This has been a slow drama watching year for me. I've only watched one lakorn in all (I started more but dropped them), I usually watched at least four or five, so I'm really behind. If you're like me and wanting to catch another lakorn or two before the year ends, this is the post for you. We have the 2015 lakorns and recommendations on what to watch.
Bang Rajun
Here you'll find all the 2015 subbed lakorns, where to watch them or download them and what's RecommendedHighly Recommended, and a Disappointment.

I haven't been posting much, but the end of year posts on other sites like Dramabeans inspired me to make my own. I want to do some end of the year polls, and hope everyone participates! Please feel free to chime in with your own recommendations for lakorns to watch and poll questions!!!

Subbed Lakorns 

(both complete and incomplete in ABC order) 

Ab Ruk Online ~ Secret Love Online - Download here 
Synopsis: Awatsaya (Anne) is a fierce boss who secretly falls in love with her new young subordinate, Pranont (Mark). Because she needs to maintain her image as a professional and boss she conceals this secret. In order to get to know him better and court him, she uses an online chat program, MSN, using the alias ‘Khun Ab Ruk (Your Secret Love).'

Their relationship starts to bloom, but is cut short when Awatsaya carelessly reveals her secret to the handsome and cunning Managing Director of the company Lipda (Peter). When Lipda learns of this secret, he tries to help Awatsaya move forward with Pranont. However, he ends up making everything even more troublesome when he secretly falls in love with Awatsaya. The love triangle between Awatsaya, Pranont, and Lipda is unable to end easily when another obstacle like Priprao (Kim) comes into the picture and pretends to be ‘Khun Ab Ruk.'
Teaser Disappointment- high ratings but most didn't like the relationship development.

Bang Rajan/บางระจัน Streaming at Keyhui
Synopsis:  This drama is based off Bang Rajan (2000) film version, and will focus on three couples during a time of war against invaders. (Source: asianfuse wiki) 
Teaser Highly Recommended

Devil Lover ~ เผลอใจ..ให้นายปีศาจ - Download here (HD), Streaming 5/17 
Synopsis:  ? (Source: asianfuse wiki

Dung Sawan Sarb/ดั่งสวรรค์สาบ Download 1/14
Synopsis Dawan (Poo) is the only daughter of a rich business man. She's completely spoiled. She is a famous playgirl, who likes to go out with different men. Her hobby is trying to get attention from men, especially the one with girlfriend. Before her father die, he makes a conditional will. Dawan must marry Karn (Om), his best friend's son. Otherwise, she will not get any inheritance. So Dawan & Kan engage.

Two years passes by, Dawan never changes until she get into a car accident.  After the accident, she lost her memory. Dawan becomes a very nice girl (completely opposite to her old self). Because of her rotten past, most people hate her. They take advantage of her.  
To protect her, Karn (unwillingly) marries Dawan. What happens next, tune in to find out.
(Source: asianfuse wiki) Teaser Disappointment- the acting, Poo, The acting. Poo.

Hua Jai Mee Ngao - Streaming project cancelled
Synopsis: After Laveng gets injured in a car accident, her spirit switches bodies with the fragile Oumavassy who is suffering a heart problem. She wakes up to the sight of Yo who is Oumavassy's fiance. Yo refuses to believe that Laveng isn't his fiance but is surprised to see the weak Oumvassy do things that she has never been able to do before. Soon enough the two learn to love each other for who they are. (Credit: Cupid Candy @ asisanfuse).(Source: asianfuse wiki
Teaser Disappointment - apparently they changed original author's story.

Hua Jai Pathapee/Patapee Download here (HD), Streaming  
Synopsis: The story is about Forest Conservation. The main lead are special agents from the National Forest Ranger Department.?  (Source: asianfuse wiki
Teaser Recommended

Ka Badin - Streaming or here 2/14 on hold
Synopsis: A boran lakorn. James Ma will be playing the role Haym in Ka Badin, which takes place in the era of King Nang Klao, the third reign (after King Rama II). 

