, as she remembers Nid reaching for the phone right after she came in. She tests this theory and then . . .

it's a dog fight! Two women fighting over a man they both have little chance of getting, considering the absolute lack of interest Toon displays in either. Nawat arrives to break things up and Toon arrives to calm things down. They make up a story about Racha not liking the coffee, and Toon buys it eagerly, just glad his wife wasn't involved for once. They all part, Racha telling Nid to keep on doing it, but don't think Toon will pick her when he breaks up with his wife.

Finally, the design team of Smile Design, meaning Lan and Thy, are finished with their work. Weet comes back to tell them he's going to be in a concert. Lan calls Toon to ask if they can go. He's reluctant to, flashbacks to the occasions he has seen Lan and Weet together when she borrowed Weet's slippers, but agrees finally . . . only to have his boss ask him to go to an event in his place, as some Minister is expecting him. Toon doesn't want to but, agrees, and calls Lan to tell her. He makes it clear it's because of work, but doesn't tell her he's going with his beautiful coworker and the Minister's daughter, Nid. Lan and Toon make plans to meet afterward at the place Weet's singing at.

Toon buys a couple of knickknacks at the event for Nid, which is probably a fundraiser of some sort. She asks him to put them in his pocket because she doesn't have a purse. He does, because even though women have probably been throwing themselves at him since high school, he probably always stepped over them to reach for a book. In other words, he's clueless.

Lan's waiting anxiously for Toon to come, drinking whatever is in sight, at first her water, then Weet's and Thy's drinks. She's drunk and climbs on stage to sing, when Toon arrives, having hurried over after leaving Nid with her father. Lan's glad to see Toon, but doesn't want to leave. She's swaying on her feet so Weet helps her, until Toon intervenes and tells Weet, “She's my wife.” Haha! With that he picks her up and carries her out. Swoon! Squeal! Honk!

~End episode 5~
Other story lines, characters:

Da's hubby comes home to find his stuff on the curb. He blames Da's mom, but Da tells him since he's not happy living with her, and they're going to break up anyway (all his words to her at the Blue Lagoon), they might as well break up now. Da's hubby can't believe the firm stand she's taking, but Da shuts the door on him. She goes inside to be comforted by Mom, who actually has some good advice for her. She tells Da she must take care of herself too, that husbands like to look at beautiful things and that if she takes care of herself, and she's happy, people will want to be around her. True of course. Only some guys are just cheating bastards anyway.

By the way, it's obvious by now Weet has a thing for Lan as he's always doing little things, like buying her coffee, bringing lunch and it's obviously not for his cousin Thy's benefit. But Weet also doesn't seem to want to harm Lan, and has given her helpful advice on several occasions. In fact, this might cause more problems in the future if Lan keeps turning to him for advice, Toon will be jealous of their friendship and the fact she confides in Weet so much. Just my guess. 

Also, it's really irksome that the real underlying problem between Toon's and Lan's relationship (Lan's insecurity about Toon's love) still hasn't been discussed, while they continue to put band aids on gushing wounds. Instead of talking honestly to each other, Lan hides behind jealousy and Toon behind a wall of self-righteousness. Fortunately the next episode moves the plot forward in this regards, and if you bother to stick around, it's worth it.



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