Title: Roy Adit Haeng Rak
Also known as: Roy Adeed Hang Ruk/Trace of The Past for Love/รอยอดีตแห่งรัก
Duration: 31 Episodes (this version is 19 episodes
Genre: Romance/Drama/Revenge
Broadcast network: Channel 5

Bie's character is a well know, successful young businessman. Mew's character is a student studying to be a nurse. She has a starstruck crush on Bie. Bie is engaged to his girlfriend, and after a night of drinking and partying, he and his girlfriend almost hit Mew as she is crossing the street. As both get out of car to yell at her, the girlfriend unknowingly steps further into the street and into the path of an oncoming car. She gets hit and dies instantly. In his semi-drunken, and outraged stupor, Bie blames Mew. Although she tries to apologize, Bie condemns her. Hurt, Mew leaves the city and returns home to live with her parents.

Their paths cross once again, as Bie is overseeing a magazine shoot in the seaside city where Mew lives. As with all lakorns, Mew somehow ends up in the shoot and through that interaction gets hired as a nurse to take care of Bie's grandmother, as suggested by Bie's doctor friend. As the two live together, Bie starts to fall for her, but his gulit complex over his deceased girlfriend holds him back. Meanwhile, Bie's secretary Pei is stealing from his company and looking for an scapegoat. She convinces Bie to hire Mew as her assistant. Trusting that Pei has good intentions, Mew does whatever Pei tells her to.

Pei's plan pans out and Mew is blamed for the financial losses. Though his grandmother refuses to believe it, Bie, feeling even more betrayed, fires Mew from both her jobs. As Mew and her friends protest her innocence and search for evidence, Bie starts getting suspicious of Pei. Will our p'ek figure out everything, learn to forgive, and be forgiven from Mew all in 31 episodes? Tune in.  (Source:

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  1. thanks so much for his earlier lakorn of bee...he does look different

  2. I saw this on youtube and I thought it was okay at first but the more I saw it the more I liked Bee. He is one of those people you have to see a lot of to start liking and I'm glad I did

  3. Hello, megaupload it's not online animore. Who can I find this lakorn? Thank you very much!

  4. Please reupload this lakorn.

  5. Is there anyway I could download this drama now?? Please help :(( I even tried to watch it raw but it's not complete and I have no idea where to find it :(((

  6. Most of the episode is gone. Please reupload this lakorn again

  7. can you please reupload this lakorn again.

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    2. Alright, replacing links coming soon. Check back in a couple of days.

  8. hi and ty for all the hard work ,people like you give people like me , in the other end of this world , the chance to watch some really sweet stories . in order to help just a little wanted to tell you that the uptobox links for episodes 2 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 12 , 13 , 15 , 17 and 18 aren't working .

    1. Can't do anything about uptobox links. But thanks I'll just replace them.

  9. I LOVED the drama and thank you sooo much for posting it. I desperately wish there was a way to watch Hua Jai Sila in english sub... do you have a way?