With Kiss Me, Thai's version of It Started With a Kiss airing now, it seemed a prime time to revisit this post.
Princess Hours
Not to mention, Princess Hours (Thai) has been announced!!! It's supposed to be produced by the same company as Kiss Me, with different leads rumored to be Tao Sattaphong and Pattie Ungsumalynn

Wheee!!! I've been waiting for someone to remake this, it's one of my favorite kdramas about a commoner who marries a prince. 

Princess Hours (or Goong) is based on a Korean manhwa by Park So-hee. The kdrama had great music, beautiful scenery and great chemistry between the leads. Here's the leads in the Thai version. They're in the early twenties, similar to kdrama cast at the time.
Pattie Ungsumalynn
Tao Sattaphong
Kiss Me, the Playful Kiss Thai version starring the Full House couple Aom Sucharat, and Mike Pirath has been announced. Playful Kiss is the name of the kdrama based on Itazura no Kiss (It Started With a Kiss) manga which has spawned numerous dramas, and an anime. 
Various versions of story
This is the story of an optimistic and dimwitted girl (Aom) who has a major crush on a cold aloof boy, and confesses only to be rejected. I watched the first episode here and they've definitely made changes to the story, depicting the couple as childhood love, though Aom seems not to remember Mike, though he remembers her. 

Kiss Me
Mike already seems to have feelings for her on their first meet (first meet as teens? that is) as he helps Aom rescue a cat. There's already talk of a season 2 if the ratings are good, so I'm not sure if it will work out if they show Mike to be really nice as I thought season 2 really proved the depth and strength of his feelings for her. But he's also cold to her at times, so again, while I liked it well enough, not sure what to think about Kiss Me yet. Ready for more though!

Other kdramas being turned into lakorns? Exact OneHD is the production company in charge of both A Love to Kill starring New Chaiyapol and Vill Wannarot and I'm Sorry I Love You has Nike Nitidon and Punch Worakarn. Both are melodramas with revenge as a main focus, written by the same author Lee Kyung-hee
Vill Wannarot
New Chaiyapol
A Love to Kill sounds similar to Jam Leuy Ruk actually. A guy goes after the woman who hurt his brother? In this drama, New will become a bodyguard to get his revenge against the actress (Vill).
Nike Nitidon
Punch Worakarn
Of the two, I'm Sorry I Love You was more successful in Korea starring So Ji-Sub as a thug out for revenge on his birth mother for abandoning him. Nike Nitidon and Punch Worakarn are at best sophomores at acting, they have some drama credits, but not a lot so this will definitely be a challenge for them. 
OneHD is also remaking City of Light : The O.C. Thailand, one of two teen dramas that are in the works.The other one is the smash hit Gossip Girl. Both are based off American tv shows. Gossip Girl is airing now. And Ugly Betty Thailand aired in April 2015. 

Last, but not least, there's a rumor OneHD is remaking Boys Over Flowers. No word yet on casts, so this might not be real, but given the interest in remaking other kdramas, BOF seems sure to come up sooner or later.

What dramas would you like to see remade into lakorns? And do you think this is a good or bad trend? 
(Sources: Asianwiki, Asianfuse forum and wiki)



  1. I want to see Playfull Kiss but it won't be airing soon... gonna be a long wait

  2. "I'm Sorry I Love You" that's the remake I want to see! I liked Punch in Taddao Bussaya.

  3. i want to see ugly betty thai version, coffee prince thai version, playfull kiss so badyl...anyone who know where to download..please share..hehe..tq

  4. just curious, does anybody knows who is the main actress of ugly betty thailand?

  5. I wish they would have picked another drama besides A LOVE TO KILL. It was such a bore to me! Yes, Rain was in it and so was Shin Minah, but, I didn't like it too much. They could have picked a better drama to remake...but why are lakorns ALWAYS A REMAKE?? how many times are they going to recycle a kidnap her/rape her/get her pregnant/she runs away because she loves him but hates him because he raped her/he finds her/apologizes/they make up/they get married????

    sure, Sawan Biang is one of my all-time favorite dramas, but those Thai writers need to come up with new storylines; especially storylines that don't involve the 3rd worldness of Thailand.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LAKORNS, I'm just tired of remakes! and please employ more real Thai actors.

  6. And, I wish they would stop retiring their veteran actresses in for new baby faces. I don't like them pairing little babies who are 19 or 20 with actors who are in their early 30s or late 30s. I especiallay did not like Mark Prin playing a 30 something business man when he was only 19! OMG!! This is why I take breaks from lakorns sometimes.

    1. Actually, I refuse to watch those kinds of dramas now. I'd rather watch an experienced actress working with an experienced actor than to watch a super young fresh-faced pretty in a drama with a story line that called for someone older.

  7. I'm sorry I love you n A love to kill , their both have a sad ending .. so I prefer boys before flower or taiwan drama why why love .... anyway , thx !!

  8. Thailand should have been making dramas like this from the beginning instead of doing slap-kiss-rape shananigans, which I love, but they can get tiring! They use the same actors over and over all the time,they use TOO YOUNG of actors to play mature roles (just because they're pretty), and they retire GOOD ACTORS who are over 25-30something TOO early!

    I'm excited for all these remakes, but I'm disappointed int them. There's too much prejudice and age discrimination in the world of lakorn.