365 Days of Love Episode 13 recap - Every Day Tears
Ah, the beginning of the end. I thought about what image to post, and turned to one of my favorites, Lan crying. I looked back over the recaps and found only three or four of them feature Ann's crying. For shame! Haha. But I just love her acting, and this is a beautiful shot, so what can I say?

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Racha arrives, trouble in hand in the form of divorce papers. She hands them to Toon, who can't understand it. She tells Toon Lan suggested that she divorce Toon in return for help with the case. Everyone assumes Racha somehow forced Lan, but Lan finally speaks up and tells them she's willing to divorce Toon. Toon tells her they need to talk.

Toon asks her how she exchange their marriage for the case, as if it's worthless? Lan tells him it is worth something, but if they're not happy, what's the point. Well, basically that's what she says. He questions her, asking her if she isn't happy, but Lan edges around that by saying the happiest day she had was their wedding day and everyday since has been filled with tears. She tells him she's tired of feeling sad, and says it's her fault since she asked him to marry her when he didn't love her.  We should separate, she says and Toon agrees, saying they need time.

He walks out, giving goodbye to Lan's family and goes home to where his father and Ting are waiting for them, giving them the news. Meanwhile, Thy wonders how Lan can leave Toon to other woman like Racha. But Lan says she's willing to divorce not because of Racha, but Toon.

“I liked him from the first moment I met him. I tried to force myself into his life, because I wanted to be his girlfriend. And it was me again asking him to marry me because I love him. And I used the excuse that I loved him, but I did everything for my own sake. Until he had to withdraw from Poompadin's case, until he got shot and almost died. And do you think someone like me still deserves to be by his side?" (From anonymousblue2001's subs)

BRAVO! LAN! BRAVO! Thy tries to tell her it's not her fault, but Lan replies that she just wants Toon to be happy. Even if that means Racha? She's just giving him his freedom to choose.

Toon seems far from happy as he thinks about Lan, pondering did I love her enough? Anyhows, Ting asks her father about the divorce, but he doesn't know any more than she, so she goes to Lan's family, who don't know anything either, so they all go to Thy's. Whew! Thy tells them how Lan's unsure Toon loves her and they all ponder the problem, Lan's unsure of Toon's love and Toon's not speaking up.
Toon's on his way to work when he's stopped by Weet. Weet tells hims him he's ready to change from friend into you know what just as soon as Toon signs the divorce papers and laughs in his face as he goes off.

So Lan's mooning around at work, and is quiet at home, all the time waiting for a call from Toon, much to Thy and her family's concern. Wat and Nid ask about Lan, they haven't seen her in a while, but Toon brushes them off.
Toon's bothered by Weet's comments enough that he goes to Lan's workplace. Weet and Lan come out, on their way to lunch, Weet tells him, linking hands with Lan. Toon eyeing them, says he was just passing by, which Lan snorts at in disbelief. He tells her he's ready to divorce her and she coolly acknowledges it and leaves with Weet. Later, Thy sounds off Weet for getting between Lan and Toon when he knows Lan loves Toon, but he tells her if Lan lets him take care of her, he's okay with it.

Racha goes to see Toon, telling him about Poompadin's threats, which carries more weight since now his lawyer is dead now. (She visited Poompadin in prison to gloat, but he was the one gloating in the end, telling her it's not over and that he'll get back at them, first his lawyer, then her.). She wants to stay there with Toon, if it's alright with Toon?! Toon says fine, feints to dodge her advance, and adds that he'll leave. Arrghh! So frustrating, huh Racha? But Racha has another idea and calls Lan.

Lan thinks its her hubby calling, only to discover it's Racha, who tells her Toon will divorce her. Devastated once more, Lan relates all to Thy, who wants Lan to make sure of things. Thy's determined to get to the bottom of this, and drags Lan to Toon and Lan's home, where they find Racha kicking back and relaxing, but no Toon.

There are words, of course, and Lan telling Racha she can make them divorce, but it probably won't be that easy to get Toon to marry her, and then Lan and Thy get Racha to leave under threat of calling the police and reporters. So Racha does. No divorce, right? Thy asks, but Lan tells her it's still up to Toon and leaves the house again.

Worried for the stubborn couple, Lan's family arranges for a spy, Weet, who reports that Toon slept in his office overnight, and a party to get them back together. The party's for Toon's dad, but they arrange to have it at Lan's mom's house.
The 300th day, the day of the party. Ah, but things don't go as planned, as two uninvited guests appear. Racha, who lurks around Toon's office frequently overhears about it, and Weet, who intercepts Thy on her way to the party, both show up. Weet immediately starts flirting and Racha immediately starts annoying everyone there. But Toon's father tells the others to pay her no attention and they won't be bothered by her. Good man, I like him.

At the party, Toon gobbles down alcohol like it's chocolate (chocolate, mmm) all the while staring at Lan. She's trying to be above all that as Weet attends to her.
Weet sings and then Toon's father urges Lan and Toon to dance, so they do so, supposedly reluctantly. They talk while dancing, both making oblique references and glances to the other people in each others' lives, Racha and Weet, but Weet soon hones in. He pulls Lan closer, setting off Toon who finally punches him, Weet landing in the pool.

Toon tells him to lay off, saying Lan's his wife. Everyone's like “AMEN BROTHER” or something like that (hey, I can't understand thai), but Lan tells him he shouldn't have hit Weet and she doesn't belong to anyone. You tell him girlfriend! No, wait. I actually want these two together. Lan, what are you smoking???? GROAN.

Toon asks, so you're leaving me because of him? And her reply, are you happy? Toon zips out, with a Racha at his heels, the ever so faithful female dog. Lan goes up to her room pursued by Thy. She tells Thy she can't be with Toon if Racha's still around, and she doesn't get why Toon hasn't gotten rid of her. She goes on to say that Toon never admits to being at fault, it's always her fault. Impasse.

The family ponder the shameless woman Racha, and now there's a shameless man as well, Weet. Toon's father reminds them Toon left with Racha. And he's drunk, adds Win. Enough said. Ting hurries her father out to save Toon from Racha. Naturally of course, they were right to worry, as Racha's all over Toon. Uh oh. "Danger Will Robinson!!!"
But Toon being Toon, he still resists her advances even drunk. Poor Racha. Haha.
He tells Racha he never loved her, (POW!) he wants to be with Lan. (SPLATT!!) The person she loves the most is herself, Toon says, and adds that if she loved him, she wouldn't destroy his family or make him divorce Lan. (BOFF!!!) The knockout? Even if I divorce Lan, I would never marry you, Toon tells her. (WHAMM!!!!) 

Racha's down for the count, sobbing and running as Toon makes a dash for his car and takes off. Thy sees her sobbing in the street and talks to her, telling her she's such a talented woman, it's a pity to see her so low, chasing after a man who doesn't love her. More talk (yeah, I could care less) and Racha's crying by herself now. 
Lan overhears Win and Da talking about her, Win saying he wouldn't want pick her even if he was Toon, since she's just moping around depressed all the time. Lan takes his words to heart and the next day, fixes herself up pretty, surprising her family and the people at work with her appearance and attitude. Thy and Wat speak with Lan's mom. They like Lan's new attitude, but still, there's a problem. It'll be hard to bring Toon and Lan together since they never see each other. Time for plan B. Or is it plan A? Whatever.

~End episode 13~



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