365 Days of Love Episode 6 recap – Speechless

I'm speechless.
Can't believe it's over now,
why did we take this route
happily never after.

I'm speechless.
Feelin' far from sober now,
I'm gonna be hung over now
'cause nothin' else matters.

Should I drink my tears away,
there's nothin' left to say,
but let's just hope for a better tomorrow.
(From "Speechless" by Jay Park and Cha Cha)
Finally! This episode took too long in coming as it explains what the real trouble between Toon and Lan is, which is not Racha or any other woman.

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Toon deals with a drunk Lan. He carries her to bed, and she tells him sleepily she loves him and he tells her he loves her. Awwww. Now if only someone could tape this and show this to Lan, this series would be over, wouldn't it?

Lan wakes alone to the sound of a phone ringing. She searches and searches for it, and finds it in Toon's suit jacket, along with a couple of items that drops to the floor. The phone call is from Thy, who tells her the hotel isn't paying them and to get over there fast. Lan hangs up and goes to pick up the items that dropped. They're the pin and handkerchief Toon bought for Nid.

At work, they find out that Racha's the owner of the hotel they worked for and Lan rushes to confront Racha. Racha laughs at her, and Lan throws the things she found in Toon's pocket in Racha's face, and tells her she knows she was with Toon last night. Racha's confused though and denies it, telling Lan she's not the only one after Toon. Of course, Lan wants to know who else is, and keeps at it, but security prevents her from going after Racha further. Racha throws a check at Lan and leaves. Lan gives the check to Thy, but she's not concerned about the money, but the new woman. 

Weet goes after her as Lan goes to get some answers, telling her to let him drive. She refuses, but in a comical moment much needed, he tells her that if she gets in a car accident and dies, then that leaves Toon free as a widower, if she's in a car accident and gets handicapped, Toon will have lots of women still, if. . . She can't take it anymore and lets him drive. She meets with Jul and Nawat, asking them about the pin and handkerchief, but they have no knowledge. Nawat asks her what does it matter how many women are interested in Toon, if he's only interested in her and later in the car, Weet tells her if she knows her husband loves her, that should be enough.
And here's the key to the entire drama from Lan's perspective:

“But we didn't date for a year and we got married.
And I was the one who asked him to marry me too.
In the past, Toon never said he loves me.”
(From anonymousblue2001's subbing).
She goes on to ask Weet how can she be confident of Toon's love in her when she's really not sure if he loves her. I think Lan was probably afraid someone else would get Toon, so she wanted to marry as soon as possible, but that made for a love that seems to be mostly on her side.The music and sense of loss is truly beautiful here.

Toon meets Racha in his office, who tells him of his wife's visit to her, putting Lan in a bad light. Toon is upset that Lan went to see Racha and he's infuriated when Nawat tells him next that Lan came to see him and ask if there was anyone interested in Toon. Nawat tells Toon she also asked whom the stuff she found in Toon's jacket belonged to. Toon explains it is Nid's and she forgot it. Nawat doesn't buy this, asking him, don't you know how Nid feels about you? They continue to talk, with Toon saying it's nothing serious, she knows I'm married, and what's more he wants nothing to do with Nid, but Nawat tells him it's important to Lan, because she loves him. He tells Toon he should be prepared to talk about it before it goes too far.

At home, Lan's waiting for Toon, pitchfork in one hand, pin and handkerchief in the other. I kid, I kid. She starts right in with whose is this? But Toon starts off by saying he doesn't like how she's mentioning their business to his subordinates and how does she expect him to be respected by them if she continues. Lan's not listening and she continues to ask about it. It's not that her questioning doesn't have merit, it's just that Toon has a point as well.

They continue to argue, this time about Racha and Toon just walks away, but Lan follows. She gives him an ultimatum. Groannnn. She forbids him to see Racha again if he loves her, but Toon tells her he can't because of work. Lan tells him to stop using work as an excuse. Toon wants to stop talking, but Lan doesn't until Toon finally shouts at her. He informs her he's saying at P'Ting's tonight and leaves.

Lan calls Thy, but receives no sympathy and Thy's advice is to go to bed, so Lan does. Lan thinks back to when her father left. Their mom turned to them, asking them why are they crying. Bad mom tells them their father doesn't love them anymore, he has a new wife and will have new children to love. In bed now, Lan tries to figure who is the new woman ruining her marriage. She remembers the book and uses it, falling asleep and waking up...

in the future. Good, I've been wondering when we'll return to the future. Lan's back in the future now, with short hair again and receives a message on her cell from a well wisher about Racha being at Toon's office. She hurries there, and talks to Racha, who tells her it's another woman who's the reason for the upcoming divorce. Lan then hears from Jul, the secretary, about Nid, a girl she thought was so innocent, yet came between Lan and Toon. 

