A new Sean and Esther lakorn is here, Ngao Asoke (2016)! This will be at least the 2nd remake, I don't know if the 1999 version of Ngao Asoke with Ek and Ae Isariya was the first version, but there was also the 2008 version with Pong Nawat and Peung Kunya. For a more indepth summary of the story, check here and also Lovefia wrote about it on her blog here.

This is your basic Cinderella story, with a beautiful, but poor girl who catches the eye of a wealthy bachelor. But she has obstacles in her path to happiness (of course!). The pra'ek's mother is kinda crazy and the pra'ek also has a fiancee, the nang'rai. The nang'ek is one of those sweet, doormatty characters, and the pra'ek an overbearing brute who believes the worse of the nang'ek (thanks in part fiancee), yet always seems to try to get her alone and steal a kiss. Haven't seen the 2008 version, but the 1999 version was entertaining and I look forward to watching this new version.

Ngao Asoke 2016 started September 7, and Rainbow Subbing Team is subbing it here.



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