The first part of our end of the year post is here! And last year, we posted recommendations about the subbed lakorns as well here, so check it out if you want to know what 2015 lakorns to watch.
Beloved Loyal Wife

But 2016 lakorns are what we're going to be addressing here. Recommendations are based on various blogs and sources I've read. I'll be listing them near the end. 2016 started with a big with two highly recommended lakorns, but ended with barely a whisper, in large part due to lakorns being on hiatus for a while after the death of Thailand's king.

For a more complete list of 2016 lakorns, including those not subbed, check out this link.

Here you'll find all the 2016 subbed lakorns, where to watch them or download them and what's Highly Recommended, RecommendedMediocre and a Disappointment.

Subbed Lakorns 

(both complete and incomplete in ABC order) 

Tarm Rak Keun Jai ~ Pursue Love Back to the Heart /ตามรักคืนใจ
English title
Starring :Nadech Kugimiya, Mew Nittha
Airing Date: December 8
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
Watch with subsHere
Synopsis  Another remake. Tarm Ruk Keun Jai is a romantic, easygoing story taken place at a farm. Nadech will take on a farm owner named Singh and with his new, rugged look, he’ll be the dreamy image that manifests itself out of the book. Mew plays Nuna who has been estranged from her long lost father, played by Au (the original hero from 1998), and she will be on a mission to find him. Then turns out, Au’s character (Rarm) will fall in love with Singh’s sister. (Source: Lovefia's Blog) (Source: asianfuse wiki
Highly Recommended - most people loved the couple, loved Nadech in it. A simple, sweet story.

2016 Lakorns - January

Kiss the Series  GMM
English title
Starring:Mook Worranit, Tao Sattaphong, Mek Jirakit, Mild Wiraporn 
Airing Date: January 10
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
Watch with subsHere
Synopsis: Source: asianfuse wiki) 
Mediocre - this is made of several different lakorn, but just a general opinion on series. Basically a look at college aged kids and their love lives.

Padiwarada/ปดิวรัดา CH3
English title: Beloved Loyal Wife
Starring : James Jiyaru, Bella Vanita
Airing Date: January 13
Genre: Romance, Drama, Period 
Watch with subsHere
Synopsis  When two families agreed to marry their children once they become adults, they would never have assumed what troubles would come with this promise. It’s not their real daughter that has to enter this promised marriage but their adopted daughter Rin, who has to step in to save her sister from this loveless marriage. What will happen when she meets her husband? (Source: asianfuse wiki
Highly Recommended - most people loved the couple, and the meaningful tale of a couple growing to love each other and make their marriage work. I watched it myself and thought James looked too young for the part, but the overall lakorn is filmed and shot well.
stupid characters, but some say it's entertaining

Puer Tur / เพื่อเธอ  OneHD
English titleFor You 
StarringPush Puttichai, Esther Supreeleela 
Airing Date: January 13
Genre: Remake, Romance, Drama
Watch with subsHere
Synopsis: Source: asianfuse wiki) 
??? People don't seem to be talking about this much, maybe because it just got subbed completely. This does have a tragic ending. 

February Lakorns

Koo Wun Lun Pan Ruk/คู่วุ่นลุ้นแผนรัก   CH7
English title: Messy Couple, Love Scheme
Starring: Win Tawin, Kwan Usamanee
Airing Date: February 2
Genre: Action, Romance, Comedy
Watch with subs: Here
Synopsis: ? (Source: asianfuse wiki)
 Mediocre to Disappointment - Another lakorn that starts strong and ends with a whimper? For lovers of Win and Kwan couple really.
Wimarn Mekkala/ วิมานเมขลา CH3
English title: Mekkala's Castle 
Starring: Andrew Gregson, Bella Ranee 
Airing Date: February 5
Genre: Romance, Drama
Watch with subs: Here
SynopsisMekala (Bella) was raised to be a spoiled brat by her aunt. Mekala got to be a celebrity years later. Meanwhile, Paya (Andrew) advocated for trees to be planted in the village after his father died in a flood. The forest owner admired Paya's passion and made him manager of the forest operation. The village needed a teacher so they arranged for a teacher named Prim to teach there. 
The forest owner passes away and Paya finds out that Mekala's father is his half brother so he writes a letter to get him to come see the forest. Mekala is in need of money after her career fails and her endless spending so she decides to go to the forest and sell it to Paya's worst enemy, the man who wants to chop the forest down. 
On the way to the forest, Prim is Mekala's biggest fan and they ride the train together. However they get into an accident and Prim dies. Everyone assumes the person who died was Mekala due to the fancy clothing and Paya decides to keep quiet and when the real Mekala loses her memory, he tells her that she's Prim. What will happen next? By: Cupid Candy Source: asianfuse wiki) 

