Fated to Love You was a very popular hit in 2008 in Taiwan, so popular in fact that it was extended and ended up with 24 episodes (booo! to extensions) Then in 2014, it was remade by Korea and now in 2017, we have another version of Fated to Love You, this time called You're My Destiny instead. You're My Destiny started September 4, 2017.

After the rather disappointing Princess Hours Korean drama remake, I was looking forward to this remake of one of my favorite Taiwanese dramas. After watching two episodes, it definitely seems to be a remake of the Korean drama, not the original Taiwanese drama, but more on that later. First, let's go over the main characters and story.

The Story - The story is about an office worker, ordinary and plain who is put upon by everyone because of her kind nature (played by Esther Supreeleela). She accidently spends the night with a wealthy, handsome bachelor out of mistaken identities (they both thought they were each other's significant others) and ends up pregnant by him.

Our hero (Bie Sukrit) finds out she's pregnant and they end up getting married. He has someone else he loves, but of course, they'll end up together, not without some heartbreak and drama along the way. We also see the heroine change to become stronger and more assertive along the way, which is one of my favorite parts of the drama.
Taiwanese drama
I enjoyed the different versions, but by far I much prefer the Taiwanese version over the Korean one, despite the silliness and last minute stupid plot shenanigans they put into the Taiwanese drama to make the drama last longer after it was extended. The Taiwanese version starred Joe Chen, a wonderful actress, and Ethan Ruan, not quite up to her speed actingwise, but very handsome and they had loads of chemistry.
Korean remake
The Taiwanese version had lots of wacky moments, with cartoonish visuals that really added a sense of fun, while the Korean version had the hero be goofy and over the top, played by Jang Hyuk, who really steals the show, while his costar Jang Nara really is the calm center of his storm. Also, the kdrama added various kdrama cliches which really weren't necessary at all. I also thought the Taiwanese version had more insight to the characters and better explores the h's relationship to her deceased father. Not to mention, lots of skinship and explosive chemistry, hehe, in the Taiwanese version.

First Impression (after watching two episodes) -
This is one drama that starts off fast track, in the first two episodes, the main leads meet accidently several day and in episode 2 is the fateful encounter between the two. I like Esther in the role, she fits perfectly, but I'm not sure what to make of Bie or his acting. Is he a cold chaebol that we see from his encounters with protesters from a factory he owns or is he the sweet and considerate boyfriend we also are shown in the drama? Bie doesn't have Jang Hyuk's level of cray cray, so I hope they modify the character if they really are planning to follow the kdrama closely.

The Thai version of Fated to Love You looks to follow the kdrama remake closely, from what I saw of the first two episodes, which looks to be almost a scene by scene remake. It's too bad because the Thai remakes of kdramas I've loved the most like Full House Thai have always managed to add scenes that improved on the original and cut out some of the boring stuff. I just hope that they don't follow the stupid plot points that are in the latter half of both the Taiwanese and Korean versions of the story.

I do plan to continue because I want to see how some of my favorite scenes will unfold, but so far this remake is merely okay, and very much hope that the plot follows the Taiwanese version more after the wedding.

Trailer You can find it subbed at KitKat's site. Source of info here.



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