365 Days of Love Episode 11 recap - Character Study

One of the reasons I'm writing these recaps is to improve my writing skills, so I'm trying a lot of different things with the recaps. Episode 11 has a lot of beautiful scenes. There are also a lot of character changes and growth in this episode, so I will be focusing on the characters of this lakorn.

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Toon: Toon is such a straight character, a square if you will. He lives in a world of black and white. He's almost too perfect at times, which is why I prefer Lan, who is a messy character, but so very human. In this episode, we get to see a little more of his vulnerable side though.
At the beginning of this episode, Toon goes to see his boss who shows him a report in the paper based on cctv video of Lan and Poompadin's discussion concerning Toon's interest in Racha. This can cause a conflict of interest in the case, so Toon immediately withdraws to avoid causing trouble.
Lan hears from Ting and Racha about what happened and finds Toon went to his father's house. She goes there, but his father tells her to let things cool off first. So Lan, tears pouring down her face, gets back in her car and drives off. Toon watches her in concern from the window, but as he explains to his Dad, it isn't safe right now for Lan to be with him.
Da and Win: Lan's sister, Da, has little of Lan and their mom's fierceness, but she does seem to have more self awareness. Even though her husband Win cheated on her, and she has other prospects such as Karn, the doctor she works for, Da knows herself well enough to know that she still loves Win.

Lan goes to Mom's, where she sees Win pandering to his mother-in-law and helping Da as much as she can. She tells them what happened, but even her Mom can find no words of comfort for her. Lan can't believe she hurt Toon by her actions.
Win talks to her, telling her if she really loves Toon, she would do whatever makes him happy. Later on, they get a surprise guest, Ann, one of Win's old flames, who tells Win she's pregnant with his baby and wants him to divorce Da and marry her. Da and Win decide to consult Toon.

Toon shows up and talks to the girl, solving the problem easily with the girl confessing it's not Win's baby under threat of actions being taken against her
Lan and Toon: One of Lan's biggest problems is her impulsiveness, coupled with her temper. Toon, on the other hand, is all control, all the time, which makes them a couple of opposites. It also makes them a great couple, because Toon is more humane because of Lan, and Lan learns self control because of Toon.

Lan gives Toon a hesitant smile as he's about to leave after helping Da and Win.
But Toon just gives her a look and leaves. Lan runs after him, but he's cold to her and leaves.

Weet: The ever so gallant second lead, who doesn't stand a chance of getting the girl. Throughout the drama, Weet's been Lan's helper and supporter. Now, he tries to step forward (too late!) as Lan's love interest.
Lan goes crying to Thy, and Weet gets mad and calls Toon for a meeting. He tells Toon if he keeps making Lan cry, he'll be the one to take care of her from now on. There's a bit of scuffle between the two, with the girls breaking it up.

After Toon leaves, Weet and Thy are back in Lan's house, Weet assuring her Toon was jealous and he'll keep acting as a provoker of Toon's jealousy, thus making Toon come back to Lan. Lan goes to sleep with the book under her pillow. When she wakes up . . .
. . . in the future, everything seems the same, short hair, etc. Then she learns from her mom that she's actually getting back together with Toon and hurries over there. Toon's waiting for her and seems happy to see her, but just then someone shows up. Weet. He tells her he loves her and to divorce Toon. But Lan tells him she doesn't love him and it was just a game, wasn't it? Weet leaves and Lan goes to the fortuneteller, who gives her cryptic messages Lan can't understand.

Lan gets a call from Thy. It seems Weet's been in an accident and Lan goes to the hospital. Thy sounds into Lan, accusing her of being so self centered she didn't mind using Weet even though he's in love with her. Then, they find out Weet has died! Lan falls to the ground, only to be back . . . 
. . . in the present. She goes to Thy, ask her if Weet's in love with her and then arranges a meeting with him. At the meeting, Lan tells him he doesn't have to be the provoker anymore and that she hopes they'll always be good friends, emphasizing the friend bit. Weet gets it and is upset, but Thy comes to comfort him.

Lan also goes to see Da and tell her not to use Karn to make Win suspicious as it'll destroy their relationship (she saw this in the future as well). So the next day, Da resigns much to her husband's delight.
Racha: It's easy to hate Racha, but she does have some good points. Her determination to get her way and her ability to do whatever she wants to accomplish her goal is the main reason why I despise her, but if she used this same determination for good purposes, instead of being self-centered, she could really do a lot of good.

Racha's divorce – Toon tells Racha he'll be adviser, but Nawat's her lawyer. Since she wants to win badly, Racha has no choice but to agree. Still, their chances are only seventy percent, which Racha doesn't like, so she decides to get more ammo. She pays off girls at her hubby's massage parlor to not work there anymore and they agree. Her hubby goes ballistic on her, beating her up and breaking her arm. So Racha shows up in court with a broken arm. And a smug smile on her face.

  ~End episode 11~



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