Secret Love Series -  Rom Comedy of  three couples
My Lil Boy Secret Love Series/ซีรีส์รุ่นพี่ GMM25
English title:  My Lil Boy (Part One of Secret Love Series)
StarringFour Sakonrath, Kang The Star, Cherreen The Star, Tony Rakkaen, Nanon Korraput, Kunyavee
Airing Date: February 7
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Watch with subsHere
Synopsis(Source: asianfuse wiki) 

Secret Love Series/ซีรีส์รุ่นพี่ GMM25
English title:   (Part Two of Secret Love Series)
StarringFour Sakonrath, Kang The Star, Cherreen The Star, Tony Rakkaen, Nanon Korraput, Kunyavee
Airing Date: February 7
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Watch with subsHere
Synopsis(Source: asianfuse wiki) 

Bake Me Love - Secret Love Series/ซีรีส์รุ่นพี่ GMM25
English titleBake Me Love (Part Three of Secret Love Series)
StarringFour Sakonrath, Kang The Star, Cherreen The Star, Tony Rakkaen, Nanon Korraput, Kunyavee
Airing Date: February 7
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Watch with subsHere
Synopsis(Source: asianfuse wiki) 

March Lakorns

Jao Ban Jao Ruen/ เจ้าบ้าน เจ้าเรือน CH3
English title:  
Starring: Tik Jesadaporn, Sirita Jensen
Airing Date: March 2
Genre: Period, Romance, Drama, Supernatural 
Watch with subsHere
SynopsisGhost story. Rejected woman comes back as a ghost to threaten reincarnation? of her past love and his new love. (Source: asianfuse wiki) 
 Disappointment - draggy lakorn with unrepentent hero and a bittersweet (at best) ending.

Mont Ruk Asoon or Mon Rak Asun/ CH8
English title:  
Starring: Film Rattapoom, Sandy Chalida  
Airing Date: March 4
Genre: Remake, Romance, Drama,
Watch with subsHere
SynopsisNampueng is a teacher, Terd is widow with a son who marries Nampueng and son doesn't want a stepmom, so lots of drama (Source: asianfuse wiki)
Mediocre - No great actors here, but it was entertaining at times.

Krungthep Mahanakorn Sorn Ruk/ ดิ โอซี ไทยแลนด์ OneHD
English title: City of Light : The O.C. Thailand
Starring: New Chaiyapol,  Marie Broenner
Airing Date: March 8
Genre: Remake, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Family
Watch with subs: ?
Synopsis:  Remake of American teen tv series. (Source: asianfuse wiki
Disappointment - not up to original. 

I'm Sorry I Love You/ขอโทษที่รักเธอ     OneHD
English title I'm Sorry I Love You
StarringNike Nitidon, Punch Worakarn
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama, Kdrama remake 
Watch with subsHere
Synopsis: From kdrama: 
Cha Moo Hyuk was adopted by an Australian family but was abused and left homeless at an early age. One day he comes across Song Eun Chae, the coordinator for Choi Yune, a famous singer in Korea, whom she is secretly in love with. Her fateful encounter with Moo Hyuk ends up affecting not only her life but that of her precious Yune as well.
Because of an accident involving his ex-girlfriend, Moo Hyuk is left with 3 months to live. This leads him to head back to Korea in search of his biological mother. The discoveries he makes, changes his heart from longing to revenge. Even with all this darkness surrounding him, he finds an unexpected source of happiness with someone he did not expect to love. (credit: Dramawiki) (Source: asianfuse wiki)
Teaser Mediocre - not up to original and differs slightly as well. The actors in general are good or solid. 

