we need your help.

Since we are busy with subbing lakorns for you guys and that some of us are busy with things in real life so we need you guys to help us upload some lakorn that are dead i mean that the links are dead so if anyone here can help us do that, that would be so awesome so that we don't have to worry about that. P.S please comment what lakorn are dead or Email me here ersad77ddd@gmail.com and i will update the name list here  



  1. I'd love to help, if I knew how...

  2. pls teach me and i can definitely help.

  3. Maybe you have list od lakorns with dead links??
    From what I see I can upload Kularb Satan and Roy Lae Sanae Luang for now. If someone is working on this series right now then let me know.
    By the way which server do you prefer to upload videos?

  4. I think 1fichier is best since the link is deleted after 60 days of no downloading. I don't think it has a size limit (though I could be wrong).

  5. Zippyshare is easier to download for some people. If you guys can upload it to there, it would be great too.