365 Days of Love Episode 9

What a lovely episode. Finally, the case that has been mentioned about since practically the beginning of this lakorn comes into play, and Lan really begins to be a character to root for. Not to mention the music and direction. I loved the shots above, starting with a picture of the moon and then fading to the two lovers entwined on the bed.

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Lan starts waking up at 5:30 every morning to make breakfast for Toon. In fact, she tries to be the perfect wife, so much so, that Thy warns her about her work, which she's lagging behind in. But Lan tells her that she must endure it, must bear, endure everything. If she can just last 365 days, enduring everything, then they won't divorce. Weet and Thy wonder how much she can endure without exploding. Wow, talk about ultimate sacrifices, this is it for Lan. Restraining herself? Controlling her impulses and temper? Awesomeness, Lan, just awesomeness!

Toon's still absorbed in the Poompadin case, and there's a new wrinkle. One of the witnesses, Sao, won't cooperate if Toon doesn't take Racha's divorce case. Toon's forced to take it or lose all hope of winning the case. Poompadin has been having Toon and Racha investigated, taking pictures of them together.

It's Toon and Lan's 4 month anniversary and Lan sets out to make a nice dinner, surprising Ting that she's been able to keep it up. But Lan's not feeling well, complaining of dizziness that she explains by saying she couldn't sleep 2 or 3 nights because she was worrying.
Toon comes and she greets him happily, but he's brought unwelcome news, he's taking Racha's divorce case. Racha then shows up, inviting herself to lunch under the pretense of work. Lan is polite and even pleasant, causing Ting to ask her why she's like this and that Lan should just throw Racha out. Lan tells her she doesn't want Toon troubled and that she can endure it. Ahhh, Lan, how adorable!

Racha decides to leave soon as both Toon and Lan ignore her. Lan shows her out as Racha claims to need to use the bathroom first, but it's just an excuse to sling arrows at Lan, hateful arrows, like Toon really loves me and so on. Lan endures and endures, excusing herself and trying to leave, but Racha blocks her path and continues spouting her hateful venom until finally Lan just collapses.
She's taken to the hospital, and Toon has some pithy words for Racha, telling her she's not welcome at his house ever again and any work they need to do can be conducted at the office. But Racha tells him she never gives up and wonders to herself, Toon may be able to endure it, but can Lan stand it?

Toon calls in Nid and Nawat to his office to tell them he's taking a break. He tells Nid she's Nawat's assistant now as he'll need help. Lan's suffering from stress and exhaustion. Toon thinks it's because of all the extra things she's been doing for him, but his sister Ting tells him it's because of those two women chasing after him. She tells Toon he should take Lan away for a honeymoon, since he's never had one, and Nawat agrees, so they start to plan.
When Lan is about to be discharged, Toon takes her to their honeymoon place. Toon shows Lan a beautiful rooftop dinner for their 4 month wedding anniversary and she's moved to tears by it. They spend the night there and head back the next day.

Back at work, Toon and team meet with Poompadin's team to negotiate the divorce. Racha, however, plays the tape recording she has of her hubby threatening her. Toon warns her not to do it again if she doesn't want to lose, as she's made it harder to win by showing the other side what evidence they hold.
Toon goes to pick Lan up and finds Weet hovering over her like a moth drawn to a candle. He asks Lan about Weet on the way home, wondering why he seems to be there so often if he teaches and plays music, but Lan tells him Thy hired him to help around the office. She asks if he's jealous, but he scoffs at that, saying he's not like her, jealous of nonsense.

~End episode 9~

Other story lines, characters:
Meanwhile, Nawat's trying to get Nid to stay focused on work, but she wants to run errands and so on, her mind on Toon. Racha and Nid had come to find Toon at his house, but his sister rebuffs them, so instead Nid heads back to the office, where she finds Nawat doing the work she was supposed to finish. He covers for her with his boss and she brings him coffee and tells him she'll finish it.
Also in this episode, Dr. Karn asks Da for a date, with jealous Win interrupting them again, but getting no sympathy from anyone.  Weet is downing alcohol to celebrate Lan's happiness. He tells Thy he won't let Lan go back to Toon if Toon makes her cry again.

I really love Lan in this episode. She makes such a big effort to put her and Toon's future ahead of her own unhappiness and tries to bear the stress and tension this causes her without complaint. Of course, it can't last, but the fact that she's trying so hard to keep her marriage together makes the upcoming episodes all the more bittersweet.
I haven't talked much about things like direction, music, etc., but I feel this is really one of the best directed lakorns I've seen. The director really knows how to frame a scene and I have no complaints about the music or cinematography. Magnificent.



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