Fire Series 1: Fai Ruk Game Rohn/ไฟรักเกมร้อน CH7
English titleFiery Love Heated Game
Starring: Thanwa Suriyajak, Sammy Cowell 
Airing Date: March 28
Genre: Romance, Drama, Revenge
Watch with subs: Here
Synopsis: The story revolves around Sammy and Stephany's father cheating on their mother, which tore their family apart. In part 1, Thanwa's mother is Sammy's father's mistress. Thanwa knew but never told Sammy while they were dating since it is his mother. When news broke out, Sammy's mother almost committed suicide and everything started falling apart. She broke up with Thanwa and then goes after him for revenge years later when he has a fiance to get back at him for not telling her about his mother being her father's mistress.
For this part, Stephanie ran away from home when she found out her father cheated on her mother. She ended up being adopted by Mik's father who is a wealthy millionaire. Mik's father adores her like his own and let's her take responsibility for a majority of the work at his resort. People thought Stephany was having an affair with him including his own son, Mik. So Mik despises but ends up falling for her at the same time. This part is more of p'ek taking revenge on n'ek.  (cr:mahalo from asianfuse forum) (Source: asianfuse wiki)
 Recommended - strong nang'ek, skinship. 
April Lakorns

Norah [CH7] 
English title or Nohra
StarringMichael Pattaradet, Bow Maylada 
Genre: Romance, Drama, Period, Remake
Airing Date: April 6
Watch with subsHere?
SynopsisNorah's biological father is a dancer, but he was framed by a bad judge because that judge wanted his girlfriend/wife. Her father was framed and was sent to prison. The judge later took Norah's mother to live as his wife, but she was treated like a slave/servant. Years later after Norah grew up, she learned to love dancing especially the Manorah dance. She still does not know the truth that the judge is not her daddy. Her mother and her did not live a happy life. They lived more like slaves in the house. 

Kanchit who is a rich guy plays around with women thinking that money can buy anything. He especially like to throw money at women because of the incident that had happened to him. He was hurt in the past by his girlfriend because she married a richer guy who bought her a bigger ring too and both of them went overbroad. Kanchit's older brother still confirms that there are still some women in this world that won't see money as a god. Kanchit finally meet Norah. 

Norah is a beautiful woman, still in school. She's a dancer and singer at her school. She's known for her beauty, her dance, and her voice. Kanchit really like Norah, but he wants to make sure that Norah is the girl that will love him in for who he is and not his wealth and money like other girls. He constantly follows her and involves her in arguments. Kanchit hired his two ladies to ask Norah for her "price" no matter how much, he wil pay for her. But Norah still disagree. This makes Kanchit sure that Norah is different from other girls. He begins to fall in love for Norah because of her goodness. In order to get into her home, he pretends to get close to Kae. Kae is the daughter of the judge who is Norah's father. Kae thinks that he likes her and both her and her parents especially her mother tries to catch Kanchit. Norah's mother later gets frame for so many things which Kanchit secretly helps the two mother-daughter behind their backs. Pawn, the woman that Kanchit hired to "ask for Norah's price" turned into a better person because of knowing Norah for her goodness. Before that, Pawn was like Kanchit's toy and like a best friend too who love money, but after learning more about Norah's life and her personality. She refused to take the money that Kanchit had hired her stating that she will help Kanchit for free from now on. People like Pawn turned to love her and see how much a person is worth which is more than what money can buy. An incident happened and Norah was forced to go to Kanchit's house for the only reason. To sell herself to Kanchit. What reasons made her sell herself to him? How will Norah meet her biological father? Will Norah fall in love with Kanchit? (Source: asianfuse wiki
Disappointment - a mess

