I've been working on this post for about a week when we got word that Kiss Me and Full House Thai version would be removed from viki since their content provider asked them to remove the videos.

Bye bye Kiss Me at viki!
Bad news. But we do have good news to share subbing wise, so look here if you want something new (or old) to watch. There are some bad news, but most of it can only be classified as good. Oh and please remember to thank all the subbers so they know their hard work is appreciated!

Viki Update
- If you recall, in 2015 we learned that viki was deleting some lakorn channels. Fortunately, they didn't get rid of all of them, but since then, we've been unable to create new Thai channels on viki. That continues today, so any new lakorns that didn't have a channel made before this went into effect won't have a viki channel.

And then we just got a message that two verrrry popular lakorns, Kiss Me and Full House, both remakes of other popular dramas and starring Mike and Aom, are going to be removed from viki and they were.

Lakorns now being subbed at viki - But oddly enough, this leads us to some good news, because with few new lakorns to be subbed, people have gone back to old channels and started them up again. Pretty cool, huh? Here are some channels to keep your eyes on:

Ban Sai Thong, (2000) now subbed up to part 111 out of 178 parts, starring Joy and Num is a period lakorn considered a classic by many. If you enjoyed Wanida or Beloved Wife, you might like this. 

Jam Luey Gamathep - A romantic comedy parody of the very popular Jam Luey Rak and similar lakorns starring Chakrit and Cherry. You can watch eps 1-2 here and continue to ep 3.4 here.

Kuan Kaan Tong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai or Spinsters vs Casanovas - Sousday subbed 7 of 14 episodes, we're trying to sub 8-14 on viki, a romantic comedy that's about three girls looking for love.

Nang Fah Gub Mafia -  Streaming 9/20 episodes subbed  Starring Weir as an undercover cop who marries flight attendant Pancake.
Pleng Ruk Kaam Pob with New and Pancake is a 22 episode musical. Neat. Ep 2 is being subbed now.

And Others

- Also, GMM TV continues to rule!!! They're providing English subs for several series like Secret Love and Kiss the Series about teens, or college aged adults and their romances . Thank you GMM! (Other channels please feel free to join in providing subs for your audience).
Kiss the Series
Our newest subbers - We've had some new subbers join us last year, this year we have a new subber, subbersparadise (welcome ^-^), along with returning subbers like Thippy, nekomeowmeowJL Subbing Group, Sherri James and DynastyKat and Kimberley fan group

Our Pro Subbers - And a couple of experienced subbers have started subbing again, Anonymousblue2001 - she subbed most of Ann's lakorns such as 365 Days of Love and much more and now is working on Talay Fai, and Kuromiberry (she subbed a number of Bie and Mike lakorns) is now subbing Puer Tur.
And Chobling is still working on finishing Look Mai Klai Ton with Andrew and Kob that subber SweetKob started.

These subbers work HOURS on every episode, giving up their free time so please make sure to leave thanks so they know their work is appreciated.

That's a no-no - And I guess Thai lakorns have finally reached a big enough audience that we now see a certain site take the subs of subbers without permission to put them on one site. We're not here to publicize them so no names, but we ask everyone to spread the word to watch the lakorns from the links the subbers themselves provideThat way, subbers know people ARE watching their subs  and will continue.

Plus, it has seriously upset some of the subbers, and several including Sherri James have said they'll stop subbing the lakorn if it continues.

So please spread the word and let people know where they can watch these lakorns!



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