Hello every body
I need help in HQ section, I have a lot of subs ( many youtube subs) are waiting to join and hardsub in HQ videos, actually I can't do it a lone, cuz I will take ages to finish them all by myself, if you can help please connect me.

I need: Update 19-11-2011
 Blog Partner (someone have much time and can update blog posts daily, and can post  the new lakorns, there's a lot of lakorns need to be post here, but just not have time to do so).
Timing Fixer (look @ the pics below, 1 episode takes about 15-20min to join all parts in one sub file). Most Needed 
Encoders (hardsub the subs on HQ videos).
Uploaders (have a good speed Internet connection).

I'll post pics to show you how to fix timing and join split parts subs, I hope I can find help
Download all pics from Here