Bussaba Rae Fun or Busaba Rae Fan/   CH3
English titleBussaba Dreaming
Starring: Margie Rasri, Mai Warit 
Airing Date: April 9
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama 
Watch with subsHere
SynopsisSui is a plain girl, she use more time to jealous other girl. One day, she accept blessing that she can be whoever she jealous . It's her dream come true. She get a great job, and a man who she aim to get him.
But she will lost something by unconscious. Someone who beside her all the time.
A thing which she think to need it, is it beauty? (credit:  krisayaporn @asianfuse forum) (Source: asianfuse wiki)
Mediocre to Disappointment

Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised/ เพียงชายคนนี้ (ไม่ใช่ผู้วิเศษ CH3
English title:  Just A Man, Not A Magician
Starring: James Ma, Kimberley Tiamsiri
Airing Date: April 21
Genre: Remake, Romance, Drama, Slap n'Kiss
Watch with subsHere
Synopsis: Sattawat (James Ma) is a doctor whose mother has a gambling addiction and Anusaya (Kimberly Ann Voltemas)'s family owns a wealthy company. Sattawat's mother owes a lot of money to Anusaya's company and in order to erase the debt, Sattawat's mother and Anusaya's aunt cook up a plan to marry Sattawat and Anusaya to each other to get rid of the debt. 

Sattawat has a rich girlfriend named Somika (Namcha Cheranut Yusanonda) whose own family is going bankrupt. Anusaya's half uncle, Chayakorn (Pop Thagoon Karnthip), is in love with Anusaya while Anusaya's best friend, Mirantee (Eye Kamolned Ruengsri) loves Chayakorn.

Before Anusaya's wedding to Sattawat, Somika informs Sattawat that she's pregnant with his child. Anusaya eventually figures out the truth and demands for a divorce. Mirantee finally figures out that that Somika was never pregnant in the first place and had used someone else's urine test.

Although Anusaya and Sattawat hate each other at first, they come to eventually love each other. What will happen next? Source: asianfuse wiki) 
Disappointment - another lakorn that fails to live up to expectations or even to the first few episodes.

Fire Series 2: Talay Fai/ทะเลไฟ CH7
English titleFiery Ocean/ Ocean Flame
Starring: Mick Tongraya, Cat Stephany Auernig
Airing Date: May 16
Genre: Romance, Drama, Revenge
Watch with subsHere and here
Synopsis: Pasika (Cat) learns that her father has a mistress. Her mother is heartbroken. To escape from the bitter Pasika leaves in the island and takes a job on a farm for the production of pearls, where she meets Anuponga. He loved her as his own daughter. The appearance of his ex-wife and son Anuponga, Techin (Mick) makes storm events in a peaceful ocean. Ex-wife accuses Anuponga Pasika an affair with Anupongom. Pasika and Techin are raging in the heart of the event, when someone attempts on the life of an important person on the island. They both will be in the center of the fierce storm that should pacify together.
By Rania Aracelly Colunga (Source: asianfuse wiki)
Disappointment - good looking couple even with lots of skinship can't really make up for a reptitious storyline in which the same things keep happening to the main leads, over and over again. Sad.

June Lakorns

Raeng Tawan/แรงตะวัน   CH3

English titleThe Sun's Power / The Burning Sun
Starring: Aum Atichart, Chippy Sirin, Aom Suschar
Airing Date: June 15
Genre: Romance, Drama, Revenge, Slap n'Kiss 
Watch with subs: Here
Synopsis: Kate (Chippy) returns to Thailand after studying abroad. At the same time her younger brother is accused of murdering Pu's (Aum) sister. She believes that this is a misunderstanding and tries to convince Pu that he needs to look for the real killer. Pu is eager to take revenge from her brother and their entire family. (removed from a novel)
CREDITS TO: Rania Aracelly Colunga (Source: asianfuse wiki)
Teaser   Recommended? - Lots of interest in this one, but is it actually good?

