How do I download from this blog?

Short answer - copy and past our links to your web address bar (also known as the location bar or URL bar). 

Long answer, see below.

1. Go to lakorn you want to download and click on 'read more, then scroll down until you see 'Download Here.'

       a. Sometimes, the links will be available on the blog already and you just click on them. An example of this:

Download Here

This is just an example. Click on file to download link like with Ep 1 and 2.

OR copy and paste web address to download file.

Ep 2:   (link is highlighted)

For example, highlight the address starting with http:-----. Then while address is still highlighted, click right mouse button and chose copy from menu.

Then go to web address bar and paste the copied link by clicking right mouse button again and selecting 'paste' from menu this time. Press enter and you should go to link. Follow directions onscreen to download.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste. (Google it if you want instructions.)

OR (this is the more common one)

        b. Double click on "Download Here" and it'll take you to a page where there are links. 

Scroll down to this:                       Download Here

Click on Download Here. It will take you to a page with links on it. 

2. The link will take you to a page with download links. Download page or view the links.
3. Copy and paste links to your browser address bar, one at a time. Make sure to copy the address completely and ONLY the address, no added spaces, etc. or else you'll get an error message (or at Mega they'll tell you you're missing a decryption key)
4. Each file sharer is different, but look for 'download' button.
- Some file sharers want you to wait for a bit, others you have to type in a few words or some numbers they give you. 

- Some file sharers have a checked box, they want you to download their software. Simply uncheck box, then download.

5. If link doesn't work, read the error message.
6. Try link again or check out alternate links. Do this a couple of times, at different times. Sometimes files are down temporarily.
7. Finally, read the faq and if that still doesn't help, leave a message on the site.
8. The message should include what file share you tried to download from, like uptobox, MEGA, depositfile, hipfile, etc. Also write down the error message and the browser you're using (firefox, google chrome, internet explorer, etc.). OR if you think the file is down/deleted, just say that.

9. We will try to get back to you in a timely fashion. Thank you.

Downloading from specific file sharers

- In order to protect our links better and prevent them from being deleted as frequently, we put the download links on a page. 

- When you click on "Download here," you are really getting a link to the page with links, not the download links itself.

- The page links are at and mostly. 

- At, the link will take you to a page with links on it. You can either copy and paste the links as mentioned above, or download the page to your computer.

- At mediafire, it gives you the choice to view or download the file. It doesn't really matter which you choose, you'll still end up copying and pasting the links as mentioned above.

-uptobox links only work for those outside the USA so keep that in mind.

Downloading Tips

- If you get an error message about a decryption key, ignore it. There's no key, just make sure you copy and paste the WHOLE address and no extra spaces either. Otherwise it says this.

- There are usually two sets of links at different file share places, like Mega, 4shared, uptobox, mediafire, 1fichier, filefactory, hotfiles (this site is gone, so we have to replace these links), hipfile, and so on. 

If one set of links don't work, try the other set. If both don't work, try again another time. If it still doesn't work after trying it, leave a message and we'll look into it. 

- If you register at some sites, you might get a better download speed usually. Especially if you pay to have a premium account, that gets you the fastest speed. I do recommend getting a free account at the file sharers you download from most frequently.

It depends a lot on your Internet connection how fast your download will be. Smaller files like 100-200mb won't take as long as 500mb files, which may take 30mins or more depending on your Internet speed. 

- HQ (High Quality)and HD (High Definition) lakorns can take a long time to download as they're usually big files, from 600mb to over 1 gb. They also have better picture quality though. But they can take a hour or so to download depending on your Internet speed.

- Different file servers have different speeds as well. 4shared, 1ficihier are some of the faster ones. 

- Uptobox and Mega work better with the Google Chrome browser, so if you're having trouble downloading from those sites, try in using that browser. 

And I believe there is now as Firefox extension for Mega that you may wish to download if you're using Mozilla Firefox browser.

For split files, you will need HJSplit or FFSJ to join the files with numbered extensions, like .001 or .002 at the end. Download all the files for each episode before joining with HJSplit or FFSJ.

That's it for now. Let me know if you have any problems, concerns, or complaints down below. 



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