Episodes: 10
Channel: Ch3
Country: Thailand
Year: 2015
Slot: Monday/Tuesday
Credits for Fan-Art: iamzoof


Patience is the heart of a fighter.

Kanin doesn't want to be a Mafia Boss like his father so he denies in being the Leader of the Red Hawk Gang. Which the Red Hawk Gang has the most power than every single gang in the Gulf of Poets. But after Kanin got hurt badly from one of the Dragon Dancer during the Chinese Festival, he has to stand up to protect himself and his family from danger. Kanin then comes back to be the Leader of the Red Hawk Gang from Sia Bon and plans to run his family's business again even if he has to start at zero.
Fate brings Kanin to meet with Pantheera at The Rong Nan where Pantheera was a dancer. Pantheera and both Kanin had feelings for each other but Kanin is already engaged to Monsicha, Pan's stepsister. But before the marriage of Kanin and Monsicha, there was bad news flying around between Kanin and Pan.
Kanin and Pan then both have to marry each other instead with Kanin promising Pan that he will not touch her at all. Pan doesn't believe Kanin making Kanin think that she is in love with Krit, the owner of the Chinese Dragon dancer.
At the same time of trying hard to win over Pantheera's heart, Kanin also have to overcome the obstacles and difficulty cart to salvage the mill. Along with finding out who is the person behind everything each time a problem occurs. And that person is no one other than his brother in law, MonChit. MonChit works for a secretly unknown person, in which the unknown man offers MonChit a deal that if he is able to kill Kanin, than everything thing of Kanin will all fall into his hands! including Pantheera, the women who Kanin loves the most.
Kanin overcome many obstacles to the point where he successfully established the most perfect Mill and with money and riches everywhere. But he has to lose the confidence that he has for Pantheera because of MonChit. Making Pan wanting to prove herself to Kanin. But Kanin instead hides inside the Mill company. Trouble comes when Pan and her sister got capture by MonChit. In which in exchange for both Pan and her sister, Kanin must give the leader of the Red Hawk Gang to MonChit. At this point what should Kanin do since he finally finds out the answer to why his father want him to take care of all their business, Because once everything falls into the bad guys hand, everything will be damage. But in the end, living with powers is meaning less if you don't have the person you love by your side....


Andrew Gregson (Andy) as Kanin
Taew Nataporn as Pantheera
Natanisha Tangwattawanit as Wipada
Vivid Bavornkiratikajorn as Monchit
Montri Janeaksorn (Pu) as Sia Leng
Penpak Sirikul as Choking
Ped Chernyim as Sia Boong
Off Pongpat Wachirabunjong as Singsangwuang
Kasama Nitsaipan as Sia Peng
Nitchapan Chutanwongwasut as Monsicha
Veerawan Phongam (Ying) as Yokmanee
and many more...


Episode 1 SoftSubs
Episode 2 SoftSubs
Episode 3 SoftSubs
 Episode 4 Softsubs 
Episode 5 SoftSubs
Episode 6 SoftSubs
Episode 7 Softsubs
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  Episode 10 Softsubs

You can download the videos here

Credits for part 4 of Mafia Series:

Timers: Jaz , Nur, Shy, Sam. Mari. Izz. titi_odusFoy, AdeNike and sabrinafair
Subbers: Koyziiiiiz and Stephanie_t_3

Proofreaders/Editing: Jaz , Nur, Shy, Sam. Mari. Izz. and titi_odus



  1. Hi Jasmine, how do I get the video with subtitles....... the media files here, are only subtitles i can download..

    1. you have to wait cuz CM shukmister is making downloading links for them :D

  2. I'm in love with Andy x-)
    =)) He is so funny
    Thanks!!! (p)

  3. Thank you for subs ! :)

  4. I can only see ep 1-5. Are the other episodes not ready to be dl yet? thank you to everyone's hard work!

  5. Thank U for You for the sub, but where i can find the video for ep 7-10 thanks

  6. Thank You so much !

  7. thank you so much to all of the team who worked on this one =)))

  8. Is CM shukmister still working on links for subs? Or are the softsubs what we get? I am fascinated with this drama. I thought it was going to be dorky but the actor is showing depth and I wonder what she is saying and why he is responding to her is such a way.

    1. This is the link for All Things Raed. :) - I have uploaded all HD episodes as split files. The subtitles are all from the JL Subbing Team, but I edited to episode 4 to match the CupTV version of the show. The others should work, though they are matched to the TV3 YT version. Enjoy!

    2. - Hah! then I forgot the link.

    3. Thank you for the link and the timely response. This is an enjoyable drama. Thanks!

  9. how do put the videos together in one long episode in VLC player i cant seem to do it? Please help me I'm really in desperate need to watch it.

    1. I used a program calld HJSplit to make the segments.
      You click on "File Join", then click on the first split file of the episode you have downloaded, and press "Start". The program will put all the pieces together into a single 750p HD mp4 file.

      If you use Chrome, another option would be to download the softsubs, then use a Chrome extension that overlays the subtitles on a YT video. All Raed episodes are available in full 450p versions at Channel 3 Thai's YT page.

      Good luck!

    2. I downloaded the hjsplit and tried to join the softsubs but it didn't work. Please help!! I'm not a video expert and I really want to watch this series. I also downloaded an extension on from Google Chrome but don't know how to work it.