                                     July Lakorns 
Pidsawat or Pitsawat or Pitsawaad/พิษสวาท  OneHD
English titlePoisonous Love/Poisonous Affections
StarringNoon Woranuch, Pong Nawat
Airing Date: July 19
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama, Past Life
Watch with subs: Here
SynopsisA ghost that is suffering because of her love and duty. Her duty is to protect the nation's treasures ever since the end of the Ayutthaya kingdom. Centuries of vendetta and vengeance. Centuries of wondering as to why her lover had done such a terrible thing to her. She never knew why. The only way for her spirit to move on, to not having to look after the treasures for eternity, is for her to find a "replacement." Ubon or in the current time, Saroshinee, does not wish for anyone else but him, Akkanee, the man that she loved more than her life. Love is love. A pure love expects the same in return. But when what she had in return is torment, she tries to find justice that she sees fit.
Credit to Kudaranai at Asianfuse Forum (Source: asianfuse wiki)
Teaser or here
Marginally Recommended - Pong is a good actor, and so is Noon, but some complained about it being draggy, and I believe there's an unhappy ending.

Buang Rak Salak Kaen/ บ่วงรักสลักแค้น CH8
English title:  
Starring Iang Sittha, Joon Cholrudee
Airing Date: July 20
Genre: Romance, Drama,
Watch with subsHere
Synopsis: Just a short summary of how everything began with the parents... There's two families that fought in the past, and the present they meet again with their children. Baang Nam Peung, forty years before there was a floating market was once known for their mangos that was around the area. Cheun whose husband named Dtaa Chao, has two son, Bpong Pon and Bpok Bpong. Their home is close neighbours with Bua Pan, they have three daughters named Mala, Malai and Mali. Bpong Pon like Mali but she doesn't because he's punctilious and discipline. As for, Bpok Bpong likes Mala because she's a good person and he wants to win against Pan Leu who is the son of the district village chief and millionaire of the village. Both houses produced mangos together, Bua Pan who plants but the land belongs to Cheun. So problems happened between both houses that causes them to hate each other more and more. Especially when one day Mali was studying but slips into water and Bpong Pon tries to help but drowns and dies because of leg cramp even though he's a skilled swim. Bpok Bpong and Mala both secretly see each other even though both family aren't getting along, until she gets pregnant. Malai whom like Bpok Bpong, finds out about two and she had promised herself that she won't give Bpok Bpong to any other woman but only allow one person her sister Mala. And there's Daoraii whom used black magic to make Bpok Bpong love her, Pan Leu saw but once he knew it was for Bpok Bpong to love her, he didn't stop her because it meant he could have Mala. cr: okaylove @ asianfuse (Source: asianfuse wiki)
Recommended ???

Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai/   CH7
English title: Once Upon a Time... In My Heart
Starring: Mick Tongraya, Pimmy Pimprapa
Airing Date: July 28
Genre: Romance, Drama 
Watch with subshere
Synopsis: Karn La Krung Nueng...It's about love triangle of Thai columnist girl who just be broken-heart and two mafia who are enemy for each other.

The one man adhere to his first love, and he can open up for anyone. When he have to run away from chasing of his enemy with her, so love is happening. The other man is cold, and spend his life for revenge. He drag her as using, but he fall in love of her, because her kindness. Both of him are both enemy and love rival. Just only man can posses her heart. (From: krisyaporn @asianfuse forum) (Source: asianfuse wiki)
Highly Recommended - most people seemed to like this lakorn, even though some preferred the second couple over the lead.