The story sets around the period when England (known as Wilat at the time) enters into a commercial partnership role with Thailand, and this historical fact plays as a backbone to the plot of this drama. Because Haym is a good looking, well-mannered and bright boy, he is known as “Phor Haym Roop Thong” meaning “Phor Haym the Golden” (back then boys/men are referred to as ‘phor’). He has a knack for English and sneaks around to further his skills with an English teacher, however once his father finds out – he who doesn’t trust foreigners – decides to send his son to study at the monastery. There, Haym picks up sword wielding skills. 

Unfortunately, accused of killing an Englishman, he is relegated to being an elephant keeper. He then masters the science of ailing elephants and becomes quite the vet and elephant keeper. Therein he meets Lamduan (
Matt Peeranee) who is the leading actress of a dance play in Amphawa. He had already met her when they were younger, and this propels them to fall in love. However due to their status differences, as well as interference from another man who wants Lamduan for himself, Haym pursues the military forces so that he can improve his status. With his brilliance and capability, Haym climbs the military rung (so to speak) and also becomes the national pride and bravery of Badin. CREDIT TO: Lovefia (Source: asianfuse wiki
Teaser Recommended

Kiss Me - Streaming 16/20
Synopsis: This is the story of an optimistic and dimwitted girl (Aom) who has a major crush on a cold aloof boy, and confesses only to be rejected. (Source: asianfuse wiki
Teaser Highly Recommended

Leelawadee Plerng/Lilawadee Plerng - Streaming 3/17 
Synopsis:  The only daughter of the man who killed his mom asks him to help prove the innocence of her dad. Thawit was the only witness to the killing of his mom, Mae Toy, by her ex-lover. But he was knocked out from a blow to the head and couldn't remember anything that happened that day. 

The only evidence that tied Linn's father to the crime was a red plumeria (a lilawadee flower). She took on the alias, Lilawadee Plerng and works as a nightclub singer in order to investigate the truth so she can clear her dad's name from the crime he didn't commit. The case was a long time ago when she and he was little. Thawit wanted to chase Lilawadee away but there's something about her that make him want to help her prove the truth. Find out to see who was the real killer.
Credit: NinjaKKN @Spicy (Source: asianfuse wiki) 

Teaser Recommended

Leh Ratree 2015 ~A Woman's Trickery - Download here (HD), Streaming 
Synopsis: Kate's (Esther) dad stole money from Sake's (Sean) company and when he found out, he got super pissed because he trusted Kate's dad. This caused him to go over to their house to search for him. But he had already left and with his wife going to find him, it was only the kids and the housekeepers. 

Sake and his guards intruded into their house anyway and this caused Kate and Sake to argue. He was talking bad about her dad so she slapped him which, well.. caused matters to worsen. He carried her into the bathroom, locked it and showered her (Sounds weird, I know. Just watch it). With all of these going on, the mom found the dad but he had to go to the hospital because of his heart condition. There he decided to sell Kate to Sake for the debts. But he knew they wanted an heir and knew they will be able to take care of her. 

There's also Poo (Jes) and Pa (Gpysy). Poo is Kate's childhood friend. He of course, liked her. Pa is Sake's little sister. She's usually always with their mom. I guess you can say they're the bickering couple too. Itsala (Fang), who is Sake's ex-wife only wanted him for his money so he broke it off when he found out. Also, she lied she was pregnant but in fact, she couldn't since she got into a car accident as a teenager. She didn't believe Sake has moved on to Kate since she knew he loved her and continuously chases after him. With all these going on, we'll just see how Sake and Kate plays out with their love. CR; NK (Source: asianfuse wiki
Teaser Highly Recommended

Lom Sorn Ruk /ลมซ่อนรัก - Download
Synopsis: Patrin, a young girl who is weak towards the world thought that her boyfriend gave his love to her sincerely but realized she got deceived and was used as a tool. Now she has to pay for the things he framed her. 

One day she went home to her birthplace in the countryside to rest and treat her deeply injured heart.
Patrin receive an offer from Pranon, a doctor who is an idealist to marry with him to deceive his parents in exchange for a large sum of money for her to pay off her debt.

