Episodes: 10
Channel: Ch3
Country: Thailand
Year: 2015
Slot: Monday/Tuesday
Credits for Fan-Art: iamzoof


A swan is a symbol of beauty, beauty with no mercy.

Hong is the youngest daughter of Tae Gae soon, the leader of the Black Swan. And also the owner of the opera named Fueng Huang. Which the Opera Fueng Huang is a well honor place by everyone in Chinatown,Yaowalat.
With this Tao Gae Soon is well honor by everyone in Yaowalat and was chosen to be the Prime Minister( Nai Yok Samakom) of every gang in Yaowalat. In which Tao Gae Soon has two siblings not by blood but by sprit. Which are Tao Gae Chia and Tao Gae Tek. The three of them drinker together, making a promise saying that they're siblings in the name of The Three Devotees.
Sin Sae Wyong looked at Tao Gae Soon's horoscope and told him that Hong will be the reason for him to lose three of his most loved person in his life. But Hong will be more powerful than any other Dragon aka Mungkorn in the future. Tao Gae Soon talked back and said that Hong is a jinx of his life because she caused his beloved wife to die.
Tao Gae Soon accepts Ah-Long into the Black Swan Opera, not knowing that Ah-Long came to revenge him because of Sia Leng telling Ah-Long that Tao Gae Soon is the one who killed Ah-Mei, his lover. Which because of this it made Ah-long and Hong to meet each other. With Hong's intelligence and beauty it made Ah-Long fall for her along with many men which includes Sia Kao, the leader of the Bat Gang, Ah Gui and Tee Lek(The beloved son of Tao Gae Tek). But Hong isn't interest in any of them. Tee Lek begged his father Tao Gae Tek to propose Hong into marrying him. Which Tao Gae Tek agrees to Tee Lek idea because he wants to take over the Opera Fueng Huang. Tao Gae Soon though, denies the proposal with the reason saying that Tee Lek has a bad attitude and is a cruel person towards others. Making Tao Gae Soon lose his face to everyone.
During the 3rd anniversary of the Chinese festival(where the five parts all split) fighting started at the same time when the Opera Fueng Huang is doing a play called " Generals of the Yang Family" shooting started to happen. Hong is in danger and is about to get shoot but luckily Ah Chan her older brother came and took the bullet instead for his beloved sister and died. Tao Gae Soon cried with blood in his tears and disappointment because he has all of his hope on Ah Chan.
After the death of Ah Chan, Tao Gae Soon just hide inside his room and went back to the saying of Tao Gae Soon where he said that Hong is the cause for three person in his life to die. Hong came to tell Tao Gae Soon that she will replace Ah Chan's place by being the Opera Pra-ek and take care of the Fueng Huang Opera. But Tao Gae Soon instead of being happy got super angry and yelled at Hong telling her that she will never replace Ah Chan and be as good as him. With this Hong is super hurt with tears inside her heart and outside and wants to prove to her father that she can take care of a Fueng Huang Opera just like her brother.
Tee Lek begs Tao Gae Soon to let Hong marry her but To Gae Soon still kept his words and denied Tee Lek. Tee Lek is super angry from hearing Tao Gae Soon teach him some lesson and stab Tao Gae soon to death. Tee Lek then got scared and ran away leaving Tao Gae Soon die. Before dying Tao Gae Soon goes back to Sin Sae Wyong's saying where three people in his life will last he finally found out that the third person is himself.
Hong was super heartbroken seeing her father die and cries with weakness everywhere. Everyone in the Opera thinks that Ah Long is the person who killed Tao Gae Soon which made Hong become super angry at Ah Long but she at the same time doesn't believe it that Ah Long will kill her father. Tao Gae Tek helps Tee Lek escape and both Tee Lek and Tao Gae Tek agrees to work with Sia Kao and Asia Leng in taking the Fueng Huang Opera and take the leader of The Black Swan Gang. Hong has to fight and overcome all of the obstacles between all the gangs and become more powerful than all of the dragon or Mungkorn and tries to prove Everyone wrong that Ah Long the men who she love didn't kill her father with the help of her beloved brothers not by blood but by spirt, Parop, Songkrod, Tham and Kanin. In which Parop, Songkrod, Tham and Kanin will help her in every situations no matter how hard it is.


Janie Tienphosuwan as Hong
Boy Pakorn Chatborirak as Ah-Long, William
Veerawan Phongam (Ying) as TBA
Jason Young as Ahcharn
Noppol Komarachun as Song
Suthep Prayoonpitak as Hia Chai
Yani Tramod as Hia Tik
Tony Rakkaen as Guey
Pimdao Panichsamai as Muay
Paranyu Prachaklik Tilek
Off Pongpat Wachirabunjong as Singsangwuang
Ahmeng as Pezhang
Dilok Thongwattana as Sia Kao
Praima Rata as Ayu
Peerawat Wisitvarodom as Wang
Veerawan Phongam (Ying) as Yokmanee
Chalit Feungarome as Makeen
Ratanapat Piwatwoaranun as Sah
Pokchanu Karan as Soong
Suthasit Pojthasak as Kieng
Napat Banjonchitpaisan as Kimlang
Chayapol Kierawatpong as Chanon
Sura Jirangkuri as Sun
Chotiros Kaewpinij as Sia Nee
Kitipong Tantichinanon as Jing
Kitichai Chantawong as Chu
Karanchida Kumsawan as Mei
Wisarut Hiranboot as Tipeng
Chai Chatayodom Hiranyatithi as Leng
Ananda Everingham as Parob
Tik Jesadaporn Pholdee as Songgrod
Ken Theeradeth Wonpuapan as Tham
Andrew Gregson (Andy) as Kanin
and many more...


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Credits for the Subbing:

Timers: Tika tok| Fyi| Hansi| AdeNike|
Subbers: Rainny, Elly| Aung|

Proofreaders/Editing: Faye90| Ja'Nea| AdeNike



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