So we got our new stash of dvds from Thai Australia shop. They apparently are going out of business and are having a 70% off sale. We've bought dvds from them before and they have a selection of older dvds that are hard to find anywhere else, so we decided to get dvds for future use before we couldn't get them as easily anymore.

We spent $89.20 of the site's money, leaving us with $629.06 that we still have in the jasminlakorns account. We are wondering what to do with that money. Jasmin is creating a site to watch hardsubbed lakorns, we are thinking about using the money on that site. We also are thinking of other lakorns we can sub. The rest of the lakorns we paid for with our own personal money as they were more personal projects. We still plan to sub 

In terms of our selections, we tried by far to choose lakorns that weren't readily available elsewhere. Thanks to more lakorn channels like ONEHD putting their lakorns on youtube, newer raw lakorns (lakorns that aren't subbed) are pretty easy to find copies of, so we tried to focus on older, classic lakorns, as well as lakorns that aren't new enough to be on Youtube so it's still harder to find those lakorns. 

We also took your suggestions, those who filled the chatbox, when we could and our first priority of course was to get the lakorns we actually know we need for upcoming projects, translations into other languages and so on.

Our Projects Status and future of JL Subbing
- Jatt Ruk - we are finished subbing it and another member is working on last edits and encoding. 
- Jam luey Gammathep - I'm finished with editing and will start encoding it, hopefully nextweek.
- Rang Tawan - we are looking for another subber who can finish this. So far though...
- Wan Nee Tee Ror Khoi - we think we have someone who will finish this.
Most of our members are helping out with segmenting and editing on other projects. The problem for us is more finding a subber who wants to sub the things we want subbed and we aren't really paying enough, around ~10 an episode, for it to be worth the effort to sub, so they're mainly doing it out of the kindness of their heart.

On the plus side, we've seen a number of new people take up subbing so we haven't really felt that much of a loss of subbing even with viki gone. I guess there is a lack of older lakorns being subbed, but neko and others do occasionally pick up an older lakorn to sub. 

We will continue to seek opportunities to sub, segment and help others with lakorns, just like we've always done, even way back on viki, but we don't have any firm projects in mind since we don't have any subbers.
Cheewit Puer Ka Hao Jai Puer Tur

Older lakorns we would like to see subbed, but need to find subber who wants to do it.
ชีวิตเพื่อฆ่า หัวใจเพื่อเธอ : Cheewit Puer Ka Hao Jai Puer Tur (5 disc) 2003 
รอยมาร : Roi Marn (10 disc) 1990 old version - I enjoyed the 2011 remake, a girl having to marry a guy, both not wanting the marriage.
นางฟ้ากับซาตาน : Nang Fah Kab Satan (5 disc) 1994 - this is one of those crazy lakorns I'm told, in the style of Sawan Biang, an infamous slap n'kiss. 
จากฝันสู่นิรันดร : Jak Fun Soo Nirandorn (9 disc) 
สวรรค์เบี่ยง (กบ-บรู๊ค) : Sawan Biang (4 disc) - the old version before Ken and Ann - any subbers interested in it?
อย่าลืมฉัน : Yar Luem Chan (2 disc) 1998 version. Was remade with Tik and Ann in 2014
เมียหลวง (เบนซ์) : Mia Long  (3 disc)
สะใภ้จ้าว : Sapai Jao (4 disc) I think this is the 2002 version 
มนต์รักอสูร : Mon Rak Asoon (3 disc) 
ดาวพระศุกร์ (ศรราม) :  Dow Pra Sook (6 disc) 1994
ละครที่รัก : Lakorn Tee Rak (1 disc) 
เจ้าสาวของอานนท์  : Jao Sao Khong Arnon (4 disc) older version, I think?

Newer lakorns we want to translate to another language or redo subs in better quality
บาดาลใจ : Badarn Jai (8 disc) - 

สะใภ้ลูกทุ่ง : Sapai Look Toong (8 disc)
สื่อรักชักใยอลวน : Sue Rak Chuk Yai Allawon (8 disc) 
ดำขำ : Dam Kham (8 disc) -currently working on uploading this one.
ทาสรักทระนง : Tad Rak Torranong (7 disc) 
มารกามเทพ : Marn Kammathep (9 disc)
ขิงก็รา ข่าก็แรง : Khing Gor Ra Kha Gor Raeng (10 disc)
เจ้าหญิงขอทาน : Jao Ying Kor Tan (4 disc) 
เงาอโศก : Ngao Asok (8 disc)  - translating to another language
แก้วล้อมเพชร : Kaew Lom Phet (9 disc)
สุดสายป่าน (ตูมตาม+วิว) : Sud Sai Parn (9 disc)

เลือดขัตติยา : Luead Khattiya (6 disc) - classic lakorn with Tik and Aom, would like to finish subbing this one, but need to find a subber first
บ่วงรักกามเทพ : Buang Rak Kammathep (8 disc) 
พ่อไก่แจ้ : Por Kai Jae (7 disc) 2017
สวยเริ่ดเชิดโสด : Suay Rerd Cherd Sod (6 disc) *Good Quality* 
บ้านทรายทอง : Ban Sai Thong (7 disc) - we had a subber for this one. We will see if we can restart project from viki.
รักนี้หัวใจเราจอง : Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong (8 disc) 
รักเธอทุกวัน : Rak Tur Took Wan (7 disc)

I'm sure I've made mistakes anywhere really, with the names, years and info, so please keep that in mind.



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