Patrin fell into the circle of lies once again…One, she’s lying to the parents and friends of both sides that they’re getting married and two, she’s lying to herself that they don’t love each other…But will it be easy to do? The deception still occurs continuously without an end until both of them are holding hands and walk to the destination of love .Credit: iloveggubgib  (Source:
 asianfuse wiki

Koo Prab Chabab Hua Jai ~ The Love Rivalry - Download here, Streaming 2/12 
Synopsis: ? (Source: asianfuse wiki)
Mafia Luerd Mungkorn series - various links here
Synopsis: Five lakorns based on a series of novels of the same name, chronicling the lives of five individuals in the mafia world: Tiger (Suer), Lion (Singha), Bull (Krating) Recommended, Rhino (Raed) and Swan (Hong). (see below for more info on each lakorn). (Source: asianfuse wikiDisappointment - people liked some parts of series, like Kim and Ananda couple's chemistry in Suer, but most felt the series as a whole was a disappointment. Good acting, poor plots, etc.

Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart ~ Unending Desire - Streaming or here 8/16 Completed at Keyhui
SynopsisChitchaba (Kwan) is the only daughter of a millionaire businessman. She just graduated from abroad and returns to Thailand. Her father commits suicide after he gambles away their mansion to a man named Patawee (Tui). 

As a result she becomes Patawee's mistress and embarks on a trail to revenge. (Source: asianfuse wiki) 
Teaser Disappointment a lot of stuff here is over the top even for a slap n'kiss.

Morrasoom Sawat/มรสุมสวาท   CH7
English title?
StarringWeir Sukollawat, Preaw Tasaneeya
Airing DateDecember 17
GenreActionRomance, Drama 
Watch with subs: ?
Synopsis: ? (Source: asianfuse wiki)
Teaser or here

Namthaa Kammathep - Download here 3/12 
Synopsis: Sounds like a spoof on lakorn cliches, with a girl pretending to be a boy who fools everyone just by putting on a mustache, or male characters always being fooled by the evil women. Credit: Thai Entertainment News and Sources  By TH-Angel  (Source: asianfuse wiki

Nang Chada - Download hereStreaming 6/14 
Synopsis: Techit and Chompoo choose one house as a home for newly wedding couple. When both of them come in this house. Chompoo feel that someone walk around the house. She always feel that someone walk around her bed. She heard Thai orchestra sound. It come with the wind. It make she have standing on the end. When she watches TV alone in downstairs, she hears someone run upstairs. Chompoo believes that this house must be haunted house. And her friend die one by one, it makes she freak out. She don't know that her secret will open, and it will take back from her. Credit & Thanks to (Source: asianfuse wiki
Nang Rai Tee Rak  - Download here (HD), Streaming
Synopsis: Pimchanok is an orphan who was adopted by a rich family. She is very famous in the entertainment industry as a supporting actress or "nang'rai". Natee is a policeman who has no interest in entertainment until he sees Pimchanok on TV. He is stunned by her beauty. 

Their paths should not cross...until one day, Pimchanok dreams about her sister who got separated when they were young. Then there is news that her sister died. At her funeral, Pimchanok meets her sister's ex-boyfriend who tells her that her sister was murdered, and he suspects that the two brothers and big bosses in the entertainment industry are the ones behind it. 

Pimchanok gets herself involved with the two big bosses to investigate her sister's death. One of the wives becomes jealous and Pimchanok begins to receive death threats. Chales, her manager, goes to the police to ask for protection for her and they send Natee to be her personal bodyguard. 
 asianfuse wiki

Neung Nai  Suang 2015 - Download here (HD), Streaming
Synopsis: From old drama - Yaya and James’s characters were childhood enemies. James made fun of Yaya because she was chubby, and Yaya hated James because he always had to have his way. Years later, Yaya finishes her schooling, and is able to find a job as a private teacher for the young daughter of a rich family. Meanwhile James has finished studying abroad and is making his way home. Upon hearing about James’s return, Yaya hopes and does all she can to avoid him. Unfortunately, at a party, as if by fate, Yaya and James are paired as dance partners. As soon as he sees her, James likes Yaya. However, he does not know who she is. Yaya, on the other hand, knows exactly who he is and refuses to dance with him.