Lan decides to find Nawat and sees him with Nid. Their conversation reveals it's the Nid she's after and so, you can guess what happens next. Sigh. While fighting with Nid, Lan hits her head and falls . . .

It's time to wake up from the dreams
and make up for the things
I set aside when we were together.
But everyone and everything
didn't wanna wait on me
can't expect a sudden change in the weather.
(From "Speechless" by Jay Park and Cha Cha)

back to the present. Lan tells Thy about the trip to the future. Thy doesn't believe it, but then Lan tells her that there really is a Nid (she asked Toon). Lan then goes to talk to Jul about Nid and the messages and Jul confirms she never sent them and that Nid may be out for Toon.

Nid's rebuffed by Jul when she brings her a treat, and Nawat tells her to back off Toon or her reputation will get even worse. She refuses though.

Lan tells Toon of Nid and the messages she sent, telling him to find an excuse to get rid of Nid. Toon, on the other hand, can't believe she was actually spying on him. He also refuses to let go of Nid, telling her that if her faith in him is strong enough, he shouldn't have to or words to that extent. Lan tells him if he doesn't do something, she will.

Lan picks up Nid to have a talk with her. I don't think she sees her as a real threat, but she tells Nid to stay away from Toon. Nid's replies seem to stun and shock her as she says she sent the messages because Racha isn't good enough for Toon and that Lan isn't either, always making Toon upset. She begs Lan to give Toon to her. 

Lan's shocked, but she proceeds to give Nid a verbal beatdown, telling her she'll never give Toon up, not in a million years, (or words to that effect.) She tells Nid if she keeps on bothering them, she'll report Nid and her doings to Toon's boss. Nid pleas with her not, saying she has to stay near Toon. Lan can't stand it anymore and tells her to get out of the car and she drives away, leaving Nid standing on the sidewalk near a phone booth.

It's pouring rain, so Lan's bothered by her conscience and has decided to pick Nid up when she sees a car come, and Toon get out and help Nid get in. Lan can't believe it, and sets off in hot pursuit, calling Toon and asking him who's he with. He tells her to wait until he's home and asks Nid where she lives. Nid doesn't want to go home and insists he takes her to Lan so she can clear up this misunderstanding.

At home, Lan sees them arrive and Nid tells her she's really sorry about what happened. Any buyers in the house? Lan tells her to take her “act” elsewhere and to get out. She tries to show her the door politely, with only a little pushing and shoving, but Toon intercedes. Because he knows nothing of what happened previously, he tells her to stop acting like a crazy person.

Crazy? Moi? Off to the closet to pack and then it's off to the car. This time, finally, it's Toon turn to try to stop her and Lan's turn to stop talking. Lan goes to her mom's place, who offers her the following helpful advice, all men are cheaters, it's to be expected.

Toon tells Nid he'll take her home and gets her a shirt to wear, but when he returns, she's asleep, eh, not really. But he thinks so and just covers her with a blanket and leaves her there.
~End episode 6~

I know it's hard to imagine this
to end up without the kiss
from the one that you have loved for so long.

I know it's hard to imagine this
can't live up to havin' kids
knowing that the thought is long gone.

I've come to the conclusion
that we are both losin'
what we've come so far to build.

And there is no confusion,
no gimmick, no illusion
to how sad it makes me feel.
(From "Speechless" by Jay Park and Cha Cha)

Other story lines, characters:
Toon's sister and father have been hearing Toon and Lan argue, with Toon's sister wanting to get involved, but Toon's father telling her to say out of it, although he talks to Toon about it.

Da, Lan's sister, meets someone, a doctor, who offers her a job at the hospital he works at and is the new potential love interest. Meanwhile, Da's hubby is suffering the bachelor blues as he has to clean up or not, after himself.

This was a great episode and very pivotal. I only wish it had come a couple of episodes earlier. While I guessed part of the problem was Toon hadn't told Lan he loved her, and that Lan had been the one in control of the whole relationship, they could have told us this before. At least we've seen all along how her past, with her father leaving them for another woman, and her mom's continuing bitterness has contributed to their problems as well.

I really am liking this lakorn now, while before, I just watched mainly because Ken and Ann are favorite actors of mine. But the emotion, the music and the direction in this episode was great all around. I'm just . . . speechless, haha. For maybe the second time, I felt for Lan and understood her. It made me sad.



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