365 Days of Love Episode 10 - Question & Answer time

Four more episodes to go and then it's the end of the 365 Days of Love recaps. I've been wondering what to recap next. Or maybe review. I don't want to do anything that popular since someone probably already wrote about. Maybe some little known Thai lakorn. Or maybe first episode reviews of several lakorns? What do you guys think? Oh well, let's finish this one first.

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A: Well, Lan and Toon went back to his office (he needed something from it) and interrupt a burglary in progress. Jul manages to escape and set off the fire alarm, as Toon fights the intruders, who are looking for evidence. The police come later.
Evil ol' Poompadin
Poompadin is behind it, as he's trying to destroy the case against him since it's likely he'll lose. Later in the episode, he has Toon kidnapped at gunpoint and tries to make a deal with him, but Toon's not buying it, so Poompadin tries to come up with another plan.

Q:  Lan is upset, again??? I thought she was just gonna endure it and let things go.
A: At home, Lan asks Toon is the break in about Racha's case and wants him to leave it for his his protection before he gets hurt. Toon tries to reassure her, but tells her he can't give her details.

Q: Okay, Toon's hot as usual and all, but what's with the mad face? Not that I mind, kissykissy!
A: He's a married man in real life, so quit slobbering and control yourself. And you might be upset too, if you saw your wife and Weet like this (see pics below).

Lan actually decided on a new plan: to make Toon jealous and thus get him to back off Racha's case. Eh? Please. I'll forgive the breakdown of logic here, cause I want to know what happens next.

Lan makes sure she and Weet are having a snug chat when Toon comes to pick her up for lunch, but Toon coldly tells her if she's still working, she shouldn't make him wait and he'll leave if she's busy. He goes out to the car, but Lan comes to talk to him, asking him coyly if he's upset about something. He says he is, upset that she's wasting his time and lectures her about it. 

Eh, so small-minded, Toon, you won't admit to being jealous. Lan is downhearted by this, thinking he really isn't jealous at all and her plan has backfired entirely as Toon tells her they'll eat lunch separately today.

Q: This is Racha's e-mail, so what? And a picture and someone has way too many programs running at the same time, is all those really necessary? I mean, I hate it when someone complains how slow their computer is going and then I see they have a ton of programs running at the same time.  What is that? Er, rant over. Back to the question. 

A: Racha, who has nothing better to do apparently, has been listening in all the while and hears Lan talking to Weet and Thy after Toon leaves about how unsure she is of his love for her, mentioning the diary (remember Lan learned about a diary from the future between Toon and Racha (really Ting secretly answered Racha) that both Toon and Ting denied existed). Racha sends Lan an e-mail with pictures and pages of the diary and Lan goes off the deep end. Yes. Again... Sigh.

Q: Toon and Lan hugging in a tree, h-u-g-g-i-n-g. Wait, that's not Toon and Lan hugging. Ack!

A: Despite the lack of a decipherable question, I'll still answer. Lan rushed to Toon's office, only to find Toon hugging Nid. Toon has been watching the blossoming romance between Nawat and Nid and seeing their relationship stuck, offered Nid his ear. It's the first time he's ever touched her like this, but of course, Lan doesn't know this.

Lan goes to cry to her friends. Thy reminds her that she said she could endure, but Lan doesn't think she's able to anymore.

Q: Gulp. I . . . I don't want to see any more.

A: Don't run from the angst! Look at that world weary look on Lan's face. She is sooo done! Toon tries to get in touch with Lan, but when she doesn't answer, he goes to the office. There, Lan tells him she's bored. He tries to get her to talk, but she doesn't, so he starts to leave and then she starts to talk, telling him she's bored of their circumstances. She keeps enduring and enduring and things don't seem to get better. She tells Toon he hasn't changed at all and finally Toon tells her that she can just stop enduring, he didn't ask her to. He leaves.

Q: What?! Lan and Poompadin? Meeting? Why?

A: Lan goes to stay with Thy. At work, they get a new client, who turns out to be Poompadin. He talks to Lan and she tells him to stop his wife from chasing after her husband. 
Then Poompadin shows her pics of Toon with Nid and Racha. But overall the meeting seems purposeless, leaving Lan wondering. Poompadin looks back at the cctv camera that caught their entire conversation.

Q: What is this picture Nid (and her father) is looking at?

A: Lan sent the photos of Toon and Nid to Nid's father, along with a note telling him to check his daughter's actions. An impulsive act, one she soon regrets. Toon is visited by Nid, who's upset because her father found out and then Nid's dad and Lan arrive as well, causing a huge argument with both sides blaming each other.

Toon stops this and tells them to depart and they go. Then, Nawat comes and asks after Nid, explaining he sent her here because he was busy and couldn't leave right away. Lan asks him about it and yes, Nawat and Nid are a couple now. She apologizes to Toon, telling him she saw him hugging Nid, but he's like why didn't you ask me? You never trust me. He's right, although there are real reasons behind her distrust. At the end, Toon receives a call from his boss.

~End episode 10~
Other story lines, characters:

Da's husband takes his things and sits in front of Da's Mom's house, asking Da for another chance when he sees her. Da relents after a while, and he gets a conditional second chance.

I'm struck, as usual, by Lan's or should I say, Ann's acting abilities. She's similar to Ann's other feisty, independent roles in Sawan Bieng, Oum Ruk, and Soot Sanehabut here Lan is such a vulnerable character, so out of control and needy, yet so loving as well. It's so fascinating to see her play such a different character and she's really the heart and soul of this lakorn. I look forward to watching Lan grow stronger and mature in the next few episodes.



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