It is not until Yaya’s cousins, who also grew up with James and Yaya, show James a picture of the present Yaya does he realize who she is. Having been rejected by Yaya, James sets out to mess with Yaya and prove that he can still get his own way. However, in doing so, it becomes harder and harder for James to ignore his attraction to her. Before long, getting his own way starts to mean getting Yaya for himself.
 (Source: asianfuse wiki
Teaser Disappointment - depends on who you ask, Yaya fan or casual fan but it basically doesn't live up to Ken and Janie version.
Ngao Jai ~ Shadow of the Heart - Download here (HD), Streaming  
SynopsisTwin drama that's finished filming. Starring the couple from Sood Sai Paan.
(Source: asianfuse wiki)
Teaser or here

Rak Rae/รักเร่   CH7
English title 
Starring: Pancake Khemanit, Om Akapan
Airing DateDecember 14
GenreRomance, Drama
Watch with subsHere
Synopsis: Ramin, the praek was the secretary of the ambassador in Vienna and meets Wayoon, a scholarship student there studying language. Because of his rich and successful background, he was taught that every woman that came into his life was just after his money. He thought Wayoon was those women as well. So he starts to court her. Wayoon falls for him sincerely later on. He has feelings for her too and they end up sleeping together. Wayoon later finds out that she's pregnant and goes to tell him but he tells her to get an abortion. His aunt propose to give her with money not bother nephew anymore. Upset and heartbroken, Wayoon is about to get an abortion but has a dream about a little girl calling her mom so she decided to keep the baby. She continues to go to school pregnant; but her best friend, Nicholas, helps her through her classes and pregnancy. Nicholas also secretly has feelings for Wayoon too.

After giving birth to a girl, Wayoon graduates and become the translator for the UN where years later she meets Ramin once again who is now the Thai Ambassador. Ramin still loves and misses Wayoon but believed that she had an abortion but later finds out she kept the baby and has a 3 year old daughter. He wants to reconcile but it wasn't going to be easy since Wayoon isn't very forgiving him and she is now with Nicholas. ~~ Based on a novel by Sopak Suwan, same author that wrote Fah Jarod Srai & Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawat. (Source: asianfuse wiki)
(Source: asianfuse wiki

Roy Leh Sanae Rai 2015 - DownloadStreaming  or here 
Synopsis: Push basically schemes to get Lily to marry him so he can get back the money his dad gave her. Of course, in the process he falls for her sweetness and sincerity. (Source: asianfuse wiki)
Teaser Recommended

Roy Ruk Raeng Kaen ~ A Passionate Love - Download here (HD), Streaming
Synopsis: Kimhan and Mookarin were engaged to be married but a tragedy changed that love to hate. Mon, Kimhan's sister was found dead and her husband, Tada, Mook's brother was accused to be the killer. The case went to court and Tada was acquitted with Mook taking the stand as her brother's alibi and Mon's death was ruled a suicide.

Kimhan doesn't believe the ruling. If the law can't punish Tada, Kimhan will do it himself. The properties of Mon was given to her husband, which angered Kimhan even more. Kimhan vowed to revenge for his sister.

Kimhan got married to Paktra, a friend of Mook, to get back at her. Years later, he came back into Mook's life again to exact revenge on her and her brother. Kimhan pretended to love Mook still and because Mook still loves him, she willingly became his mistress. But after Mook got pregnant with him, Kimhan refused to take responsibility. Will their tainted love be able to finally heal and blossom anew or will Kimhan's wrath destroy everything in its path? Tune into Roy Ruk Raeng Kaen to find out. Credit: NinjaKKN from Spicy Forum.(Source: asianfuse wiki) 
Teaser Recommended

Sapai Jao ~ Royal Daughter-In-Law - Streaming 7/14?
Synopsis: M.R.Kittirajnarin or Chai Rong aka Khunchai Rong was supposed to get into an arranged marriage with Srijittra, the older daughter of Rachadamri family. He hesitated because he's alreary been in love with Ying Koy aka Khunying Koy but his family refused to let him marry a divorced woman. 

