Title:  Sapai Glai Peun Tiang
Also known as: สะใภ้ไกลปืนเที่ยง, Underdeveloped Daughter-in-law
Duration:13 Episodes
Genre: Romantic/Comedy /Action
Broadcast network: Channel 3

In “Sapai Glai Peun Tiang (Underdeveloped Daughter-in-law)”, Anne is a hot-heated cop in the Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok, her name is Lalin. Her family lives in Roi Et province. When she returns home to participate in a festival, she learns her seamstress sister Areeya (Jane Jensuda) was impregnated by guy from Bangkok.

The family and especially Lalin wants this wannabe deadbeat daddy to take responsibility for his actions. The only problem, they don’t know who he is. Areeya refuses to disclose his identity.....

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Joiner,Encoder, Uploader:  DevilNSN, Mariana, Callie
Credits: Thanks to Anonyblue1's for her hard work subbing this

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  1. Thank you DevilNSN for your hard work. Please don't give up Fighting.

  2. thank you so much for this. its one of my favorite lakorn

  3. Your going private is a pity! Thank you for the hard work!

  4. Love this show. Its only one that I like Ann with someone other then Ken lol

  5. episode 13 doesn't work, there is no picture until like the video is half way over. idk if anyone knows how to fix this

  6. I checked out ep 13 as well, and flaregirl8 is right, there is something wrong with the file.

  7. @flaregirl8 @Jazmin I was kind busy with other things sorry I will re-upload this week kind have problem with internet in ma home

  8. Hi thank you!!! I warn you that the first files, that .001, aren't working ^^

  9. Just a heads up that for both downloading sites the file for episode 12 stops midway through around 20+ mins and just the image of Ann is shown until the 40+ min mark where the footage comes back.

  10. Could you please upload this lakorn again. ALL links are dead.