August Lakorns
Plerng Naree / เพลิงนรี  CH3
English title:  Woman of Fire/ Fiery Woman/ Passionate Woman
StarringTik Jesadaporn, Mai Davika
Airing Date: August 4
Genre: Romance, Drama, Revenge, Action 
Watch with subsHere
SynopsisAfter all what Risa and her mother suffered because of her father's family in the past . Our princess blinded by the thirst for revenge and decided travel to thailand . her reason is taking revenge from everyone who hurt her and her mom . but no one knows Risa's reality (in fact she's a princess) because her mother got married with a king (The King of Saijeet ) but she refused Risa's plan . Our hero called Theepob a policeman ( major) but he resigned to take his father's position. He saw Risa for the first time in her country before she went to thai and he captured by her charm. secretly she gathers dossiers on every member of the family and began to implement the plan . When our hero returned to thai he took his position as a General Director. Destiny played a game and made them meet again when Risa started working in the same company as a secretary .She acted like she hadn't seen him before in her life. That's what made him feel puzzled all the time what's her secret? N he started watching every step she take. Risa will feel in love with him but what she will choose? Accept her heart feelings or her crazy revenge? CREDITS Goes TO: Rania Aracelly Colunga (Source: asianfuse wiki) 

Ngao Asoke 2016/ เงาอโศก ONEHD

English title: Asoke's Shadow

Starring: Shaun Jindacote, Esther Supreeleela

Airing Date: August 7

Genre: Remake, Romance, Drama

Watch with subs: ?

SynopsisEsther is a young girl living with her grandma. Shaun came from a wealthy family and he fell in love at first sight, not with Esther, but Grand the nang rai. Grand and Shaun got engaged. Shaun went abroad to study. Before he left, he meet Esther. Esther likes Shaun for, he was really nice to her, unlike Grand. Once every week, Shaun sends a letter to Grand. What Shaun didn't know is that the person replying to every one of his letter and sending him all the gifts is Esther. He also didn't know that while he was away, Grand (his fiance) was cheating on him. Shaun came back from abroad and think that Esther is pretending to be Grand because of the money, but the truth is that Grand used Esther to lie to Shaun's mom. Shaun's mom and all the others think that Esther is Grand (Shaun's fiance). (Source: asianfuse wiki)

Teaser or here
Mediocre - doesn't live up to old version for most people, but Esther and Shaun fans will still enjoy it.

Buang Athithan/   CH3
English title: ?
Starring: Mark Prin, Patricia Tanchanok 
Airing Date: August 16
GenrePeriod, Romance, Drama, Horror
Watch with subs: Here
Synopsis: This lakorn interweaving between the past and the present. Nowadays, archaeologists discovered an ancient city nobody know it . this city of more than 1000 years. The excavations of the ancient city have led to the appearance of a ghost from the past, who wants to avenge the main character of her past life.By Rania Aracelly Colunga (Source: asianfuse wiki)
Mediocre to a Big Disappointment - only for Mark fans I guess? People are talking about another past/present lives with all the cliches thrown in and an abrupt ending to boot. 

September Lakorns

Nakee or Narkee/นาคี   CH3
English title: ?
Starring: Taew Nattaporn, Ken Phupoom 
Airing Date: September 26
Genre: Romance, Drama, Supernatural 
Watch with subs: Here
Synopsis: Kumkaew who is n'ek in this lakorn is cursed. She have three bodies in herself. One body is an ordinary beautiful girl
One body is elegant queen of snake and other one is ugly snake ghost.
Kumkaew try to conduct for leaving from this cursing, but she is chased, and have to separate from her lover.
A man who give her a love no matter what she is. (Source: asianfuse wiki)
Highly Recommended - very popular in Thailand, high ratings. Sad ending though.

October-November-December Lakorns
Airing lakorns took a monthlong break so none were aired in Thailand due to the death of Thailand's king in October.

Sourcesasianfuse wikiasianfuse forum

For recommendations, I looked at a number of different sites from this list, namely bloggers like lovefia and forums. Recommendations from more than one source was touted as 'highly recommended.' mydramalist, Asianfuse forum and wiki



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