Srijittra is an obedient daughter so she agrees easily and preparing to be a royal in-law by learning manner stuffs at Pra-ek's palace. Chai Rong completely ignores Srijittra so she feels really sad and instead she feels more comfortable with the funny M.R.Bodintararajsongpol or Chai Lek. 

One day, Srijittra's younger sister, Salin, went to visit her sister at Pra-ek's palace and found Chai Rong and his lover Ying Koy exchange kisses... Salin then tries to find a way to help her sister from the unwanted marriage..... There'll be twisted stories that make Salin and Chai Rong become close to each other and finally fall in love.(Source: asianfuse wiki
Teaser or here

Song Hua Jai Nee Puer Tur ~Two Spirits' Love DownloadStreaming 
Synopsis: The title speaks to Mario’s character who’s a businessman and through an accident caused by the villains, he loses his memory. Mint happens to be at the right place and right time and saves Mario. 

Due to the amnesia, Mario becomes someone unlike his former self, and we’ll get to see how he plays two different personalities while trying to figure out his real self, and come to term with this new revelation. Thus the ‘two spirits’ love.’ Sounds fun! Credit: InW/lakorns  (Source: asianfuse wiki) . (Source: asianfuse wiki) 
Teaser Highly Recommended

Tang Parn Kammathep 2015 - Cupid's Pathway  - Streaming or here? 1/?
Synopsis: Story line is like Sawan Bieng + Jam Lei Ruk combined. Pimonpa (Vicky) will marry Traipope's (Poh) father, even though his loving stepmother sick. So Traipope hate Pimonpa so much, even though he never met Pimonpa. Artorn who is ex lover of Pimonpa is sad about this. He try to contact her through her younger sister Pattaralada (Pream). On the wedding night, Traipope pretend to be Artorn, and send Pimonpa an appointment letter. Pimonpa very angry, she order Pattaralada to meet Traipope for her. 

When Traipope meet Pattaralada he misunderstand that Pattaralada is Pimonpa. So he took her away from the wedding so he can break his father wedding ceremony. Traipope take Pattaralada to the residence and he hurt and defame Pattaralada in several ways...  What will happen next? Watch to find out. Cr. Thailandlakorn (Source: asianfuse wiki) 

Tarm Rak Keun Jai ~ Pursue Love Back to the Heart - Streaming  
Synopsis:  Another remake. Tarm Ruk Keun Jai is a romantic, easygoing story taken place at a farm. Nadech will take on a farm owner named Singh and with his new, rugged look, he’ll be the dreamy image that manifests itself out of the book. Mew plays Nuna who has been estranged from her long lost father, played by Au (the original hero from 1998), and she will be on a mission to find him. Then turns out, Au’s character (Rarm) will fall in love with Singh’s sister. (Source: Lovefia's Blog) (Source: asianfuse wiki

Tawan Tut Burapa 2015 ~ The Brothers - DownloadStreaming
Synopsis:  Another remake, this time brothers go head to head after an accident that takes their mother's life leads them down completely opposite paths, one a cop and the other one a member of the mafia. (Source: asianfuse wiki
Teaser Recommended

Waen Sawaat Download or here (HD), Streaming 
Synopsis:  Previous life - N'ek die because her younger twin sister, because younger twin sister n'ek love her brother in law. She poison n'ek. Then, P'ek must married with younger twin sister of n'ek. Finally, he know that  she kill n'ek. He go into monkhood all his life.

Next life - P'ek and younger twin sister of n'ek reborn. They are marrying, but younger twin sister of n'ek was killed. N'ek is spirit. She follow p'ek and her younger sister. When her sister was killed, she possesses her sister's body. (Sources: (thanks to krisayaporn@asianfuse forum, asianfuse wiki

Wannueng Jaa Pben Superstar ~ I Wanna Be a      Superstar - Download here (HD), Streaming  (new)
Synopsis: (Source: asianfuse wiki) 

Ugly Duckling SeriesStreaming 
Synopsis: Mostly light hearted stories of teens and their love affairs. Four lakorns, of around 5-11 episodes each. Perfect Match Highly Recommended, Pity Girl, Don't, Boys' Paradise Recommended

