Title: Jaopayu
Also known as: จ้าวพายุ or Master of the Storm
Duration: 16 Episodes 
Genre: Drama/Romance
Broadcast network: Channel 5


Orathai is the only daughter Siva Janecharattrakul, a millionaire of a well-known family, with his first wife. Orathai grows up very lonely because her father decides to get together with one of the maids named Apa whom is around Orathai’s age after her mother had passed away. Apa is able to help Siva forget his sadness and loneliness thanks to the loyalty and the love she has for him. He even forgets about Orathai’s feelings which causes her to hate her father’s new wife more and more each day for stealing her father away from her. Orathai continuously harasses Apa any chance she gets which causes Siva to worry. Eventually, Apa gives birth to Suvin, or Lom, and he becomes the son of the Janecharuttrakul family.

Sure enough, Orathai refuses to let this to go on. She can no longer stand having her father’s new wife and son stealing the love from her father. She feels that the family fortune should be hers and hers only. One night while Siva is away, Orathai forces Apa and Lom out of the house. She accuses Apa of cheating. Apa leaves willingly even though Lom is only 5 years old. Siva has never believes that it was true. He is always curious as the real reason that she left him. No matter how hard Siva tries to search for them, nothing ever comes of it. Orathai is certain that Apa will never show up again due to the fact that she had threatened Lom’s life that night.

20 years has passed since, Orathai believes that she will finally be peaceful. She is wrong. Because her husband has reminded her of the past by having his own mistress. But instead of causing a scene, she chooses to secretly investigate this woman instead. Orathai wants Sutavee, her misbehaving son, to marry Fahsai. Fahsai is an adopted niece of Banjerd, her husband. Orathai wants this to happen simply because she feels that Siva cares more about Fahsai than Sutavee, his own flesh and blood. And due to Fahsai’s loyalty, Orathai believes that she will be able to control the family fortune. She does not care that Banjerd disagrees with this and Sutavee even says that he does not have feelings for Fahsai at all. Still, Orathai does not change her mind. Sutavee can only keep his discontent bottling up, waiting for the day it explodes.

In the midst of problems in Orathai’s life, she has no idea that the nightmare of her past is coming to haunt her once again. Source: Kudalakorn (Source:

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