Seu Rak Chak Yai Olawon  (2008)
Also known as:

สื่อรักชักใยอลวล//Chaotic Matchmaking  
Duration: 16 Episodes
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Broadcast network: Channel 3

Witawin, a young businessman comes back from America to take vacation in Thailand and survey for his new business. He's happy to meet Daru, his ex-girlfriend again, but he just realizes that she gets married with Theenai already and they have a daughter, Jean. After he talks to her, he just knows that Daru has problem in her marriage life because Theenai is very flirty and always makes her sorry.

Witawin feel sorry and guilty for her because he leaves her to America, so he wants to help her to solve her family problem. However, Theenai misunderstands him and thinks that he tries to get back with his wife, so they fight with each other. Daru is very angry at her husband, so she quarrels with him in front of Jean, their daughter.

Jean is hurt seeing her parents quarrel, so she asked her babysitter to take her to run away to stay at Chomtawan farm, Theenai's uncle and aunt's farm. She tells Praiya or Dream, Theenai's younger sister about her family problem, so Dream wants to help them.

Dream tries to get rid of her's brother's girls and her sister-in-law's guys out of their way and Witawin is one of them. Credit to Wasabizan's Blog
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Subtitles: English Hardsub
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Credits: Thanks to Wishboniko for their hard work!
Joiner, Encoder, Uploader:  Callie

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