Actually we need help in joining and uploading lakorns. I'll explain how and what software we need step by step, and you can either join videos or write the blog name on the videos and upload.
How to rip the English subs in txt or Notepad file to help in HQ Section


 Internet Download Manager (IDM) or any download manager which can capture Youtube videos with various versions: 240p- 360p- 480p- 720p 
We prefer 480p. The video size will be 640x480
Format Factory to join and covert in one large AVI video
if you use win7, use v2.45 not v2.70

 VirtualDubMod to hardsub our blog name in the video, fix audio that is out sync, cuz there's a lot of blogs and sites that take our links and reupload it without credits as their own
   How to Download 480p Youtube videos
first play the Youtube video

How To Join The Videos

Open Format Factory Software

it may take a while to convert and Join all Parts... LEAVE IT ALONE till it finish

Fix the out sync videos

How to write the blog name on the video

Rip English Subs In Notepad or Word file(HQ Section) only

some time we have the timing files and sub script just need to be join together

If you have any problems, feel free to contact me at anytime


  1. is just uploading and converting lakorn?
    if that's all i think i can help u..
    since my connection fast enough.. ^ ^

  2. read the article carefullu
    and if you still want to help
    connect me @ my Email

  3. i was not really good at this actually..does it mean i can't download all lakorn?? since i can't help..

  4. Good Day Jasmin,

    Would like to join as a helper so that I could watch the HQ version.
    My internet connection is fast.
    I can help by joining the videos and uploading as I have done it before. I can't do subbing as I don't know Thai.

    Can I help?

  5. is there anyway I can help besides all the things you said above? Like donation or sth else? I really want to watch the HQ version!

  6. can you just let all people watch in HQ version? i really really really want to watch in HQ but there's nothing i can do to help you sad :(
    .. or can i suggest you to put any thingy like advertisement and gain some money when people click it to allow people download HQ video..
    this will benefit both parties i guest..
    it's only a suggestion..

  7. Hi!
    I'm sorry to contact you like that, Jasmin, but I didn't find your email. I can help you (re)upload Lakorns if you want.
    I didn't watch lakorns for a long time so I'm trying to catch up what I missed. While doing that I can upload what I take from youtube.
    Just tell me if you're interested.
    See you!

  8. @Ryuana if you want to cotact Jasmin Go to this link and you will find the email in "My Gmail"

  9. @ DevilNSN : Thanks, I'll contact her by mail.

  10. I was wondering if jasmin still checks her email? I have the entire Kularb Rai Narm series I got from here ages ago. I would like to help reupload some series but she isn't replying? Thanks!

  11. I was wondering, how can we become a helper?

  12. How can i download the file when it has password
    "Protected: 365 Wun Haeng Rak

    This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

    Password: "

  13. I have Namtan Mai. But not quite sure about the quality. Anyway, I've just sent email to Jasmin, gonna wait for the reply ^^

  14. my internet connection is fast, I would love to help uploading Dang Duang Haruthai with sub...but my video quality is very you have the hq one?

  15. Yok Lai Mek cloud jade is on veoh no sub yet

  16. I would love to help download/upload if needed. I only know one language(English) so I can not subtitle. I hate seeing some of my favorite shows disappearing.

    1. Hi Cindy131, we understand how you feel. That's why we started this blog really, after seeing links go down.

      If you want to help, please email and if you could provide a list of the lakorns you have on computer, that would be a great start.


  17. Hi..I always wanted to help... im just not good with computers! I dont speak Thia, but I wouldn't mind doing other things!! I can only work from my Samsung Tablet! Right now, im not working. I have so much time to spare!

    1. Hmm, could you please email me at And can you get viki on your tablet? Thanks!

  18. i know how to do timer but dont speak thai and i not working right now..i have time to help.

  19. hi..i see that you are in need of rang pratana and pin anong.. i have that two story in hard your team still need this two story?

  20. Can you please eng sub "Tawan Chai Nai Marn Mak". I have been watching it numerous times with no subtitles but it would be great if I were to watch it in ENG subtitles. I know you and the people subbing are very busy and all. But I would really appreciate it, if you did. Bless you and the people who sub.

  21. Prissana still is linked to Viki. Is there another link you can provide? Thanks for all you do - its very appreciated.

  22. Hello,

    I think your page is really great. It brings a lot of entertainment to everyone who uses it.

    Question: found
    its Mafia Luerd Mungkorn Singh. I tried to download it but it is asking for a password. Do you happen to know who owns it and how to get the password.

  23. Hello, I'm willing to help you in encoding and uploading lakorns if that's possible.

    I already have fansub so I know how to encode (post subtitle into video) and I have kinda speed internet so I can upload videos on Dailymotion, Openload and other online or download sites.

    I'm waiting for your quick response!

  24. I am unfortunately not able to help with technical aspect. But if you do accept donation, I am happy to provide that.