Unsubbed Recommended Lakorns

Ban Lang Mek / บัลลังก์เมฆ 
English title: The Cloud Throne
Starring:Aom Piyada, Num Sornram
Airing Date: May 18
Genre: Remake, Drama, Romance
Watch with subs: ?
Synopsis: Seems to be about Aom's life and love through the years Much longer synopsis at source.(Source: asianfuse wiki)
Teaser Highly Recommended

Kay Hart Dao 
English title
Starring: Dan Worrawech, Pang Ornjira 
Airing DateJan 14, 2015 
GenreRemake, Romance, Drama
Watch with subs: ?
(Source: asianfuse wiki
Teaser - starts at 2:25 Recommended

Kor Pen Jaosao Suk Krung Hai Cheun Jai/ขอเป็นเจ้าสาวสักครั้งให้ชื่นใจ  CH3
English title: Can I Be Your Bride Just This Once for My Heart's Content
Starring: Great Warintorn, Matt Peeranee
Airing Date: August 30?
GenreRomance, Comedy, Drama
Watch with subs: ?
Synopsis Wiwa has a wedding shop, but has never been a bride though she longs to be one. When an accident lands her in a popular celebrity's body, is this a chance to make her dreams come true? (Source: asianfuse wiki
Teaser Recommended

Kratook Nuad Suer/ กระตุกหนวดเสือ
Starring: Sarah Legge, Pop thakoon 
Airing DateFeb 23, 2015 
GenreAction, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural
Watch with subs: ?
Synopsis:  The story takes place in Arayan, a place in the country. There are groups of robbers and the top ones are called Seua or "Tiger". One of the groups whose leader is Seua Tongbai (Not Vorarit) is not like the other groups. They rob from rich people who take advantage of the people and return the money back to the poor who are in need. The youngest and newest of the group is Poot (Pop Thagoon). Poot is an orphan whom Seua Tongbai and his wife YaJai (Benz) found when he was still a baby. Poot is a car mechanic in Arayan and he is also a spy for Seua Tongbai. He will go tell news if anything comes up. He meets GinKaew (Sara) on the first day that she comes to Arayan and they get into an argument. GinKaew is a doctor who has graduated from medicine and healing of the chinese people. She also learns the secret of Poot and Seua Tongbai, but because of the goodness the group does, she decides to join them for the benefit of the poor.
Then there's the legend of Luang Poo Khem. He is believed to be the strongest of all Seua that was alive 100 years ago. Before he died he hid his treasures in the most dangerous place and only his bloodline can hold them without meeting with any Casualties. When the bad people found out, they all go and try to get the treasures because it is believed that whoever has at least just one piece of the treasure, they will be unbeatable.(Source: asianfuse wiki
Teaser Recommended

Peuan Paeng/ เพื่อนแพง  
StarringWeir Sukollawat, Pooklook Fonthip
Airing Date: May 12
Genre: Romance, Drama, Historical
Watch with subs: ??
SynopsisA tragic love triangle between Lor and the two daughters of Por Pit named Peuan and Paeng. Peuan is the selfish older sister and Paeng is the tomboy younger sister. Lor is Por Pit's distanced nephew. He was taken in by Por Pit after his parents died. Peuan, Paeng, and Lor were raised up together. Lor took care of Paeng since they're little because Paeng was very attached to him.

But when they got older Lor fell for Peuan and the two got engaged. Lor loved Peuan and saw Paeng as an annoying younger sister. He promised to love Peuan forever and if he has another woman he shall die for betraying their love. What happens next? Cr Ninja. (Source: asianfuse wiki)
Teaser  Highly Recommended

Sood Kaen Saen Ruk/ สุดแค้นแสนรัก
English title: Most Hate, Most Love
Starring: Rome Patchata, Donut Manatsunan
Airing DateApril 17
GenreRomance, Drama, Period
Watch with subs: ?
Synopsis: Main female lead's story of life and loves. (Source: asianfuse wiki
Teaser  Recommended

For recommendations, I looked at a number of different sites from this list, namely bloggers and forums. Recommendations from more then one source was touted as 'highly recommended.' 



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